How to Connect a Printer and a Personal Computer Using USB Cable (Epson XP-830) NPD5568

How to Connect a Printer to a Computer Using USB Cable Open [] in the browser. Enter a printer name. Click [Let’s get started]. Click [Download]. Click [Run]. When [UAC] icon is displayed, Click [Yes]. Confirm the license agreement and click [Next]. Click [Next] again. Click [Next]. Select [USB connection]. Click [Next]. Next step is to connect a USB cable. Turn on the printer. Connect the flat side of the USB cable to a computer. Connect the other side of the USB cable to the printer. The connection is succeeded if the printer model is displayed. Click [Next]. Click [Print Test Page]. Test pattern will be printed. Click [Next]. Tick the box of software you want to install. Contents may vary in region. [Easy Photo Print] for photo, [Print CD] for CD/DVD are recommended. Click [Install …]. Click [Finish]. Click [OK]. Click [Exit]. Click [Finish]. Close [Epson Connect] tab this time. Click [Support]. Product information is available. Close the browser.

Danny Hutson

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