How To Create Kits With ESSENTIALS | Minehut 101

How To Create Kits With ESSENTIALS | Minehut 101

– Hey, guys, I’m Trent. – I’m Michael. – In this video we’re gonna show you how to create kits with
Essentials on your Minehut server. (adventurous music) – We are on our Minehut server here, but we wanna create some
kits that people can use to get tools or something like that. We’re gonna show you guys how to do that. – Cool. – The first thing we need to
do is go over to our panel and we need to install
the plugin Essentials. – Okay. This is your panel at and you can see there’s
plugins on the left side. – Then we’re just gonna
type in “essentials” just the main Essentials here and we’re gonna click “install”. – Then you can see that green check mark. – There we go. We’re gonna go back over to the home page. We’re gonna click “stop”
to restart our server. Then Essentials will be on here. – Standard operating Minehut procedure, when you make a new plugin or try to install a new plugin, rather, you need to stop down
and restart your server. – Standard operating
Minehut procedure or “SOMP”. Server is back online. Now we’re gonna go in-game and show you guys how to set up a kit. We’re gonna go on our admin account. We’re gonna /join our server. – Cool. – Here we are, back on our server. It looks like Plot Squared is still installed from a different video. Here we go. I can see that Essentials is
now installed down over here. Now I wanna create a kit. If I look, there’s a few
kits created by default but those are kind of boring, we don’t wanna use those. – Custom kits, man! – We wanna make our own. There are two ways to make the kits. You can do it in-game
or in the file manager and we’re gonna show you guys both. Starting in-game, we’re
gonna have a very interesting assortment of armor in this kit here just to show you guys that
it’s not the default kit. I like old swords to be honest. – I mean, they are shiny. It’s a real flex. – I don’t know what a turtle
shell is, but that sounds cool. Oh yeah, a crossbow and a trident. And a shield. Do you want a totem? – No, I’m down with that shield. – We’re gonna do a shield. Glad we got that sorted. We have these items in our inventory in the order that we want
players to be given them. Now what we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna type /createkit. This is as an operator or somebody with all the Essentials permissions. – If you don’t know how to make
yourself OP on your server, that’s in our Minehut
basics tutorial playlist. Go check that out. – There we go. We’re gonna do create kit and
then we’re gonna name the kit. This one is just gonna be “deeph”. Then you can set a cooldown. If you want the kit to be
one time use it’s zero, we’re gonna do a cooldown of five minutes so we put it in seconds here. Five minutes to seconds is 300. I did the math beforehand. Here we go, and a delay of three seconds. Now we can take a look, we can see kit and now we see that
there’s a kit called deeph. If I clear my inventory real quick I can do /kit deeph. There it is, and it looks
like it doesn’t like a couple of those items
so we’ll check that out in the file manager in a little bit. That’s how easy it is
to create a kit in-game that now has just a five minute delay. – Now we’re gonna go check out how to create a kit on the file manager. We’re gonna head over to the panel. We’re gonna go over to
the file manager tab. – That’s near the bottom
left, right above Danger Zone. – Looks like we got a
lot of worlds over here. We’re gonna go over to the plugins folder. Then we’re gonna go down to Essentials and we’re just gonna click on that. Then the kits are in the kits.yml file. We’ve got all these kits here and it looks like deeph, yeah, deeph is down here. I’m not sure exactly which
thing it didn’t like. Oh, null 1, that’s probably why. We’re gonna get rid of that. – Oh, that was the crossbow. – Oh, it didn’t like the crossbow. Interesting, but it likes turtle_helmet. We are going to create a new kit. We’re gonna copy it off of the deeph kit. This is YAML, which is a markup language, so we need to make sure we’re
not making any syntax errors which we will show you guys how to verify. We’re gonna do “deeph 2”. – Deeph 2: Electric Deephaloo. – Yes. We’re just gonna keep the delay the same. Rather than golden boots
we’re gonna do iron boots. If you want to know
the name of your items, there is a link to find those in the description of this video. – Cool. – Diamond chestplate three. Then you can do some pretty cool things like enchantments and stuff like that. We’re gonna do protection one. That’ll give us protection
on the diamond chestplate. Then we’re just gonna keep, we’re not gonna do, we’re just gonna do
chestplate, leggins and boots. Just in this video, going
to keep it nice and easy. – But you get the protection. That’s the gimmick. – Exactly, and then what
we want to do though, just to make sure that there are no errors in the syntax here, we’re gonna go and Google “YAML parser”. – YAML parser.
– Yep. We’re gonna Google “YAML parser”. We’re gonna grab a link here. What I did was I copied the entire file, I’m gonna put it in here. It’s got a good output,
so it’s just like that. If I were to have broken something by putting a three or something. – You’d get an error.
– Yeah, exactly. It’s like your error’s at
line 60, 61, column five. It tells you exactly where it is. – So if you delete that three. – Yeah, there it is. It’s fixed just like that. If you’re ever having an
issue with your kit’s file doing kits.yml.broken, it’s probably because your YAML’s broken and you can use a YAML parser to fix that. There’s a link to one in the description of the video as well.
– Super useful. – We’re gonna head back
on over to the server tab. We’re back on the server tab and then we’re just gonna click “save”. – Great, it’ll be in the bottom-right. – That’s gonna save.
– Says success at the bottom. – Then we’re gonna go back in-game. Then we’re gonna do /ess reload. That will reload the configuration files. – And just like with any other plugin when you install a
plugin you need to reset your Minehut server, but sometimes the plugins
give you the option to reload in-game. It’s the same theory. You did something new,
you gotta refresh it. – Exactly, exactly. New plugin, restart. Updating an existing
plugin’s configuration, reload the plugin if it allows you. Now we’re gonna go /kits,
we see there’s a deeph2. Let’s see if this one’ll work. Maybe we defined the enchantment wrong. There it is. The kit is improperly defined. Contact an administrator. We’re gonna show you guys
how to fix that real quick. We can see that all we got out of the kit were the iron boots. We should have gotten more, right? There were more things.
– We put a whole lot more things in there.
– There’s the, yeah, the diamond chestplate,
the chainmail leggings, there we go. It looks like it broke at this, so we’re gonna fix that one. We found out that we actually typed the wrong kind of enchantment here. It’s no longer just protection, it’s like protection_fall, fire, all those different things.
– Projectile. – We’re gonna do protection_environment. – That’s against all environmental damage. – There we go, that’ll be
protection_environmental. If you’re not sure what
the enchantment names are, there’s a link to those in the description of the video. We’re gonna save this. We’re gonna go in and
we’re gonna try again. Then we’re gonna do kit deeph2. It’s still not properly defined, and I think I know why. We’re gonna go back over, okay, yeah, I did the quantity after. – We need three chestplates, and then you define what
enchantment you want. – Exactly, so we’re gonna try this again. Then we’re gonna go
in-game and ess reload. The same thing, we save
the file, we go in-game, we reload Essentials configuration. Then we’re just gonna do
/kit deeph2 one more time. There it is
– Three of them! – You can see, protection one, perfect. There we go. Now, the only thing is, we made these kits but
we want other people to get them, right? We don’t just wanna have these random kits that only OPs can use. We’re gonna go back
into the configuration. I know, right? It’s fun to be OP. Good to be the boss. We’re gonna go out of this file. – You’ve hit “exit editor”
at the bottom-right. – I hit “exit editor”,
now we have all these Essentials files again. We’re in plugins Essentials. We’re gonna go into this config.yml. We’re gonna scroll down a little bit, I believe all the way to the bottom. We’re gonna see essentials
spawn and new players. This requires essentialspawn.jar to work, so we’re gonna have to install that. Then what we’re gonna do
is we’re gonna make it so when somebody joins
they get the deeph2 kit. We see that there is a kit,
they get tools to start. – But you want deeph2. So you just replace that. – We’re just gonna replace it. We’re gonna do save, and
then we’re gonna have to go to plugins and install
essentialsspawn real quick. – There it is. – Then we’re gonna have to do
the classic server restart. We edited the file but
we also added a plugin, so we have to restart the server. Then restarting the server
should take care of both. Our server is back online. We have essentialsspawn on there, so we’re gonna go join it quick. We’re gonna make sure. Welcome to the server, Trent. There we go. I reset the world because I had already joined it on my account, and what that did is when I rejoined, it thought it was my first time joining. It gave me my boots. – Technically it was
your first time joining. – Exactly, exactly. I’m gonna go join on another account just to show you guys how that works. A real fresh account, there it is. Nice. It gave me all my chestplaces, all that. The reason that it is stacked on one and not on the other is because I am OP on this account. It will stack items, even
ones that are not supposed to. But on the normal account, there they are, right there. – And there you are. – Yes, here we are. – That’s how to make kits on Essentials in your Minehut server.

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