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55 thoughts on “How To Fix Slow & Laggy PS4 [Rebuild Database]

  1. I just bought a refurbished ps4 pro and it was kinda laggy during gameplay and cutscenes I was about to bug until I tried this and it worked man thank you so much

  2. I just got a new PS4. Lesson of the day, do not unplug your console while turned on as that is the main reason that causes corruption in the first place.

  3. Hi there I just bought a PS4 slim and so far I only download my games and haven't bought any game discs yet. and I find My PS4 started lagging, I cant even turn on my Youtube App. but if I stop using digital game and buys Game disc, will it happen the same thing too for my game?

  4. I’ve done this multiple times it still freezes in certain spots and shuts down my ps4 downloads freezes but it has less menu delay any thing else I could try

  5. Pls follow step below for your safety

    1.Your software is on last version
    2.make sure your ps4 its not on heat
    3.dont use Enter Rest Mode
    4. restart then power off
    5. Dont connect any usb
    (Except the controller)
    6. Dont put or insert any disc ps4 (this is the most Dangerous)

    If you dont do this step..
    Some ps4 may lost your saved Progress
    Or corrupt when rebuild

    Good Video.. you helped some people 👌😁😊

  6. Just bought a PS4 pro and was shocked at how slow the menus were. I followed your steps and now it’s performing amazing as it should be. Thanks a lot I appreciate it

  7. I get kicked out a a online game and my PS4 goes offline I did not get booted offline though what should I do

  8. I keep rebuilding my database and it's not fixing the lagging problem at all. Just bought it 3 months ago and was working fine untill I digitally downloaded days gone

  9. The problems is that when the os4 start getting some w and laggy i can't turn off the ps4 because it give me an error and the unique solution is to initialize it,it happened me 2 times in a month, and this is the third

  10. My ps4 is just crashing in the menu and I can't play some games because it crashes sometimes… Could I do this for it as well?

  11. My ps4 takes 2 hours to turn on and then it says database corupted and then after it rebuilds the data base it keeps on saing database corrupted and its just an infinite loop edit: pls help me i need to know what to do!!

  12. Mine was done in 40 seconds and… it doesnt work my games are still laggy and freezing to the point i cant even go on them. My ps4 glitches randomly i cant enter a game without waiting 10 seconds and everytime i try to go to the home menu on a game thats semi laggy it dont work

  13. Thanks for the help now my PS4 don’t even turn on keep on saying connect a USB storage device that contains an update file or reinstalling for version 6.72 or later man come on

  14. Guys this is how you do it you hold it down until you hear 2 beeps then when the PS4 turns off press then hold the PS4 button and then that will come up🙂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. My PS4 slim is exactly 1 year old and now matter how much I rebuild it or reset it, it always freezes or lags after 20 minutes of gameplay

  16. Don’t do this if you have extended storage it’ll completely wipe out whatever’s on ur extended storage if you do this and have extended storage then good luck downloading everything back

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