How to connect your Sony® Internet TV with Google TV™ device to a Wireless Home Network

How to connect your Sony® Internet TV with Google TV™ device to a Wireless Home Network

Hi I’m Peg from Sony and I’m going to
show you how to connect your Sony internet tv with Google tv device to a
wireless connection you always have the option to connect
your Sony internet tv with Google tv using a network cable let’s get started turn your Sony internet tv with Google
tv on using the Sony tv remote on the keypad remote press and hold the Fn button and then press the number one button to bring up the Settings menu select Network and then press Enter now select Wi-Fi make sure that the Wi-Fi is turned on you should see a green check the Sony internet tv with Google
tv will scan for available Wi-Fi networks select your network if you have an open network which does
not require a password the network will automatically be
connected if you have a secured network it will
require a password this is the password or security key
that was created when you set up your Wi-Fi if you have forgotten your password you
can contact the manufacturer for your wireless router or your internet service
provider for assistance once you enter your password select Connect then press Enter you will now be connected to your
network for more tips tricks and how-to videos
please visit us or on our SonyListens youtube channel

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20 thoughts on “How to connect your Sony® Internet TV with Google TV™ device to a Wireless Home Network

  1. Hi, our tv is connected to our wifi 2yrs now. but all of a sudden it disconnect to the network. when we are trying to reconnect to our wifi it is not scanning any available network. please help.

  2. My Google TV sony model number is NSX-40GT1 and serial no: 8010701. This reply is for your comment below. Hope we can fix this.

  3. It was great.  I have been wondering how to do that for about a year now.  I can now take down the cable running across the room from my router to the TV.  Now if I could find out how to make my Sony Google TV power up with the HDMI input instead of Component Video I would be estatic. 

  4. Hi, I did the factory settings and connect to my network again but still google tv cannot find wifi network. I tried to change the IP address on my provider and set the static on my TV to input the new IP add but still cannot find it. Is there something wrong with the tv? 

  5. Hi, My Sony NSX-40GT1 40-Inch 1080p 60 Hz LED HDTV Featuring Google TV, Black is now can not open youtube,update and download.Why? Could you answer me.Thanks.

  6. I've had my Sony Google TV for a few years and recently it has stopped connecting to the WiFi. every other device I have connects just fine but in the network settings it says Not in range. I have up to 104 MPBS so signal strength and speed isn't a problem. not sure what's going on

  7. Hi, my Sony Google tv has been having issues connecting to the wifi. Like some of the other comments I've seen on here my tv shows my wifi network as "not in range" despite having connected to the same network in the past. Every other device I have connects to the wifi in my room except for my tv. It's connected in the past but has had issues with wifi for several months now. Model number (internet tv), firmware 3.2, build number 2012091701_AAV_ORSC.20120917092754. Can you help?

  8. I have issues with this tv
    The control is not pairing and when is on .i have the message of update the date and can't se nothing . I only have it connected to the appl tv

  9. My t.v says update time your time or date is incorrect. Please update the time and date informations through the date,time & location settings I'm clicking enter and trying to go to setting's nothing.

  10. Hello, I have a Sony XBR65- 850D TV an I got a Sony NSG- MR1 remot. Is it possible to connect this remote to my TV? If so, how?
    Thank you!

  11. how do I get antenna local tv channels programed on my google sony tv that has the same remote box as the one in this video? thx!

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