How to Copy and Paste Ads And Make Money Online with Instant Cash Solution

How to Copy and Paste Ads And Make Money Online with Instant Cash Solution

hey guys how you doing it’s Dan Froelke
and in this video I want to show you how to copy and paste ads and make money
from home and you know the system I’m using for this is called
instant cash solution and I’ve been involved with this company since October
of last year and it’s March 15th 2019 today and I have managed to earn over
seventy four thousand dollars with this system and more importantly I’ve managed
to help a lot of people make money for the very first time online because it’s
an incredibly simple simple system a very simple copy and paste ad system and
so in this video right here I’m excited to share with you how I earn 100 200 300
and even $500 instant commissions sent directly to me using this platform using
instant cash solution so you know I’m just gonna get right to it I’m gonna
show you exactly how we copy and paste ads and make money on Facebook how we
copy and paste ads and make money on Craigslist and I even have some
hands-free waste into completely I mean it’s completely hands-free for you to
make those 100 200 300 and even $500 instant commissions sent directly to you
okay but first if this is your first time on this channel welcome this
channel is all about how to make money online how to generate a full-time or
part-time income so you can create a life of financial freedom and time
freedom and that’s really what I’m all about so what I want to do first I want
to show you some results alright because everyone wants to see results is instant
cash solution working this very simple copy and paste ads simple copy
and paste ad system is working again I’ve been in it since October and it is
on fire right now and I wish with you some results and then we’ll get right to
the video how to copy and paste ads and make money online so let’s go right to
my back office alright hold up one second I forgot to mention you
you are interested in joining me in instant cash solution that is awesome
because I put a lot of things in place for people who join me in fact I even
pay for their traffic and I have all that information at the end of this
video ok so just keep that in mind and plus I’ve got a lot of other bonuses as
well because you know I truly believe in making money at the service of others
rather than at the expense of others ok that’s why I offer so much value and
you’re gonna see that when you opt in to the very next page but hold hold on
let’s get right to the video how to copy and paste ads and make money online with
instant cash solution alright so let’s login to my ICS back-office right now
but before I do of course a little legal disclaimer like I always do know these
are my results results are not typical I work very hard for these results and in
no way do I guarantee that you will get these results if any at all ok so I just
wanted to throw that out there and you know what I feel truly blessed to have
aligned myself with this system instant cash solution I started last October so
it’s been let’s see October November December January
well actually it was October 3rd so I want to show you the date right here we
are at March 16th March 16th Saturday 2019 at 104 p.m. ok and so let’s see I
started October 3rd so that’s a little over five months and let me put that up
here and we’re gonna log in right now alright and here’s the deal you may not
know me at all but I want to show you results just to prove that I’m on the
level to show you how to do this stuff alright this stuff meaning this online
stuff how to make money online so scroll up here look at the Commission’s here
and ok so this is just for this month now and we’re only at March 16th okay
$13,800 I get a sale for sure every day sometimes two sometimes three I’ve had
just a fantastic day right here on the 11th a $2,500 date so instant cash
solution has on fire right now I’m helping a lot of people out and that’s
really why I sleep very well at night because I am helping people one on one
get their system started and then we go from there as far as advertising plan
and and all that stuff so you know there’s a lot of great member to member
programs out there and I’m sure you’ve seen them and you’ve got the old
standard easy one up you’ve got fearless mama 2.0 Exodus elite I can go on and on
there is I mean they all work right but if you have tried those programs haven’t
had any success with them well maybe it’s the person that you aligned
yourself with you know maybe it’s your sponsor it was your sponsor but I pride
myself on really making money at the service of others rather than the
expense of others and I put a lot of things in place to help people out who
join me and when you opt into my page you know the link below here in the
description you’ll see that firsthand okay a lot of bonuses I even pay for
your traffic alright so I want you to check that out too right now we’re at
thirteen thousand eight hundred dollars and it’s only March 16th so I’m looking
at about a twenty thousand dollar month with this again let’s go back here well
as you can see let me let me scroll down here so you know you can see these here okay now
these are by the month right so okay here’s what they did last month great
month almost said 20,000 for sure this month I will hit 20,000 dollars with
instant cash solution and we’ve got this was January 11 December of course the
holidays and November was a great month to 16300 and I was actually on vacation
for a week at the very beginning in November and of course October when I
first started and that wasn’t too shabby either for a third income stream that I
have okay and I believe in multiple streams of income and I have three
income streams and this is just one of them
okay and so let’s look at the grand total so as of October 3rd – right now I
said a little over five months or so and we’ve got over seventy four thousand
dollars with instant cash solution but again more importantly I helped a lot of
people make their very first sales online and I can help you as well
alright so let’s get back to the training right now okay what exactly are
we doing right well we have a very simple sales process right here a very
simple copy and paste sales process so you’re gonna post our pre-written ads
every day and if you spend half hour to 45 minutes a day that would be awesome
and you can post on classified ad sites and social media platforms or you can
use my team traffic co-op to drive top tier traffic to your website absolutely
hands-free and here is something very special right here and this is how I get
the majority of my sales okay so you can invite your prospects to our weekly
training session and ICS business overview webinar this webinar is hosted
by the owner Rich Meyer he does an awesome job
at putting on this overview he explains all about ICS all the FAQ’s and then at
the end of the video he will answer questions from your prospects and then
at the end of that he’ll say now I want you to get back to the person who
invited you to this webinar and that’s how I get a lot of my sales
boy that is a great feature that we have so we make sales every week for our new
members during our weekly business overview ok so right now I’m gonna show
you how we use our pre-written ads and how we copy and paste ads on Craigslist
copy paste ads on Facebook I’m also going to show you a completely
hands-free way to get sales in instant cash solution you don’t have to copy
paste any ads if you don’t want to by using my team traffic co-op ok so
right now let’s go to Craigslist ok so I want to show you how easy it is to copy
and paste ads that instant cash solution provides right in the back office and
you can copy and paste these ads on Craigslist and make money all right I
want to show you our ads and we have a lot of them I’m gonna scroll down to the
one actually it goes one through fifty all kinds of ads we’ve got some
brand-new ones that we just added and probably sorry about that you need to
make your head spin there but there’s there’s one that I really like here and
it’s this one well actually this is a good one right here so it’s display ad
number 36 and again we have a lot of them they’re very well written very
sweet and to the point and they really work guys they really do now all we’re
gonna do is copy this source code right here okay
from that arrow including that the arrows okay so you’re gonna copy to the
source code right here okay so you want to right click copy because after all
this is copy and paste and we’re gonna jump over to my craigslist account right
here and i’m gonna log in oh okay i guess i’m already logged in alright so
let’s create a posting choose the location and you know what i’ve been
having good success with gigs offered right in there i want to hire someone
and under computer gigs this is real good right here a lot of people on the
team are having success in this this category right here it’s only 5 bucks a
post put that in there continue
okay so we have headlines right here in the back office let me show you got some
headlines to use now hey you can certainly copy and paste these however
you know if everyone starts to using these you know what’s gonna happen right
so I always create my own for example and if you want to copy me that’s fine
whoops want to go over there and this is what we’re gonna put for a headline here
hiring whoops today post ads for our business work
from your location all right specific location well I’m in the Minneapolis
area and zip code five five eight right here now here is where we’re gonna paste
the source code right here paste that’s all we do now make sure we get those
arrows okay the whole thing alright that’s all and we won’t do that
describe pay click on we’re going to do one hundred percent Commissions all
right and we’ll just leave this in Craigslist may relay alright or you can
put your phone number right here 763 350 361 you know they can all they can send
you a text so you can respond that way and put your name here you don’t have to
worry about the street well you don’t have to worry about the street here or
location at all and then there’s a continue button right below here you
can’t see it but all you’re just gonna click on
continue all right you don’t have to worry about this map at all hit continue
you’re not gonna upload any images you’re gonna click on done with images
and here we go hiring today post ads for our business work from your location and
here is the actual ad right here now it’s huge on my screen but it isn’t
going to look that big you know I when the actual Craigslist ad
appears but yeah this is it right here they will reply and you will get an
email let me let me go down here and all you have to do here is click on publish
and you can pay the $5 and it will be up in live that’s all you have to do again
we’ve got emails you can copy and paste so if someone wants more information see
simply reply to this ad with your name phone number email address and we’ll
send you everything you need to learn about our simple copy and paste business
and we actually have the copy and paste emails so this is as easy as copy and
paste now how easy was this this is probably one of the easiest things you
can ever do right very easy to copy and paste ads on Craigslist okay let’s move
on to Facebook I’ll show you how easy that is
alright here’s an absolutely free way to advertise your business right here in
the Facebook groups we have all the training for this in the back office but
I’m gonna show you how easy it is to copy and paste our ads that they they
provide you for free in the back office alright all the ads all display ads all
the headlines everything is in the back office so I’m gonna grab an ad well
first of all this group right here is a very popular group okay they have three
hundred and forty five thousand over three hundred forty five thousand
members of this group this is kind of a work from home group advertise your
business so you want to join work from home groups entrepreneurial groups make
money online groups advertise your business free groups like this one this
is a great group a lot of people have been having success posting in this
group if you want to write that down advertise your business or page for free
24/7 alright now watch how easy this is I’m gonna go grab and
in the back office right here let me move this over this is the one I want
right click I want to right-click it and copy see how easy that is
now we’re gonna paste it okay alright and then we’re going to go over the
Facebook group right here we’re gonna right click or wina click on that you
don’t have to add a photo we’re just gonna right click and copy I mean I’m
sorry right click and paste alright I get my copy and paste alright and as you
can see it’s right here now I wouldn’t just leave it at that what I would do
because you have to give some call-to-action and we’re gonna put our
link in there alright so what I did I had to add something really easy written
up already let me just show you what I wrote here and we actually have these in
the back office as well you can use this and I’ll show you how I’m going to
utilize this in a minute we’re gonna go back of the group we’re gonna paste this
right there so it says stop worrying and start earning simple copy and paste
system can have you earning an extra five hundred dollars per week or more
get the details here and I just put my link right there alright now how easy is
that we copy and paste the ad and we just copy little text right in there
just to give him a little call to action and then what we’re gonna do I’m gonna
post that’s all we’re gonna do watch this here it is right here just now
that’s me we’re gonna click the link and watch what happens and here it is this
is my capture page now how easy is that copy and paste is extremely easy now
that’s just two methods okay so I showed you the Craigslist ok copy and paste the
Facebook group copying place now I have a completely hands-free way alright
where you don’t have to copy and paste at all and I’m gonna show you that right
now I’m really excited about this video right here because I’m gonna share with
you what you’ll have access to when you join my instant cash
solution team okay and again I’m super excited because I’ve been working behind
the scenes on this and here’s what’s gonna happen you’re gonna get access to
the very best business opportunity traffic out there by far so I’ve been
working with an MLM business opportunity traffic specialist he’s a top solo ad
provider that only provides top tier traffic and I spoke to him we went kind
of back and forth and he’s agreed to give our team a really good deal a great
price actually 50% off of his solo ads and that’s the traffic we’ll be using in
my team traffic co-op and this guy is the real deal
he’s considered one of the top most sought after solo ad providers and he’s
really really respected in the solo ad industry and in this industry as a whole and
he only provides top tier traffic from US Canada Australia etc and they’re all
very fresh leads and this is where you got to watch it I’ve been online for
nine years you know I’ve got burnt by solo ad providers here and there and I’m
sure you probably have too and this is where you gotta watch it and because you
really don’t know if you’re getting real traffic or not but I know for a fact
that this guy as you can see gets amazing results and he gets fresh leads
on a daily basis and when you purchase traffic through our team traffic co-op
the traffic starts super fast usually within 12 to 24 hours you could
literally get hundreds of clicks every day here’s the deal guys I’m not
personally gonna make anything off this at all I contacted him because I want
our team to win and get insane results and I thought it was really cool that he
actually went through the system himself to make sure his traffic would work this
is a hundred percent top tier traffic that you’re gonna get at a deeply
discounted price and usually with other traffic vendors out there of this
quality you’re gonna spend at least one to two
dollars per click but I’ve been able to work out a deal with him and he’s
willing to send all of his very best traffic to your instant cash solution
capture pages all right you guys there you have it how to copy and paste ads
and make money at home so I just showed you exactly how we copy and paste ads on
Facebook copy and paste ads on Craigslist and I also showed you a
couple other hands-free ways that I’m using to generate 100 200 300 and even
500 dollar instant Commission’s with instant cash solution it is it’s truly
well I know for a fact it’s the very best small ticket business out there by
far and it’s truly a legitimate work from home opportunity all right so what
I want you to do now is click the link below you’re gonna find out a lot more
about my bonuses okay I’ve got a lot of them I don’t want to explain them right
now you just really have to see it plus I’m gonna pay for your traffic and
that’s all but going to be explained to you on the very next page so what I want
you to do is click the link below and you’ll see all about what instant cash
solution is and how I can help you make money for the very first time on line
okay so this is Dan Froelke if you have any questions I’m standing by I’ve got
all my contact information right below and I’ll be more than happy to answer in
your questions okay so until the next video have a great marketing day see ya

Danny Hutson

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