How to fix Wi-fi connected but no internet access on android

How to fix Wi-fi connected but no internet access on android

Hello Youtube today in this video i will be
guiding on how to fix wi-fi connectivity issues on android devices so lets turn on the wi-fi
now lets try browsing the internet through the chrome web browser and now as you can
see there is a error mark next to the wi-fi symbol a like it is not working properly like
i am connected to the network but then to i am not getting any internet access to it
basically this problem is only with this device only otherwise the wi-fi is working perfectly
on laptops or other android devices so to fix this go to your laptop now on your laptop
pc open up the chrome web browser now for your information i am connected to the same
network as before on my mobile then type in the wi-fi setting address now this address
unique for each and every router so in your case a if you don’t know your router then
check it at the back of your router press enter then you will be prompted to type in
the username and password also this is given at the back of your router so please check
it press enter then after logging in click on interface setup click on wireless then
in this wireless you must see access point settings in this now by default the wireless
mode check out wireless mode is by default set to this 802.11 b+g+n so now you change
it to 802.11 b so now this the main important trick or hack you can say like a only keep
it to 802.11 b or 802.11 g but don’t keep to any other setting like 802.11 b+g , n , g+n
or b+g+n so now i am setting it to 802.11b if the 802.11 b does’t works means 802.11
b doesn’t works then try out 802.11 g and then just save it now it’s saving wait for
a minute ok now it’s saved so close the browser refresh the pc and after changing the setting
try connecting to the network
now its connected to the network now previously as i showed you that it was showing a error
symbol like an exclamation mark next to the wi-fi sign so now its not showing the same
its fixed!!! i think so so lets open the chrome web browser
and then click on bookmarks lets try out so now as you can see it has successfully
loaded so now it’s working for me at least and a thanks for watching this
video please like and subscribe and i hope to see you in my next video.

Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “How to fix Wi-fi connected but no internet access on android

  1. great information but the background music is absolutely unnecessary and makes it more difficult to understand what you're saying. the content is good enough by itself.

  2. you need to turn that music in the background off. it makes is very hard to hear what you are saying and is most likely why people are thumbs downing it

  3. hello .. my problem is my laptop is act as a router and i got my android mobile connected to my laptop's wifi. It do connect and dos'nt indicate any probelm in connecting but when i browse in my mobile it says internet connection lost.This happens with all devices connected to my laptop. I know the problem is with my laptop,but dont know how to solve it..can u help me out

  4. thank you so much. it fixed the problem in my tablet. I was almost losing hope and throwing the thing through the window.

  5. Had a connection problem on one of my daughter's tablets…set the right date and solved the problem…wasted 1:30 of my Saturday for this…ugh!

  6. Guys please enable the subtitles for those of you who can't hear my voice.Sorry for loud music!!!And please follow the steps in the video carefully then it must work.Some you might have noticed that my mobile was on airplane mode because i was having no sim card at the time of shooting this video and also even if the airplane mode is on/off it must not break the Wi-FI functionality of your device….

  7. ohhhhhhhhhhh , Oh thank you very much MAN, I had this problem for a year, and I thought that I have no luck with the smartphones that I buy lol, thank you very much <3 you are the best

  8. This walked me right thru getting my Samsung S3 android hone to reset advanced setting of wifi mode on my ATT provider. I never would have figured this out . Thanks so much Tech2Explore.

  9. Woooow! You solved my problem! I thought they blocked me in using the wifi coz i'm the only one cannot have the connection even if I'm connected to the network. I even tried to changed my IP thinking it may have a conflict. You are awesome! Thank you!!!

  10. Really mayn you the real boss
    i was going to sell my new phone then just saw your video and tried it. It worked. Thanks man.??

  11. Worked for me! I had this Samsung Galaxy Note for almost 4 years and yesterday it did not connect the internet and my apps didn't work. Followed this procedure and Bingo! Thank you so much!!!!

  12. hi guys
    i had a tablet with android 5.1.1 and had a problem with WiFi connection the problem was that it connects to the wifi but there is no internet access so i tried all possible ways to solve the problem till one works ,
    solution : you should change the internet encryption type from ( WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK) TO (WPA-PSK) that can be from router WIFI security page i hope it work for you friends .

  13. Hi…iam bhuvan for many days iam searching a solution for the problem called 'sign in to wifi Network' when IAM connected there is no internet and it is asking me to sign in ….I have hacked this but if I sign in what will happen ..and how can get internet access without signing in …if have a solution plz make a video thank…I have subscribed n like..

  14. thank you soo much brooo , it worked even though my router was different , i just found this mode thingy and selected what u did , it worked , very very lot of thanks to oyu , ur my godd

  15. Please send reply,WiFi is connected and working well when I open chrome but when I put to download go to home screen the download is not happening WiFi is diconnected

  16. Thanks but why is the music louder than ur voice? Can't understand especially when the singer goes on the same time ur talking.

  17. Thanks worked for me everything connected but my HTC phone would connect sometime I hope it stays now thanks again!

  18. Of everything I tried to eliminate the (!) wifi issue on the S7 (a LG V20 I had before exchanging it for an S7 did this too), this one seems to have done the trick. I probably should wait 24 hours first though to declare it solved. It is the old spec for wifi though, so the connection speed is about 5% of its potential, for me that's still 4 mbps, so it can do about everything. I might try the 802.11g protocol, still older/slower, but not nearly as slow as 802.11b, which slows my other (cheaper) devices that worked ok with any wifi setting just about. Also set static IP and disabled wifi & bluetooth location enhancement settings

  19. So yeah, 802.11g is working for me, just as 802.11b, and is quite a bit faster. This is 54mbps vs 11mbps for 802.11b, though in real world I'm getting maybe 15mbps vs 3mbps

  20. It works man…Thank you so much. I have been looking for this solution for nearly a year…you know it.

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