How to Browse Any Website without Internet for Offline Use

How to Browse Any Website without Internet for Offline Use

Hello Guys, This is Ravi SIngh from Techposts
and today in this video, i am going to show you how to browse any website without internet
connection for offline use. So this work around involves downloading the entire website when
you are connected to internet. And there are so many programs that help you facilitate
offline access to website like “POCKETS” which is available for Android, IOS and Mac. But
today i will be showing you How to use HTTrack Website Copier which is available for Windows,
Linux, Android, Mac OS and many other Operating system, debian and all. SO guys let’s start
with the tutorial. So first of all, Go to HTTrack website and
download it for your Operating System. Like i’m using Windows so i’ll be downloading Windows
64 bit version. Now we will install it. Click Next. Ok so
it’s installed, let’s launch the program. You can choose your Language. Ahhh, i will
be using English. Hit ok, now ahh, click Next and then ahh, enter the project name. you
can enter anything you can enter the website name or the blog name which you are downloading
for offline use like and then you can name the category and choose the location
where you want to save the files of the website or the blog. SO i will be choosing ahh c drive
my website folder click ok hit next now in the action dropdown you need to choose download
website and then click on add URL. Enter the URL of the website. Now click on Set options
and untick use proxy for FTP transfers. hit ok, next and then finally click on finish
button and it will start downloading all the pages starting from the first post to the
later on. it will download each and every linked page on the website one by one so it
will start from the latest post and then it will go to the last one. and we can stop this
process in between anytime, like i want to download only first fifty sixty pages of the
website i can stop once i reach my target so i’ll be stopping it,i’ll click on cancel
button and a popup will appear hit ok and it will display that it’s finishing the pending
transfers now to cancel it completely hit cancel again and hit ok now the process has
been stooped. So this is the mirrored website that has been downloaded to your system locally
and when you click on any link it will display like a normal website like you are visiting
a website on the internet. Now you can click on finish and you also later on open the HTTrack
and go to file and browse sites…. it will display a linked page in your default browser
with a link of the website you downloaded. you can click any link any post link any page
link to open it if you have downloaded it completely. Few links might not work because
it’s possible that those pages were not downloaded Now to delete the downloaded website data
go to files click on delete choose the backup site with the extension .whtt open it and
click OK and it will delete the website So guys this was all in this video i hope
you liked it and if you liked it please hit the
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Danny Hutson

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