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14 thoughts on “How to convert fiber to Ethernet

  1. This is the easiest way to do this. But how do you put the connectors on the end of the cable? That seem to be the hard part.

  2. Firstly, you sound like the joker in Batman begins. Respect. Secondly, this method works really well. We have used it a number of times.

  3. It's very cool. Any time man. Will be cool if you can explain to folk when and where Multi-mode and Single mode will be used and why. Not sure if you have or not as I have only just discovered your channel and sub'd πŸ˜‰

  4. Is this workable if I need to run fiber for 1000s of feet? I thought that the main benefit of moving to fiber would be just as much distance as it would speeds… Thanks!

  5. I have this project with some little buildings with 1 to 4 data outlets with underground conduit between the buildings and runs from 20 to 80 m. Inside buildings we must have UTP cat 6A, all the switches must be layer 2 and there is no cat6a cable suitable for this underground conduit installation you think there is a problem having each of this outlets with an utp-tranceiver-fiber-transceiver-utp arrangement? That is a lot of transceivers tu buy. Please help

  6. Im trying to install a more than 500ft outdoor for POE IP 16 security cameras so i really need a fiber optics instead of getting a Switch every 100m. I know a lot fiber optics but this is my first time installing them. Β I went to your website but not really sure what fiber optics to purchase. Also, Do I need a RJ45 converter for both NRV end and my POE Switch end, meaning end-to-end? Thank you and have a nice day.

  7. I have a 400ft run from two buildings in an underground tube. We want to keep this pretty cheap, they are two sales offices so there isn't really a server room or anything like that, just basically two every day airport extreme routers. I worked in IT but didn't have too much experience with the physical side of networking. You're site has two different kinds of media adapters, looks like for different wire? I want to run a wire from airport extreme to the other, which media adapters (one for each end right?) should I buy and what fiber wire should I buy for my project? thanks!

  8. Hello Sir, I would like to know,how can I use a fiber optic modem as a router? ( I have ethernet connection) {How to convert fiber to Ethernet?} thanks and regards!!

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