How to Fix Error 651 in Windows and Broadband Connection

How to Fix Error 651 in Windows and Broadband Connection

Hello guys, I am ketan Here I am going to show you how to solve Error 651 in Windows It is a Common error in windows It occures when we try to establish internet connection using PPPoE connections So, let’s start Fix 1. Fix 1 is Restart your all networking devices. Right Click on this icon and go to network and sharing center. Click on Change adapter setting. Right click on your connection and select disable After disable, once again right click on it and select enable. In most of the cases Fix 1 is working But, in your case not working, then you can try Fix 2 Fix 2 is Disable IPV6 for the internet Go to network and sharing center and click on change adapter setting. Right click on your established connection and click on properties. Now, uncheck the IPV6 and click on OK. Now, Fix 3. Fix 3 is Clean Windows networking stack. Open command prompt with administrator privileges. Now type this command and press enter. Now, Fix 4. Fix 4 is Disable Auto tuning. Open Command prompt with administrator privilege. Now, Type this command and press enter. Now, Fix 5. Fix 5 is perform clean boot. Search msconfig.exe and press enter. select selective startup and disable load startup items and press apply Now, go to services tab Check the button of hide all microsoft services Click on disable all button and simply press apply and Ok. Now restart your pc. These are the most accurate solutions of Error 651. For other solution you can visit my website. If you like this video then don’t forget to subscribe my Youtube channel. THANK YOU.

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93 thoughts on “How to Fix Error 651 in Windows and Broadband Connection

  1. it works thank you so much youre a genius god bless you and give u great wisdom to teach people i am really happy :* ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜€ ayayayayayay thxxx

  2. bro if I insert the command "netsh int ip reset.log" and pressed enter after that it's showing "the following command was not found:int ip reset.log"
    please help

  3. Crashed twice after hide all microsoft devices and press disabled button and apply. Then computer was unresponsive. So could not give it the clean boot

  4. To me not working i don't have local area connection ,please help me anybody,i don't know what to do ,to apear local area connection again

  5. What if it's saying "disconnected" and can't disable or enable and connecting has the error pop up?

  6. i dont have this wifi option jn the network connections, onky Broadband connection and ethernet
    i recently got windows 8.1 and have all the drivers installed, plz hepl me

  7. I used all your fixes. and now I only have a dial up connection but still can't connect to my wifi. Ps: My wifi name is listed on the available networks but cant connect to it.??? Can you help?

  8. Wireless isn't shown under PC settings! Wifi button is greyed out as well and it's stuck on "OFF" .. troubleshoot isn't working either

  9. Doing the ms clean boot and disabling services messed up my Windows 10 can't get past blue screen of death and can't do a system restore. Nothing works now pls help ๐Ÿ™

  10. Mine says it needs a driver under diagnostics pretty sure you didnt mention that, but then again cant understand you. Your too lazy to slow down and speak clearly.

  11. I do appreciate you taking time to help me truly but the command prompt I did not get so I gave up. You go so fast probably because you are used to navigating. It was hard for me to keep up. The music stressed me out. Thank you for helping seriously. I appreciate it.

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