Hi everybody, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, I’m gonna show you how to extend a nail without a sculpting form, without a tip and without a dual form. No forms needed. So, we have the fabulous Annette. Annette is one of my longest-standing friends. We were best friends at primary school, so she’s had to suffer me for a very long time. I’m gonna wipe over the nail with the gel residue wipe off solution, so it’s gonna clean it up. If you look at Annettes nails now, this is probably a little bit shorter than her other nails. So, we’re gonna make it a little bit longer. Now, this is something that I’ve done for a long time. I’m gonna use high-speed because I want it to set up quite quickly. It’s quite a cool trick really this is. And we’re going to use Rose Glow. New product alert! This is a beautiful colour. So, we’re still going to dehydrate the nail and put the primer on. So, this is good if you have a client that has got a broken nail. You don’t want like a massive big long nail, like we do on Fay. We want a natural nail but they want it to be a little bit longer, but they may have broken it. So, this is the primer, *Gone to one coat you know. I think this product I’ve had on my nails… Yeah, I’ve got this product on my nail, got a new colour on me nail and I’ve got Flawless on this and it has severely grown out. This are my Vegas nails. I was basically testing it to see what it’s like and I put one coat of primer on this and it hasn’t shifted. So, we’re going with one coat of primer. And what we’re gonna do is pick up a bead. I’ve been drying this out, so it’s a drier bead than you probably wouldn’t normally put it on. It’s a medium to dry bead and we want it like this because I don’t want it to move. And I’m gonna apply it to the middle to the free edge of this nail. You can see because it doesn’t move, because you’ve got that ratio drier than normal one, you can actually pat it and start to stretch the product out. So, you just gonna sweep back and what you need to do is make sure it’s not touching the skin underneath. So you need the brush control underneath the nail and then you’re gonna gently drag this out. Keep everything nice and neat underneath. Worst-case scenario, if you’ve got product underneath the nail, what you’ll would do is use an e-file, use a fine bit to actually clean under there. This is looking a lot longer than it was before now. I’m gonna put product on the back. I’m not gonna bleed that out. Don’t need to bleed the brush out when you’re doing the cuticle area. Now, if you think “oh actually, I want it a little bit longer than that”, I’ll show you what you can do as well. So, if you think “I’ll do it a bit longer than”, you’re gonna get another bead, bleed it out, put it straight on the end and move it from side to side. Blend it back and you’re basically going to repeat what we did just… So, I’m gonna pull and press the product out. Keep everything nice and neat underneath. So, you can only do this if you have the correct ratio. You need to pick up a bead that is medium to dry. You’ll get that by using high speed and draining the back of the brush out. Gonna add tiny little bit here like that. Just connecting everything together. So, if I have a client that comes in and they don’t want massively long nails, but they just want something that extends their nail out a little bit, this is exactly what I would do. I wouldn’t bother putting tip on, wouldn’t bother putting a sculpting form on, this makes everything a lot easier and quicker for you to do the service as well. So, I’m gonna pinch this nail now just to make it slender. So, once that’s set, we’re gonna take the pinching tool off. Then I’m gonna file the sidewalls nice and straight. I’m just gonna do my normal filing routine now, nothing really different about this. Adam: Is it more difficult to file like shorter nails like that? Kirsty: Not at all.
Adam: No Kirsty: Not at all. Adam: It seems like it would be because like the lesser area to the … Kirsty: How to hit with the file?
Adam: Yes. Kirsty: Oh yeah! I get what you mean now. I don’t think it is. Adam: I would just end up filing myself more. Kirsty: Yeah!, all your fingers would be filed, no skin. I used to do that you know, I used to file the skin loads to really change how I held the finger. Once you file, I’m gonna buff over with the block just to smooth this out and then we’re gonna wipe over with acetone. This is great if you’re gonna do like a gel polish. So, we could gel polish these and you would have a nail that is the same length as the other ones. should do it this way, just right here on the side. Just break your hands sorry. Adam:What you mean you’re not that flexible? Honestly where do you get your models from So, it’s a nice length that is. A sensible length for a sensible girl. Yeah, right! I am going to apply top coat to them. This is the Urban Graffiti top coat. Obviously, you could put gel polish on, do whatever you want, do artwork on it, or at least you have a nail. That’s a reasonable length to work on. Pop that in the lamp. I’m gonna finish off with cuticle oil. This one is pink pineapple. Is there such a thing as pink pineapples? Adam: It’s pink grape fruit. Kirsty: Yeah! Adam: I don’t think there is pink pineapples. Kirsty: But it smells like pineapple and it’s pink. Adam: There you go. Then it’s pink and it is pineapple. Kirsty: Oh yeah? So, there you are! That’s how to extend a nail without a full tip, a dual form, you know, we don’t need nothing like that. We can make a nail. So, it’s good, if… maybe you’re at home and you’re out of the salon and your like “I’ve got a bit of acrylic but I don’t have a sculpting form. I don’t have enough tips and you broke a nail and you just need to extend it, this is how. So, there you are guys! I hope you’ve enjoyed that video. I hope it’s helped you. Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and Instagram and all the products I’ve used today will be listed below as always and I’ll see you guys in the next video. Bye bye! [Kirsty singing] [Thank you for putting it in my head, I won’t be able to get rid of it all day.] [Whistling and singing]

Danny Hutson


  1. Ok I've only done my nails like once in my life but they were all acrylics with tips. Now I have natural long nails but my nail from my pointer finger broke 😭 if I go to the nail salon will they do this job for me? I want overlay on all the other nails and this work on the pointer finger. Any experts that can answer?

  2. I dont know anything about nails, i dont have the patienc to do my own nails.. but your videos are soooo satisfying to watch.. and i learn new things so.. trats good! Great job. Love your accent’ ❤️😘

  3. Great Job!! Is this also called/should I ask for Acrylic Overlay?This is exactly what I want. I have very small nail beds and weak nails, but would like a tiny bit of length just a little though.. without the use of artificial nails. Every time I try to explain this to the nail techs (mainly Chinese) they think it's acrylic nails..

  4. OMG… you finally did something I would wear… this is not a critisism… I am picky and all that flashy stuff and extra long nails is just not me… you do beautiful work…… 6 months after release… now I see this…

  5. I was wondering how long Kirsty went without a fill since they look like they grew out a lot…with nooo lifting! Kirsty or videographer, please answer our comments 🙄 Thanks!

  6. This is how I would do toenails almost 30 years ago before it was a thing. Had a couple clients that had no toenails from injury and 1 from a birth defect. They wouldn't wear sandals or open for shoe because of it. I did their nails regularly and they told me about it so I decided to try it for free on a few. Well, it worked out perfectly after some test runs.

  7. She does such a beautiful job. Very patient with her clients in her models I like her and she knows what she's doing she enjoys doing nails and does them well. Very artistic and creative, I admire about her… Wish she was my nail tech..

  8. my nail is too hard no prob growing them but i cant because im hands on and i break nails easy. i always wonder how can people still work with those massive nails like Kristy who obviously can. im so jealous.

  9. Great camera angle. I was able to see exactly what you were doing. I've watched other videos that didn't have as good an angle..great explanation as well..thank you!

  10. Kristie, you have totally renewed my interest on nails. I am learning so much by watching your videos, thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  11. Pure artistry! I am so disgusted with the nail shops here in the US that I purchased my own gel supplies and lamp. If my nails look like crap so what; I’ll be laughing all the way to the bank with the gas and $$ I save, not to mention the annoyance of dealing with catty, incompetent and rude “technicians”.

  12. I have a important question! Can I use builder gel on a nail without a nail on it? I know you can float acrylic but idk about gel. Plz help!!!!

  13. Simple, and totally on point!!!
    Well done gorgeous, I'll definately try your technique!!! Kisses from Greece!!! 🇬🇷❤💋💋💋

  14. can you use acrylic powder as well? Never mind you answered my question in your description. 🙂
    One more question – can you use a clear white powder? Thank you for great videos!

  15. Can you do this without buffing out the natural nail? I want to extend my nails but I don't want to compromise the strength of my natural nail

  16. I’m in the beauty field. I cut hair. We need to protect our lungs by wearing masks. I have fluid in my lungs.
    That’s they’re way of protecting themselves from foreign objects, dust hair and etc. Mucus surrounds it to keep it from infiltrating the whole body.

  17. Well you did a good job as usual, but why didn't you put a white tip on the bottom of the nail so it would match her nails???

  18. CORRECTION: what she’s extending is the nail PLATE not nail bed ( nail bed is where the nail rest, so the skin under the nail ) .

    Very important to know the difference if you’re a nail tech or aspiring tech.

  19. I have a question. See when she's filing down the nails after applying the product, why not just use an electric file instead of a regular one? Isn't it much easier to do that? Or does the regular file give you more control over how you're filing the nail?

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