How to connect PS4 to internet: PS4 Update to Latest Version: PS4 internet connection error

How to connect PS4 to internet: PS4 Update to Latest Version:  PS4 internet connection error

hey guys a lot of you are having trouble
updating your sony playstation 4 i’m here to tell you how to do that real quick because I just figured it out so here’s the cable to plug the
controller into because you’re going to need that it yourself or controller mean
that the playstation and perfectly connect to the lan cable there’s a
button on the front of this PlayStation just going to hold it down until it
beeps twice once keep holding twice look at the television screen alright
then you’re in safe mode with in safe mode it tells you to connect the USB
cable again and press the playstation button on your controller you should you
and I also update the system software here so when you are in this window I’m sorry when you’re on the screen
you’re going to need to use this part of the controller not the knobby part but
the pad ok to move the selector up and down so
you will go to update system software you’ll go through here you do that
you’re gonna you’ll go to update from disk now you can either download on your
computer but I tried doing that and i did not have any luck so what I did was
I went update using internet hit that button and while you’re in safe mode
you’re actually able to connect to the network somehow as long as you know
you’re plugged in to the land which I wasn’t plugged into the land but you’re
plugged into the land you can connect to the internet alright guys so that should do it and
then i’ll say the following version of the system software is it you will hit next the controller it will download the
update file within the safe mode don’t forget to install it within safe mode
as well that’s what

Danny Hutson

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