How To Build A Brand Online

How To Build A Brand Online

All right, guys. Let’s talk a little bit about how to build a brand online. A brand is the ultimate competitive advantage in your business. It’s what’s going to allow you to succeed and prosper for many years to come. Five years, ten years, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty years, and beyond, you can succeed and prosper long-term by building a brand. Now the challenge is, is a lot of business owners, they focus on building a business and not a brand. They don’t have the mentality of building a brand, and unfortunately the stats are, is hat within a ten year period, 96% of businesses fail. Within the first year, half of them are gone. A 50% drop off. Within five years, it’s 80%. Within ten years, 96% of businesses fail long-term. I think a lot of people out there that want to make money online, they want to make passive income, which is totally fine. You’re definitely free to do so, however, they’re approaching it with the mentality of creating and selling a product or a service and not building a brand, and the asset net value that it can provide long-term. The challenge with that is that any product or service that you create today will eventually become irrelevant or obsolete. Because, the truth is, the world is always changing. It’s always evolving. Any product that you create or sell that solves a problem or meets a need, there’s other people out there that are creating new products and services, they’re finding better ways to meet other people’s problems and solve issues, and improving things, and making it better, and better. It’s very rare to see a product that has lasted the last fifty years. With all the changes that have occurred, because there’s always been better solutions as time has gone on. In the same way, how many brands do you know that have been around for fifty years? There’s a lot more of them, because a brand gives you the ability to sell products and services underneath that brand, and as the world changes, you can continue to prosper because the brand has the value, and the products and services don’t. I remember Steve Jobs, reading about him, he had a great story. He asked his team. He said, “Guys, what business are we in?” His team said, “We’re in the business of selling computers.” Steve thought about that and he said, “That’s not the business that we need to be in.” He said, “The business that we need to be in long-term is to connect people with their passions.” Sure enough, Apple, the biggest company in the world, the biggest brand, they’ve had many different products throughout the years. They started with the computer, the Mac Book and everything, and they grew from there, and because they recognized that, the Mac Book and all the other products they have are 15% of their business. Do you know what 85% of Apple is? What their products and business are? The iPhone. Even this iPhone 7 that I have right here, within ten years from now, this is going to be an obsolete product. No one’s going to be buying the iPhone 7 ten years from now, because there’s always better solutions being made available. Very important to understand that. Very important to recognize why it’s important to build a brand. Because, by building a brand, you can launch products and services underneath it. Apple, when they launch a new product, I don’t care what it is, Apple could launch anything they want. People will line up outside of the Apple store for hours, and hours in advance to be able to get their hands on that product, because they have a feeling, an emotion associated to Apple. What is a brand? The way that I define a brand is a name, a name that a mass amount of people recognize and associate an emotion to. That’s all a brand really is. It’s just a name that, hopefully, you have trademarked in some way, because that’s, you want to protect that name that you have, but it’s a name that a mass number of people recognize and associate emotion to. Think of the biggest brands that you know out there, Coca Cola, Apple, Microsoft. There’s car brands of Ford, and Honda, Toyota, et cetera. There’s many different brands out there, and if you look at them, you’ll see how many products year after year they’re always innovating, and innovation is what’s going to allow you to prosper and succeed long-term. Building a brand, guys, one of the most important things. When I built Project Life Mastery, I focused on building my brand before I even created and sold any product. I focused on building a blog, and a YouTube Channel, and putting out content to attract people, and build a name for myself, my brand. Then eventually, from there, I was able to create products and services underneath that brand, and some of the products that I’ve created have evolved as the years have gone by. The brand is really what the value is in my business. It’s not the products that I have, it’s the brand value. The name, the feelings that people associate to my brand. That’s the key thing, guys. You got to build it up. That’s got to be your mentality in your business, and you’re going to have that long-term approach, because people that I know that make money online, they’re just in it just to sell a product, make some money. Great. They can make some money, but how long is it going to last? What you don’t realize is a lot of people out there making money online, and they only make money for a short period of time. I’m in it, and hopefully you are, as well, to build a business that can continue to grow as time goes on, and make more money as time goes on, and be sustainable. Because, if you’re going to put the work, the effort, the time, the energy, the money, the passion into something, and then you better be in it for the long run. I don’t know why you’d want to do anything for the short-term, right? You want to always think long-term and building something, building an asset that has value. I know a lot of people out there, they just, they find a trick, a gimmick, a loophole, some sort of strategy that doesn’t involve building a brand. Sure, they make money from it, but as things evolve and change, they’ve got to start all over again, right? They’ve got to build a new trick, or gimmick, or strategy, that they got to find to be able to always stay on top. Brand gives you the competitive advantage long-term, and by building a brand, too, other people can’t compete with you. Because why does someone spend $4,000 on a Louis Vuitton purse? Right? When you could buy another purse that’s just as functional and practical for $20? It’s the brand value that people associate to that. It gives them an incredible advantage in the market that other people can’t compete with, with Louis Vuitton. There’s a lot that I could say about building a brand, but the most, the ways that you could do it online. There’s actually many different ways, but I think one of the most important, the most valuable ways is by creating content. Content is one of the best ways of building a brand, because creating content and information, either in video, article, on social media, by creating content and giving that away, and adding value to other people, what that’s going to do that’s going to attract people to you. You’re going to attract people, too, that are going to enjoy your content, and receive it, and benefit from it, and they’re going to associate the value, the benefit that they get to your brand. Right? That’s how I build my business. I create content, and we live in the content age, by the way. If you look at online, what is available online is content. You go onto your Facebook feed, what do you see? Content, videos, articles, images, that’s all content. Right? You go to Google, do a search, what shows up is content. You go to Instagram, what shows up is content. Snapchat, Periscope, all content. There’s many different forms of content, but content is king. You always got to remember that. You got to be a content creator in your business, which means that you got to put up articles, videos, every business has got to have a blog. If you want to do YouTube, you can do that, as well. You can do a podcast. There’s many different ways of doing it. Instagram, and Facebook, and Twitter, et cetera. Putting up content in those ways. Pinterest. There’s many different platforms that allow you to be able to create content and be able to share it. Again, by you providing value, people associate emotion to that, and they’re going to trust you. They’re going to follow you. They’re going to enjoy what you have to share. Then, sure enough, when you launch products or you recommend a product, or whatever it might be, people are going to buy from you, because they like, know, and trust you. They’re going to be more likely to buy from a brand that they recognize and that they associate emotion to, rather than no brand at all. If you’re selling on Amazon, a physical product, why should people buy your product from you as opposed to anyone else? Well, one of the reasons that gives you an advantage is your brand, and by you creating content and sharing, and helping people in that way, there can be two different products. Someone is going to buy from you more than the other person, because they know you. They like you. They trust you. Right? More than the other person. It might be a similar product they don’t know anything about. Content is one of the best ways to build a brand. Okay. Blog, YouTube, again, all the … I think you should do it all in business. I mean, I don’t know why you wouldn’t. Most content online today is video. If you look at Facebook, your Facebook feed. You’ll see a lot more videos than anything else. Snapchat, Periscope, Facebook video. Video is big. I actually heard and read that in ten years, 90% of the content online is going to be video. Again, you’ve got to adapt. You’ve got to evolve. Do video. If you’re uncomfortable on video, you got to get over it. Okay. I mean, kids are growing up with video today, and I see kids that are fifteen years old that are crushing it on video. Where here, you’re thirty, or forty, or fifty, sixty years old, and you’re not willing to change and adapt to how the world is, and what people want, and what they desire. The world changes. You have to adapt with it. If you don’t change or evolve, you’re going to be left behind. As Charles Darwin says, “It’s not the strongest of the species or the smartest that survives. It is he who is the most adaptable to change.” You got to adapt to change. You’ve got to … We live in a world of transparency. That’s what social media is, guys. It’s people sharing. Sharing. Sharing themselves, their lives, what they’re doing, et cetera, and again, that’s going to give you a huge advantage if you can adapt as well. Okay. Creating content is key. Another way, I mean, essentially what big companies do. Coca Cola, for example. They create content, as well, but they put their content on TV, right? They have advertisements and commercials, and what they do, is they try to evoke emotion in some way to associate that to their brand. For example, Coca Cola years ago, they took Michael Jackson. They had him in a commercial. Michael Jackson, a lot of people associate a lot of positive emotion to his music, and everything. They associate that to Coca Cola. Big brands, they go after celebrities to endorse their products. Because then they can use their brand value to help build their brand, to have them represent their brand, so there’s things that these big corporations do. These big brands do that. They’ve got a very mainstream product that can really appeal to the masses, so there’s things that they can do that might not be as relevant for you, but in terms of online, creating content is the way to do it. That’s what I focus on. That’s how I built my business. Even if you’re publishing books online, on Kindle, I don’t care what business. I think every business can benefit from content. I don’t know which one can’t. By you creating it, you can attract people, and again, promote a book, promote a product, promote whatever. Whatever that might meet the person’s needs or be able to benefit from it. That’s how you build a brand, guys. Create content. That’s what I focus on. If you look at my business, that’s where I spend most of my time doing. It’s one of the most important skills, I think, you could have in your business, that I would not outsource. I would learn to improve it and master it, because you’re going to improve as time goes on, your ability to create content. That’s going to give you a huge advantage and help save you a lot of money, as well. However, you could build a brand by having other content creators, for sure. I know bloggers that have guest posters and contributors to their blog. You look at CNN, right? These news channels and stuff like that, these news websites, or Wikipedia, all based on contributors. Right? Journalists contribute to CNN. Wikipedia is tons of different contributors to that. You can build a brand without having to create the content yourself. You can outsource content, but again, quality content is going to be more expensive, or you could bring in content creators and build a brand that way. Many ways of doing it. That’s what I’ve done. That’s what I focus on. That’s what I try to teach and help people understand. A lot of this I teach inside my Affiliate Marketing Mastery Course, which is primarily focused on building a brand and how I built, be able to build my seven figure brand, Project Life Mastery, over the years and strategies that I teach and do for everything. Really, I’m very transparent in that program and share as much as I can in helping people to be able to do that, but I share a lot of it there. If you guys what to learn more, go to I’ve have a link below the description, but I’m going to end things here, guys. Hopefully, you enjoyed this video. Again, the mentality of building a brand, very important. Leave a comment below. Hit the thumbs up. I’ll see you guys in the next video. Take care.

Danny Hutson

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  1. Thanks for the motivation Stefan. The manufacturing of my first 500 units of stock (via Alibaba, which I will sell via FBA) is due for completion on Monday. I can't wait to build the brand

  2. Hey Stefan. From my perspective, this is some of the most solid advice I've heard from you. I'm a musician and I've studied and read articles about building a brand for yourself as an artist and for some reason none of it made all that much sense to me. It seemed like building a brand as a solo musician was not very attainable. But I can honestly say that I'm finally able to wrap my head around it after watching this video and I really can't thank you enough. This channel has by far been the most helpful channel I've found in….. maybe ever! Thank you so much!

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  4. Very true. Most businesses (almost every online businesses nowadays) are focusing on transactions only, instead of focusing on the relationship with their audience.

  5. One thing I've been trying to do to brand myself is use my real name and what I do right after it, so wherever I am online my name is Tim Aucoin Screenwriter.

  6. I really appreciate this information. I agree fully on the aspect of creating content first to help grow the band. Apparel, Services, etc will come once you understand what your brand has become.

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  10. You continue to dramatically impact my life, income and business year after year month after month my friend! Thank you mentor!

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