How-to Drop In GE CPU Replacement: IC695CPE330, IC695CPK330 [Rx3i PACSystems PLC Tutorial]

How-to Drop In GE CPU Replacement: IC695CPE330, IC695CPK330 [Rx3i PACSystems PLC Tutorial]

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we’re going to be discussing the brand new RX3ICPE330 processor. The full part number
for this processor on it’s own is IC695CPE330. There’s also the energy pack kit, which is
the IC695CPK330, so if you got that kit, you would get the CPE330 with the ACC412 energy
pack, which also includes the cable that goes between the energy pack, and the processor
itself. The purpose of this video is to show you guys
how to simply and quickly drop in, replace a CPU320, or CPU315, with this new CPE330,
which is it’s key feature. I have in front of you right now an IC695CHS0077 slot rack,
a PSA040 power supply, a CPU320, and a configured ETM001, which I’m currently connected to.
The procedure would be as follows. In the instance that I have this CPU in Run mode,
which I’m going to get back in for you right now. I’m going to connect up to it, get the
green hand prints, go online, and simply go into Run mode. As you could see the processor
is currently in Run mode. If there was a problem with the processor, if it wasn’t working properly,
if it’s suggested it’s in Run mode, but it’s not doing what it’s supposed to do. All you
have to do is simply power down the power supply, remove the CPU320. Replace it with
the CPE300, and I want to tell you guys at this point, there are two screws at the bottom
that need to be screwed into the chassis to insure the stability. Make sure that that’s
done. Power it up. I currently have it connected
with the optional ACC412 energy pack. As you can see, these LED’s are telling me that it’s
charging. As a side note while this is charging up, this is a kit, which is called IC695CPK330,
CPK meaning that we have this energy pack. You would get a IC695CPE330. The IC695CBL002,
which goes between the processor and the energy pack, and of course, the energy pack itself.
Now that the CPU okay light is on, and it’s gone through the self diagnostic, and it feels
that the energy pack is charged enough, we’re going to go and connect up to it. Again, we’re
using the Ethernet port on the ETM001. We’re going to hit the green hand print. At this
point, you can download your program, though this port, through the ETM to the new processor.
This is assuming that the processor is brand new out the package. You’ve dropped it in,
and it needs the program in order to function, of course. Once you’ve gone through your download
through the target, then all you would simply do is go into Run mode.
At this point, any other type of processor would notice that you still have it as a CPU320,
or a CPU315, in the event that you have a CPU315. This processor, as I’m going to demonstrate
right now, once you put it in Run mode, goes directly into Run mode. You don’t need to
change this to tell it it’s a CPE330, its as GE describes a drop-in replacements, it’s
a direct drop-in replacement. Just to point a couple features about this
particular product, so that you guys know. It does have 64 megabytes of storage. There
are two Ethernet ports, a two port switch, and an Ethernet port. There is a removable
data storage device type USB port for loading program, as is a CFast-type card. This does
also support redundancy systems. It’s a pretty well rounded device, and you can configure
it at a later video, where it can run on it’s own without the use of an ETM001. Hence the
point of these two Ethernet ports. Very simple, very fast, drop-in replacement for a CPU315,
or a 320.

Danny Hutson

3 thoughts on “How-to Drop In GE CPU Replacement: IC695CPE330, IC695CPK330 [Rx3i PACSystems PLC Tutorial]

  1. Thank you for this toturial. At the end of the video you mentioned that CPE330 supports the redundancy, is there any document or toturial can help me to configure this feature?

  2. When I looked inside a panel I found that I have a pacsystems rx3i 40w power supply.

    Next to it I have a CPU315, with the BATTERY light flashing. So I'm assuming that my PLC fault is due to low battery.

    Do I need to buy a new CPU315 and reprogram it, or is it possible to replace the battery on the CPU315?

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