How to Fix Bandwidth overage issues with internet companies

This is a tutorial on how to fix bandwidth overage issues and fixes row applications or viruses that are
causing over yes here any cable companies internet provider that normally data cap her 300 gigabyte per month at that’s quite a bit but want to move
into our new house here you things and found that well we are easily see netday one day I seventy a couple weeks by the culprit after Mar you’re going to
get a warning letter undergoing out fine out under having Sakuya here so the first thing you want to do running a
virus scan make sure that nothing running in the
background I like to use our time our bikes or Super Anti Virus that’s a good also there on a buyer detector I just give that a
shot her see if that does anything in with
your internet providers who can normally login your account senior usage so that’s pretty I’ll tell
you how much using per day or you have a router that
way I’ll be helpful also so workings runner sector antivirus you
what’s happening there after that next thing you’re gonna do is
check task manager I found the culprit the SkyDrive one drive I’m on Windows so
everything integrated and their know it of but I
had at least 20 files there it was controversy porn sec but I was just ridiculous use it so you open up here task manager all broccoli past their roles here but if you go here is gonna be different
categories processes go across the top here very if you look at the four homes can
see at work as I summer with using as a good way to monitor programs where I find it outlook a little bit here and
there defending that male at work other than discuss scroll down what
happens but in my case I found that the one
driving actually constantly using and warning at all
times ellsberg all day every day so our values
is like crazy you saw like this number right
here over the network settings yorktown or through the day and also if
you’re using a mobile hotspot way to take over is going day over here
lately combat on point might still has a on for every over real here not only better last rock this class now the funny thing is with 50 megabits per
second a clear and that the whole entire time
taste hours by after Ron outcrop all inside when you can actually sup this so that’s gonna be the first things you
wanna check if you can’t be that you know one check
your router I’ll so set some timeout setting for my router
shorter drop I P max is a lot faster I believe that
also does a little there and if you have more
questions feel free to leave a comment well thanks

Danny Hutson

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