How To Beat The Online Dating Game | Steve Harvey

How To Beat The Online Dating Game | Steve Harvey

– People don’t like online dating because it’s so many horror stories, but it’s a way to beat
the online dating game. You get a online profile. There’s a woman that comes on
my show called Bela Gandhi. The Bela Gandhi Dating Academy. She fixes your profiles. You ain’t gotta be out
here cleavage all out, (bleep) out, all that. Nobody want that (bleep). Somebody gonna call you for, setup for a hookup, and that’s it. You go online, 65% of marriages
today come from online. Here’s the deal, online dating, women, if you use it the right way. You don’t use it as a hunting tool. If you on there swipe right, swipe left. They gonna swipe right;
you gonna swipe right. He gonna (bleep), and then
he gonna forget about you. And he gonna go back next
week and swipe right. That’s what that is. You understand what Tinder is right? But if you go online, what you gotta do is increase your availability pool. If you go to the same church,
the same grocery store, and the same wherever you go, you gonna keep meeting the same men. If he ain’t there yet,
he ain’t coming there. So what online dating does, is it allows you to put up a nice picture, a nice profile, and it
increases your dating pool. Be careful with questions like, “What radius do you want a man to be in?” Don’t put no radius on there. You don’t know where your soulmate is. He could live in Georgia somewhere, but let me tell you something. If a man want you, his (bleep) is coming. It ain’t (bleep) you can do about. He coming. Distance has nothing to do
with it, and what it does is it makes more hunters know
that you’re available. Now this how you beat the
creeps on online dating. You got two phones. You got your regular iPhone that you have your family and friends in, and you go down to 7-Eleven, Walmart, and you buy one of them
prepaid card phones. You can’t do (bleep) on it but talk. That’s the number you give to him. If he’s an (bleep), you
let your minutes run out, you throw the phone away,
you get another one. All these new dating prospects, you keep on that phone right there. Until you get to the
point where you think, “Man, this guy might be special.” The next conversation
you have is a FaceTime. And you gotta FaceTime
in several locations so you find out it’s him, and that’s how you online date. Then when you meet a really decent guy, you do like this lady’s daughter told her. You meet at a public place,
you get seated in a place where you can spot his (bleep)
coming through the door. Now if he come through the door, and he ain’t the (bleep)
you was FaceTiming, you get up and act like
you going to the bathroom, go out the back door, get in
your (bleep) car, and go home. (crowd claps) And that’s how you beat online dating. That’s how it’s done. That’s how you online date, and you keep it a lot safer that way. Two telephones is the key.

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47 thoughts on “How To Beat The Online Dating Game | Steve Harvey

  1. 2:15
    that's true. the mental psyche of a new or a few guys on your personal or work phone does something to you and makes it hard to leave

  2. So Spot on!!! I Met my husband online and I've never been happier. He is my SoulMate and I'm so thankful to have found him <3
    Don't ever limit yourself by distance, Race or Age. It's the biggest mistake you could ever make.

  3. I love you Uncle Steve! Thank you so Much for giving us great advice in everything!! God God bless you sir! You have a niece here that appreciates your life advice! 🙏💙🤗

  4. The stigma behind online dating sucks. I'm Australian. I found my partner through Facebook and he was in New York. Happily married three years later!

  5. If you’re reading this You may have gone through a disappointment, something that took the wind out of you, but that didn’t surprise God. He knew every bad break, every injustice. Your greatest joys, your greatest victories, your greatest accomplishments are still in front of you.

  6. Steve loves to hear himself talk, and thinks people care. Here's some advice. Don't take relationship advice from somebody who's been married a have a dozen times.

  7. I met my Beautiful Bride online and we'll be blissfully married four years as of next month. For real.

  8. I thought this video would be Steve advising men on finding success in online dating seeing as women have no problems finding somebody online or in person for that matter but I should’ve known better than to think Steve would ever advise a man on anything useful

  9. Be different places and pass on online dating I fooled. Don't look for a man let him organically find you!

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