How to Fix Xbox One Connection Problems

I need to know how to fix Xbox One connection
problems. First step, make sure it is actually connected
to the internet. It is not like a TV that someone could unplug
to punish someone. Heck, I have wi-fi so the cable is not the problem. Your Xbox One may not be connecting because
there is too much congestion on the line. It is not like I’m trying to run Netflix
and Advanced Warfare on the same box at the same time. Actually, can you do that? It is not made to do that. It is made with
a built in test. You access that by putting on the Guide button. Yes, then go to settings, system settings,
network settings. Pick your wired or wireless network name and select the option to text
the Xbox live connection. That only tells me if the connection is bad.
I could get that idea by trying to Google the error and seeing if the PC connection
works. If the internet connection works but Xbox
connection does not, try resetting the router. That could fix problems with the router. As if rebooting the unit were not the default
solution. You can do a hard power cycle with the Xbox
One to try to fix the connection problem, too. I’d say resetting the router will be
easier since it is more likely the cause. Or I could recycle both. I meant reset by turning off the router, turning
off the Xbox One, turning on the Xbox and turning on the router. If they are both malfunctioning, I meant recycle.
It cannot seem to see my network. Try restoring the Xbox One to factory defaults.
That’s the recommended fix whether you get a ICMP error, general internet error, DNS
error, IP address error or cannot connect to home network error. What else can I try? You could power cycle the console after disconnecting
third party headsets, since the headsets could interfere with wi-fi as well as mess up the
system settings. I did not think about wi-fi interference. Whether your friend is using a cell phone
as a mobile wi-fi hot spot for their laptop and skype critique of your gaming or there’s
a wireless thermostat or security camera in the room, any of those could interfere with
the wi-fi connection for the Xbox. At least you are not telling me to stop the
downloads anyone else may have going on in the house. That might be the problem, especially if you’re
trying to run multi-player chats and download updates while playing. A digital traffic jam
can cause the connection to slow to a crawl until it times out. What if the Xbox One thinks it is a hardware
problem? Try a different cable, try a different port,
try a different router and then try tech support.

Danny Hutson

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