How to Check Your Internet Speed

How to Check Your Internet Speed

How to Check Your Internet Speed. With a few clicks, you can find out how long
it takes data to transfer over the internet to your computer. You will need Internet access and web browser. Step 1. Close all applications and programs that are
running in the background of your computer before you check your connection speed. Step 2. Open a web browser, and make sure you are
connected to the internet. Step 3. Go to a search engine and type “speed test.” Click on one of the top results that take
you to a free internet speed test utility. Step 4. Click “Go” or whatever button or link in the
utility begins the speed test. Note your internet speed, which is given in
megabits or kilobits per second. Typical Speeds in kilobits are 10 to 30 for
a dial-up modem, 500 for a DSL or cable modem, 1,000 and above for T1 network. If you have the option to choose which server
is used to test your speed, pick the one closest to your geographic location. Step 5. On a Windows PC, check your network speed,
or how fast your computer talks with the internet source and other computers connected it. Go to the Start menu and right-click or search
for Network. Click on View Status to see your internet
speed. Step 6. On a Mac, hit Command F, and type Activity
Monitor in the search field. Double-click on the Activity Monitor application,
click on the Network tab to see the peak speed at which you connect to your network. Step 7. Check your network speed periodically. If you notice it has slowed down or is especially
slow during certain times of day, contact your internet service provider. Did you know The FCC defines “broadband” internet
as data transmission that exceeds 200 kilobits per second either from the internet to the
user or from the user to the internet.

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  1. @AussieRaver1996 Probably it is. My download should be between 6-7 most of the time, but once I got 13, so it is definitely a malfunction.

  2. @MyVideoHubOnDell alright, cuz wouldn't 35mbps be like downlaoding 10 songs in 1 seconds, im really not sure how it works, cuz thats not the case, so for sure it is a malfunction

  3. i was like "ow look they are profesionalls"…..see desktop..*World of Warcraft* *steam* *animations* *a vid called "headshot"*….AND …*RUNESCAPE* WTF …clean up your desktop….and then youve made a vid caled (how to create shortcuts) WTFFFF

  4. Man i got 5 Mbp and upload is 700 Kbp really bad man but faster than what you got in this video but My My mom called Verizon and she said if they can make the internet faster and the fastest will be 7 Mbp is is increasing because Yesterday i got 3 Mbp but now is 5 Mbp…All Yhea.

  5. ha you've got Utorrent, Winrar, Sony Vegas and Photoshop that you clearly didnt pay for, and W.O.W. and Runescape to top it off.
    Mad respect. lol

  6. are u kidding me whats point of saying u have to be having a computer with a internet accesse if i dont have how wud i bee even watching is no point of saying

  7. If one needs to check internet connection speed, it's obvious that he/she is connected to the internet. Thumbs up if you agree 🙂

  8. Computer with internet access, well I;m already on youtube, so I don't think you had to put that in

  9. Close all your applications running in the background the real question here is how to know then what happen if I close youtube?

  10. Please …….. Speak slower, get rid of the background music and I would suggest an outline that a person could follow the steps and write down or even better print. I played this 2 times and gave up . Way too fast …… Please redo at a slower pace. Thank you

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  12. You can check if your connection is working with simple apps, like this one: "Internet On – Check your connection"
    That's the best way to be sure Internet is working.

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