How to download from Mega nz using IDM & Megasync

How to download from Mega nz using IDM & Megasync

Hello! in this tutorial I’m going to show you how to download unlimited from using Internet Download Manager. First of all you need to download Mega synchronization desktop application. I’ll give you the link in the description of this video. Once you
have downloaded and installed on your PC then click and open it then you’ll need to create an account using Mega. I’ve already created mine so I’ll only click on Login then click on Email and insert the email You’ve used to register then input the password. Once You’ve inputted the password then click on Next. Once logged in, You’ll see the Mega icon on your Taskbar then you click on it. Go to Settings then you click on Stream. The next thing to do, you click on Public Link. This is where
you’re going to paste the Mega download link; the file download link that you wanted to
download. The file must be hosted on Mega then go to the Mega download link. You’ll need to copy and paste the link. I’m going to copy this one and paste the link here then click OK. Once You have pasted the link then click on this magnet icon. You see, the link has been copied to the clipboard. Now, open Internet Download Manager, here’s Internet Download Manager (IDM) then click on add URL. Paste the link (here) in this address box then click OK. You see, this is the file then click on Start Download. Now you are good to go. Thank you for watching.

Danny Hutson

21 thoughts on “How to download from Mega nz using IDM & Megasync

  1. Pliss help my phone hang on logo lenovo a369i it will in flash his failed error 4008 and will i format his error 4010 format range pliss give me information

  2. I download as soon as possible with internet download manager and megasync but in megasync I get the same download limit as I do to continue downloading without limits

  3. Friend, thank you very much for the new method you told me, it worked perfectly for me. now I can download mega without limits thanks to you. new subscriber and take your big like man .

  4. friend I worked excellent the second method to download mega without limits, but I have another problem I can not download large files of more than 10 GB, I wanted to ask you if you have any solution for that problem, a greeting from Argentina

  5. Thanks Hovatek. Any idea how to download folders? I've thought of converting them to zips first but don't know how to do that or if it'll work. Again, thanks.

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