How to Connect Netbeans to Microsoft Access Database by Kindson

How to Connect Netbeans to Microsoft Access Database by Kindson

hello my name is Kindson the
application developer and in this video I’m going to teach you how to connect
netbeans IDE to microsoft access 2010 database so follow along and i’m sure
you are going to find it very very easy i’m not going to skip any step at all
so go ahead to create a database in Microsoft access i use access 2010 and my
in my system microsoft access 2010 so here filename I give the database
a name lets call it ok let’s call it NetBeansTutorial ok let me into the real i want to save
in my drive C we can actually save anywhere in your system so I save in a folder called application there in my drive C so I go ahead to create so we have
Table1 I like working in the design
view and how is the one our colleague TBL two things to be up too late okay so oh I created fuel to the parkie veins ID
first name Colleen the part remains email ok that’s just fine and all of them
should be text so I go ahead to see right now I like to add some deep and open up my name course I is my name
game is my son named computer science a zero ok kind on this is not my correct
email grace you can check the website to get right email and raised that’s your whole . com ok that’s just fine i like to have mine
finds number and that this and make our name ball and asian computer engineering
and and make up out here on this site I glad to see so that is step on we have
three steps i would like to line these three steps in the box that along we
just completed step one step 138 Microsoft’s face nice step to create II
and will be being see weakness sauce step 3 connects next beads the bea sauce you so
these piece of them so now we go ahead to create an odbc be themselves so how do we do that come to control
panel and you go to our system and security which are going to
administrative tools on how he had bacon sauce odbc now this is very important
get help using the same system DSN file the same you must chose our system DSN
of it to walk and they’ve been to recognizing so I go ahead and click on
system DSN and i click on out i go to chose microsoft a sex drive our image
adults me to select a big that soft political base so remember I saved in
Drive see inside the applications for the iconic my beans tutorial that is
just so I now give it a name is still color the same in leg jeans Tory are
eight and that’s just fine and then I say okay okay let me tutorial datasource
have been waiting so let’s go back to our checklist of complete eggs the tool
on ok I now go ahead to step 3 so now i want to open my beans idea
happy here my next up rightly and open thanks the world to stop so it’s Tony’s
open let me just show you how you can create an application in a b-side de
deux is not very important for this tutorial mr3 choose new projects kappa
job application niced less colleagues next beings real
link the default setting for the project location and the project for that is
crazy the main class for me these and I just
go ahead finish creating your project based on your projects protects our spot
because their underlying patterns so now the walk we want to know connect leads
to the microsoft access database created so we come to services come to bigger
babies and you click on drive us your clean color right click on jdbc odbc
bridge and see connect using so here you see the be so this is where I enter the
name of find ourselves this is data sauce i created leads to hell does name
so i guess best best action may be okay it was towards so I just give the space
like this connection connection sucks either you can see your key base is no
schemer I just going to click on finish hardware in the White connecting kc j
ABC or d bc leg beat three children place so I drop down i can see base like being
tutorial the second from here so where’s my table so have tables get
down you can see this to thank stable recreated assets so how do i know that i
hope i didn’t know just rightly and save your data and automatically it creates
the SQL statement select from TBL student here you can see my name on my
friend’s name there in the table so this is basically how we connect microsoft
asset database 2nite beings ide ra7 points1 point2 and fire and professional
magazines i like to thank you for watching once i get my name is cancer and i hope
this video has been informative for you

Danny Hutson

30 thoughts on “How to Connect Netbeans to Microsoft Access Database by Kindson

  1. Very Useful, Thank you. Could you upload another video regarding How to add/Delete and Modify data to the database you created in MS-Access using Netbeans. Thank You

  2. KİNDSON I have sam problem like some people. Which that JDBC-ODBC Driver is not there in my netbeans how can ı connect it ?

  3. Hi there, when i go to create a new data source i can't find any of the Microsoft office drivers. Please help if you have a solution! 😀 Great tutorial too.

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  5. Anyone who has figured out the problem of the missing JDBC-ODBC Bridge, please comment your solution below. It would help me out a lot.

  6. This issue has been resolved in this link:

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