How To Create An Online Course Website With WordPress 2017

Today is an exciting day and I am so excited
for you my name is Adam and my website is and I teach non-techies how
to use WordPress how to build amazing online presence is how to build an amazing website
to have greater impact through being online and being exposed to the world and we have
an exciting adventure to go through together right now on this video it’s going to be a
long video but it is going to be so worth your while it’s actually pretty crazy that
I’m even doing this so I have courses on my website in this video I’m going to teach you
how to do the very same thing I have over 12 courses on my website here packed with
valuable content in these courses are helping people but this video is not about my courses
and me helping people this video is about you having courses and you helping people
with your very own website I have put together the second version of my online learning management
system website that I’m going to show you step-by-step how to have for yourself in this
video and I have got to say this is the most beautiful template that I have ever put together
the most detailed video on exactly how to do it that I have ever put together and this
is why I’m excited for you so before I show you the layout I wanted first tell you that
I put together not one layout but is three homepage designs for you I wanted a very stylish
design very much using all of the modern design trends a more traditional design that has
some feminine colors and I also took that same design input more masculine colors on
it but the best thing is is through this video and what you can learn you can make your site
look however you wanted to look so without me continuing the ramble on let me show you
exactly what I have for you today first this is the homepage design this is the more design
centric homepage design now everything can be changed every image all the text using
an easy to use front and builder that just so happens to cost nothing it’s good to be
free to you and everything can be changed and when you scroll down I put so much effort
into modern design elements here with using drop shadows very stylish buttons we have
a beautiful testimonial area here I know this is a corny image but I just wanted to show
this beautiful area with this different shape on the top and the bottom that you can use
to talk about you and to tell people about you here so we can highlight the different
courses with a text image and then it alternates right here and right here beautiful price
grid right here in then your final call to action right here at the bottom so this is
the more stylish design and I’m initially step-by-step how to build this but right here
is the more traditional design right here in this is the masculine version of it right
there so we have this big headline image with a button right here we have our four different
columns with the features of what they can learn we have a testimonial area here that
looks so modern and stylish that we have a little highlight here of your courses and
if you have a membership you can promote your membership right here on your homepage as
well and finally we have a bit of information on you the course creator and then some frequently
asked questions right they’re here is that same homepage but more feminine colors and
the color schemes already chosen but like I said you can change these colors to whatever
you want them to be after you learn how to use this page builder which are going to learn
in this video and so it’s the same layout but we have a different color scheme here
that might appeal to a more branded feminine audience and so here’s courses the same thing
highlighting a membership here and we have an area about you frequently asked questions
and a final call to action at the bottom so you’re going to be able to use any of these
page template designs I really haven’t done for you but I’m actually to show you in this
video step-by-step how to create that first hi design style page template in this video
so there’s more to this of course there is the learning experience for your students
so right here is the course of catalog page we only have this one course here but in this
video I’m in a show you how to create courses in it so were to learn all of that in this
video this is the course catalog page right here is the members dashboard and if they’re
not logged in there to be presented with this login screen right here all the colors can
be changed and do not worry if you’re a guy and you’re like I don’t want these feminine
colors on my website don’t worry because you can learn how to change it to suit exactly
what you’re doing your branding your colors what your vision is your gonna be able to
make this at the end of this video look however you want it to look right here is the members
dashboard when they are actually logged in so they can see a list of the courses that
they’re in rolled in and then jump back in to where they left off they’ve got a listing
for their courses right here they can edit their account information there’s a voucher
system that I’ll explain briefly in this video order history and then they can also of course
sign out now here is what a course page would look like you can have this beautiful image
here or you can have a video telling them about the course and then here is on the sidebar
you don’t have to have this but I have it there a listing of all of the lessons and
their course progress and then as they scroll down here is also a list of lessons that are
broken down into different sections for your students now here’s the best part a lot of
effort went into creating a most beautiful lesson layout so your students can have the
best most premium learning experience on your website here is our lesson layout right here
we have this gorgeous large area here for you to put the main course content this could
be videos that could be audio if you are using some third-party system to create interactive
lessons with flash or something like that anything that you want you can embed in this
area right here in the best part is as well this dark color in the back on here you’re
going to be able to make that any color that you want so this could be a truly unique experience
for your website and for your branding here is the lesson content right there and your
students will be able to click on this button marked this lesson completes and then go to
the next lesson in here again is that syllabus of lessons that they can jump back and forth
on so here let’s talk about how this video is going to work I have put a lot of effort
to be organized in this video to be straight to the point in this video now invariably
there’s a chance I might miss something if you head over to my website I will have all
the documentation there as well and if there’s anything I might leave out I will definitely
address it in there in a frequently asked questions section there is a description area
of this YouTube video that will have that link also in the description area of this
video I will have everything broken down by timecode so your can easily be able to jump
back forth back and forth in this video make it easy if there’s an area that you need to
go over again now the only cost to everything were going to do in this video you do need
web hosting and the only other cost is going to be your time your effort in your energy
to put into this and I am excited for you you don’t need to go with one of those third-party
systems where they’re saying this is here and you gotta pay $400 a month or this right
here it’s $1200 a year or this complicated solution over there is $500 a year there’s
so many different learning systems that are these hosted solutions where you’re kind of
locked down into this rigid system that you can’t really get looking the way that you
wanted to look you can’t get it to behave the want you the way you wanted to behave
and it’s overpriced and then you also can’t control if it some third-party website service
whether they go out of business or not and leave you and your students high and dry this
is a self hosted WordPress websites that you’re to be able to have on your web hosting account
your customer date is can it be yours when someone makes a payment all that money goes
to you and everything you see right here is all going to be created very easily using
a front end based page builder that is so easy to use Juergen to be able to take this
design and make it look exactly how you want it not how I think you want to but how you
think you wanted that’s a problem with a lot of these hosted solutions they give you in
force you into a box of what they think if you want but now you’re going to be able to
have exactly what you want and I don’t want you to be intimidated at all during this process
this is something that you can do as long as you are willing to learn and in this video
you’re not going to find anyone explaining it in an easier non-techies way I understand
that you want to make a course is that you can sell your not wanting to make a website
you’re not wanting to make a learning management system you’re wanting to make your content
and that’s why I have made this process as easy as possible now the way this video is
going to work is first I’m going to show you how to order your web hosting account and
your domain name then I’m going to show you how to set up WordPress after that I’m going
to show you how to create these three homepages that I showed you however you don’t have to
do that if you don’t want to you can just install the templates and then just tweak
things as you want however I would encourage you to go through its you can see how easy
it is to work with this page builder I think you’re gonna be blown away at how easy it’s
going to be for you to get your website looking exactly how you wanted to look very stylish
and modern and ready to convert prospective students into students in your course then
after that were getting install this learning management system which is also free and I’m
in a go through all the settings and then after that were going to create a course working
to create a short three lesson course that you can give away for free just so that you
can see how easy it is to create a course and I’m gonna teach you everything I’m not
going to leave anything out a minute teach you how to automatically send your students
emails when they enroll in the course when they complete lessons I want to show you how
to look at the analytics and see how your students are doing how their progress is in
the course I’m gonna show you how to collect payments for your course I am going to show
you how to create coupons for your course if you wanted to I’m not gonna leave any steps
out in this video so what are we waiting for let’s get started alright so now I want to
tell you how this is all going to work and this is actually how all my videos are to
be them knocking to be in them however if you look at any of my videos on my channel
I’m in everyone but this is a learning experience here and I don’t want to distract the just
want to show you all the content but I want to do just give you an explanation of how
everything’s gonna work so you know what to expect in the past I would make this a long
three hour video and it was always hard to find the spot of what you’re looking for in
the video and so I’m doing things a little different for this video instead of having
one video I’ve broken it down into more bite-size chunks and I have them as separate videos
on YouTube and then I have them organized as a YouTube playlist now the reason I wanted
to explain this is because you might not be familiar with a YouTube playlist and what
that is so essentially there are a few ways to get to this playlist the first and easiest
way is if you scroll down in this video right now there’s this option right here that says
you show more now when you click on that it’s going to show some information for the video
and here is the link right here it says watch the entire playlist and when you click on
this even though it says my website address it’s going to take you there but then it’s
gonna bounce you straight back to YouTube into the playlist so all you have to do is
go ahead and click on that and if I have any additional information for any of the videos
you’ll see it in this show more area this is also known as the video description box
and you can see it says description right here so just go ahead and expanded right there
and sometimes I will put additional information in the comment area there’s the ability for
me to pin a comment to the top and you can go ahead and look there’ll also put a link
to the plate list right there now also eventually I’ll add to this description box and I’ll
have time codes for the longer videos that’s where all the different parts of the video
are listed out in there’s a time code and you can just click on it in the video it would
just jump straight to that point in the video and it might take me a little bit of time
to get those in there but I eventually will get those in there for every video in this
series now the other way to get to the playlist is just to go ahead and click on my name right
here in this will take you to the home for my channel here on YouTube this is what it’s
gonna look like right here when you go to the home all you have to do is click right
here it says playlists and you’re in a sea of all my playlists now Mexican organize a
lot of these and clean them up but it’s right here how to create an online course website
with WordPress and it’s the 2017 version right here is the 2016 version I should go ahead
and change the name there now when you click on this it’s going to take you to this page
right here and you could just click on the first video to start playing it and when you
do it’s gonna look like this you can have all the videos here on the right and you can
just scroll down and click to them now here’s the thing I’m a to be adding to these videos
and they just can automatically show up in here I thought this would be the easiest way
to separate out this video series into more bite size chunks so it’s all these separate
videos that you see here on the right side now also if you prefer you can watch it all
on my website as well I have a link to this page on my website you can see it looks very
similar I have the video here and here are a list of all the videos and you could just
click on it and it will start playing one of the advantages obviously watching on my
website is when you scroll you can see the video kindness shrinks into the side there
and you can scroll and start absorbing some of the other information there also on my
way side I’ll be adding any additional technical notes and frequently asked questions and things
like that where it’s not that easy to put it on YouTube so you can come here and find
it arty have the frequently asked questions that have links to everything in a bunch of
information on this page so it’s up to you where you want to watch these videos also
for the products that I’m to be using throughout this video course I will have links to them
all here on this page and I will also have links to the support for those products so
a lot of times people will come to me with specific questions and I’m more than happy
to ask but a lot of times those products have their own knowledge bases in their own list
of support documents with those answers and I’ll have all the links to all those places
here on this page right here and you can also leave a comment for me on this page I respond
to all my comments here on my blog and sometimes it’s easier to process comments on my blog
than it is on YouTube but it’s up to you you can watch either place and you can leave comments
at either place so when I release the 2016 version of this a lot of people were asking
me why am I doing this why am I giving this away for free and honestly I just got to tell
you it’s kind of in my nature to give to people to want to give to people if you were to talk
to anyone that I’m personal friends with or any of my family members my wife anyone in
my family I’m just one of those giving type of people and so that’s part of the reason
why I’m just essentially giving this to you I could easily just take this and wrap it
up into a course that’s on my website and charge $100 or whatever for it but I’m just
going to give it away for free to you on YouTube because I really want to help people take
their knowledge and abilities and impact other people with that also I really believe that
the more I give to people what they need the more I will in turn get what I need in life
and that’s just the guiding principle that’s good for anyone and lastly if you’re to maybe
order the hosting that I recommend a work maybe get the Pro version of the page builder
that I talked about hour and a small amount of money which is nice as well but if you
want to thank me here is how you can thank me first when you’re on YouTube and you’re
here on the playlist there’s a share button here and you can click on this and it’s gonna
give you a link that you can copy and you can use to share on all of your social media
accounts and I want to ask if you want to thank me can you share this with people that
you’re connected with on Twitter on Facebook on LinkedIn just share this out with other
people that would really help if you’re part of any Facebook groups you you might bump
into me and a bunch of Facebook groups I’m on Facebook I’m in a ton of Facebook groups
in someone’s talking about hey how do you have an online course and all that kind of
stuff if you could share this with them it would help them and it would help me as well
another thing that you could do to thank me is every video that you watch go ahead and
click this thumbs up button that is what YouTube calls engagement and it helps me it helps
the video and it makes it so more people will get to see this video on YouTube sees this
engagement so far every single video please click this I like this button this thumbs
up button that also will help me out another thing you could do is engage in the video
and that would be to leave a comment in the comment section on the videos when you scroll
down on every video there’s a comment area right here what that does is it triggers YouTube
to show my video to other people when people are engaging in it people are watching it
all the way through engaging clicking that thumbs up that tells YouTube to show this
video to more people and that is what you two will do if you do that in these videos
lastly if you really wanted to you can come over to my website and there’s a donate button
there I really don’t get a lot of donations I might get maybe hundred or $200 per month
from various people that are very grateful for the help I’ve given them I’m not saying
go and give me money if you wanted to I know some people will want to and hey Alper I appreciate
that you can come to my website and do that if you don’t have it that is fine as well
that’s why just wanted to list out these ways that you can say thank you and they don’t
cost you anything and that is to share the playlist on social media to talk about it
if anyone brings up anything having to do with online courses you say hey go check this
guy out he has it all dialed in is not gonna cost you thing you can learn it all from a
to Z nothing left out also just make sure you give me those thumbs ups and engage in
my videos that is going to help me more than you know so lastly I want to tell you what
to do next first I need you to subscribe to the YouTube channel right now and the reason
is because I’m going to be constantly adding content to this playlist and if you’re not
subscribed to your knocking to be notified that new video content is added and this is
what I want you to do I want you to click on the subscribe button now I’m logged into
my channel so I can’t subscribe however I have a another channel right here right and
demonstrated this actually one of my older channels that I’m revitalizing in it’s gonna
be all about creating content you actually might want to check this out as I start adding
videos to it but this is how I want you to subscribe to my channel the WP channel I’m
not talking about subscribing to this one but you can so you’re gonna see the subscribe
button it’s gonna say you’re gonna see a subscribe button I need you to
click on it and that is going to subscribe you but that’s not all this little bell right
here I need you to click on that and it’s gonna produce this pop up and I want you to
click on this checkmark that says send me all notifications for this channel and then
click on the save button what that is going to do is tell YouTube that when I release
a new video that you would like an email notification on that and this is how I went to be able
to keep in touch with you this is how I’m good to be able to get new content out to
you on the course creator video series it’s the only way you’re going to know now if you
don’t do this you’re going to kind of be left out when I release more videos on how to do
more new things I have a few videos planned that I’m going to end up creating that are
just going to make your online course that much better and you’re not gonna want to miss
out on that awesome video content that I’m going to be adding to this playlist next if
you are in and you’re going to go through this process and you are going to create an
on line course website I need you to declare it right now I want you to step out from the
Internet shadows and show yourself I want you to leave a comment below telling me you
are in and what kind of course you’re going to create or you can tell me what is your
biggest struggle with launching an online course I want to hear from you I want you
to declare to yourself that you’re going to do this that you’re going to start this process
and finish this process and finally and finally create the online course that you had in your
head for so long but you didn’t know practically how to start and how to get to the finish
line and that’s when I’m going to help you to do I’m going to help you start and finish
this process I’m going to stick with you every step of the way but I need you to declare
it I need you to decide that you’re going to do this and so right now I want you to
say that you are in I want you to leave a comment say that you’re in I want to know
what kind of course you want to create or I want to know the biggest struggle that you
are facing I am so excited and privileged to be able to go on this journey with you
I look forward to getting to know your name and getting to know you if you leave a comment
I’m going to reply so I want you to raise your hand right now and say that your in

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