How to Fix : Can’t Connect to this Network ( Wi-Fi | Internet )

How to Fix : Can’t Connect to this Network ( Wi-Fi | Internet )

Hey, hello everybody when we connect to wifi, there is a problem like this The connection process is very long Although you enter the correct wifi password show error: “Cannot connect to this network” Here, we do some ways to fix the problem as above When this error occurs, the internet cannot be connected click “Settings” continue to click “Network & Internet” Find the “Network and Sharing Center” section. on the left click “Change adapter settings” Find the wifi network icon Right click Propeties Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4) Propeties select “Obtain an IP address automatically” select “Use the following DNS server addresses:” ok Close This step to switch to dynamic ip address Close some windows that have done In the left menu select “Wi-Fi” Go to: “Manage known networks” Forget Forget Close This step to forget the previously connected wifi networks After the above steps, we reconnect to wifi Remember to enter the correct password So is the connection successful Open any web browser Open YouTube ping -t ok, we succeeded Thank you for watching If you see it. Don’t forget to Like and Subscribe

Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “How to Fix : Can’t Connect to this Network ( Wi-Fi | Internet )

  1. It really worked thank you sir. Mine is windows 8.1 so the procedure was different but setting steps were all same. But the important point is it really worked .

  2. this does not solve my problem.
    after I forget the network,
    and re-connect and re-type again the password.
    I still can't connect.

  3. Came here to find the way to access ez share but found it elsewhere.
    Q: How do I reset the SSID name and password?

    A: The default hotspot name (SSID) is “ez Share”, and the Wi-Fi password is “88888888”, admin password is “admin”. You can change the SSID and password by yourself or reset them as following:

    1. Insert the ez Share into SD slot of the computer (Use USB to SD converter if no slot in the computer).

    2. Delete the file named “ezshare.cfg” in the root directory.

    3. Eject the ez Share card using your computer’s safe mode.

    4. ” Hotspot name(SSID) ” , ” Wi-Fi password ” and ” admin password” have been successfully reset to default ones.

    I hope this video stays a while as I am sure it will help others.

  4. Omg in 2 days I have been disconnected and this problem solved my problem omg it's in HP laptop windows 10 works only don't be salty

  5. Just forget the network, turn off the router for 20 secs and turn it back on and put password. It will surely work as it worked for me.

  6. The same happens to me, even if im already connected to the wifi, when i reopen my laptop it cant connect to the network, my solution is always just restarting my laptop, Pretty easy but it takes so long for me cause im impatient

    And theres also a 40% chance that im successfully connected to my wifi without restarting when i 1st open my laptop lmfaoo

  7. You're a hero. Spent the day trying to fix this and this worked. What's nuts is that my settings were already set to auto detect. But clicking it into manual and then back to auto, followed by disabling and reenabling the WiFi adapter worked. Thank you!

  8. You know I haven’t been able to connect to my internet for months. Then I tried this and it worked. I put my computer to sleep and logged back in and now it’s back to not being able to connect to the internet…….

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