How To Convert Text To Speech In Excel (Telugu) Using The Speak Cells Feature | Tech Prapancham

Hello Friends, you would have heard about
text to speech converting softwares. But did you ever notice tha the same feature
is also available in Microsoft Excel? Excel has a great feature that converts text
into speech and can read out loud to you. Now, let’s see how we can enable and use this
feature now in detail. 1.This feature is not readily available in
the Quick Access Toolbar or the ribbon. 2. Right click on any of the tabs in the ribbon
and select the ‘Customize Quick Access Toolbar’. It will open the excel options dialog box. 3.In the Choose commands from the drop down
menu, select ‘All commands’ 4. Scroll down the list to find the Speak Cells
options. 5. You will find five options here, you can select
any one of your choice. 6. I would be selecting the 1st option, Speak
Cells, clikc on Add button. 7. Click Ok. 8. Speak Cells icon, will be added into your
Quick Access Toolbar. 9. Now let’s see the functionality of this feature
by clicking on the icon and placing the cursor on any cell. 10. This is all about the Speak Cell Feature
in Excel.

Danny Hutson

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