How to deploy an Azure Web App using only the CLI tool | Azure Tips and Tricks

>>Learn how to deploy
a web application to Azure, using only the command line in this edition of
Azure Tips and Tricks. The Azure portal offers a nice experience for
working with resources, but it’s also convenient to be able to use a command-line. In my command-line,
I’m going to clone a Git repository that contains a web application
that I want to deploy. The next thing that I’m
going to do is set up the deployment user that I want to use the
deployment application. Now, I’ll create
the resource group that’s going to contain
my application. With that complete, I’ll
create the app service plan. I’ll associate that with
the resource group, and also notice that I’m
specifying that I want to use the free tier to
host my application. Next, what I’ll do
is actually create the web application resource. I’ll associate that with
my app service plan, with my research group,
and I’ll also specify that I want to use Git as
a local deployment option. As we scroll up, we should
see a section that says, ”Local git is configured
with the URL,” and now, this should specify
the git repository that we could use to
push our application to. What I’ll do is, I’ll
go to the directory that we cloned and I’ll do, “git remote add Azure”, and I’ll put in the Git
repository that we saw. Next thing I need to do
is get push Azure master. This should ask me
for my password. Oops, looks like I put
in the wrong password. Now, my changes should have
been pushed up into Azure. Let’s actually go over
to the portal now. I’ll go into that resource
group I just created. Here, you could see my resources. I’ll click on
this web application, and here, you see the URL of
the web app that I deployed. That’s how you could successfully deploy
a web application, by just using the command-line.

Danny Hutson

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