How to Fix ‘DNS Probe Finished Bad Config’ Error On Chrome

How to Fix ‘DNS Probe Finished Bad Config’ Error On Chrome

What’s going on guys, today we gonna be
shown you a quick way to fix the DNS Probe Finished Bad Config error on your Google Chrome
of cause it will work for the other browser as well as long as your using windows. It
is a very common error message that your browser shows you, and we know how irritating it is,
so let’s put an end once and forever. And before we begin let me show you how bad it’s affected
my browsing habit, you can see we can’t open a single web address on Google Chrome!
The same goes to other browsers. So, hope you’re experiencing the same or worse.
So let’s start the fix! Just go to your network adapter icon situated
on the right side of your taskbar, then right click on it and simply choose Open network
and internet settings, which will open this window and from here you have to navigate
to change adapter option. Now it will open the network connection window.
From here choose your right network adapter the one which has connected to your internet
connection. For me, it is this. So choose properties and you will another window, from
here you can open the ‘Internet protocol version 4’ or IPV 4, now come down here and
choose to Use the following DNS server addresses. Now, this fields will reveal to you, from
here its just a matter of entering a preferred DNS server. So you can enter here
and this will work for all over the world not matter wherever you from and whichever
internet connect you are using! Now let me show you opening my browser again
and there we go it’s just fixed the problem. Hope it will fix yours too. So leave a like
if you liked and subs if you loved. See soon with another one.

Danny Hutson

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  1. Thanks but pls hold the Intro short. People know the reason because of they are here. Come directly to the conclusion.

  2. When my rkill download finished it said it “is not commonly downloaded and may be dangerous” what does this mean and should I proceed?

    It gives me an option to discard the message. But I don’t know exactly what I should do

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