How to counter spammers in Fortnite Mobile! (Tips and Tricks)

How to counter spammers in Fortnite Mobile! (Tips and Tricks)

Hey guys what is going on Its treezz back at it again with another video and today i will be showing you how to kill a spammer in fortnite mobile. So, we’ve all been killed by a spammer before whether we like it or not and its just really annoying today I will show you how to counter this spam with a simple shotgun The most common situation is when your in a 1 by 1 maybe healing or reloading your gun An another person decides to break on of your walls for an easy kill. You could counter this by 2 ways depending on how many mats you have The first way is to take your shotgun out and go for a quick head shot when they break your wall. This technique is very effective if you have low mats or the storm is closing in. The second way is to keep replacing your walls until the enemy has to reload their gun. This technique requires more mats and time but provides a safer and easier kill Here I will show a few examples of me killing bots in creative. This is very good practice for faster reflexes and editing speeds If you like this video please leave a like and subscribe for more fortnite mobile content, peace.

Danny Hutson

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