How to Change Your AT&T Wi-Fi Name & Password | AT&T Wireless

How to Change Your AT&T Wi-Fi Name & Password | AT&T Wireless

music♪ This video walks through how to find and change your
Wi-Fi name and password for your 3600HGV, 3801HGV,
5031NV, or 5168NV Wi-Fi gateway. The model number is listed
on the front of your gateway toward the bottom. When you’re connecting
a wireless device to your home’s Wi-Fi network, you’ll need to know
a couple of things: your Wi-Fi network name,
also known as your SSID, network ID, or network name, and your Wi-Fi password, also known as your
wireless network key, network key, or wireless key. The default Wi-Fi
information is easy to find. Just look on the side
of your Wi-Fi gateway. The Wi-Fi network name
is listed as the SSID, and the Wi-Fi password is listed
as the wireless network key. If the default
Wi-Fi network name or Wi-Fi password
has been changed, you can still find this
info by using a device that’s already connected
to your home network. You can even use your
smartphone or tablet, but it’s probably easier on a
laptop or desktop computer. On your connected device,
open a Web browser, and in the address bar, enter, and select “Enter”. In the Gateway Status section, you’ll see your current
Wi-Fi network name labeled as the network ID. Also in this section
is your current Wi-Fi password. This is labeled
as the Network Key. To make changes to your Wi-Fi
network name or Wi-Fi password, select “Wireless” in the Key Things to do
Using Your Gateway section. Now you’re on the page where you can make changes to
your Wi-Fi gateway settings. In the Network Name field, you’ll see your current
Wi-Fi network name, and you can type over
it to make changes. Then, in the
Authentication Type area, under the Security section, we recommend using
WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK for your security setting. If you see something
different here, select the dropdown box, and
select “WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK”. Also on this page, you can
change your Wi-Fi password. This is labeled as
the Wireless Key. You can change your
Wi-Fi password by selecting the Use custom Wireless
Network Key radio button and typing in a
new Wi-Fi password. Once your changes are made,
just select “Save”. Since you’re making changes
for security purposes, you will need your
device access code. This can be found on the side
of your Wi-Fi gateway. Just enter this device access
code into the password field, and select “Submit”. After you have
successfully changed your Wi-Fi network name
or Wi-Fi password, you’ll need to reconnect
all of your Wi-Fi devices using the new
Wi-Fi information. This includes the computer
you use to change the Wi-Fi network name
or Wi-Fi password. If you need additional help with your Wi-Fi gateway
or Internet service, go to for helpful Internet support
articles, videos, and more. If you want to diagnose
and fix Internet problems, go to, and sign in for
personalized support using your connected computer,
smartphone, or tablet. Thanks for choosing AT&T!

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  1. Had to turn off an external program, then I got in…kind of. no, "Key things…" or anything even similar.


  3. 8 months later and you haven't posted either the updated versions of what we have or our modem is so old (we got it less than 2 months ago from ATT when we secured the service) that it doesn't have the proper abilities outlined in this video to make any changes to the passwords. I think the ladder is the case. It may if we select WEP but no one knows for sure as we are terified of doing so since we are both severely tech deficient.

  4. This is a great video…..If it were accurate. Unfortunately the screen and platform doesn't look anything like what is displayed in the video.

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