How To Be An Online Teacher – Teach Online and Offer Online Courses With eLearning

How To Be An Online Teacher – Teach Online and Offer Online Courses With eLearning

How to be an online Teacher?
Have you ever wondered if you should teach online or how to be a teacher online? In This video I’ll show you why you’ll want
to be an online teacher I will also talk about 3 things that can position you to offer online
courses for the next wave in elearning First let take a look at Why this is important:
The offering of Free online courses by universities through Massive Open Online Courses (sometimes
referred to as MOOC) has taken the stigma out of online teaching and learning. A reputable Technical College just announced
a Masters degree in IT. This costs only 20% of the normal fee and can be earned entirely
online. Online classes are now popular and accepted
in schools. Schools are using free and open-source e-learning software platform like moodle.
School teachers are authoring prerecorded videos for students to go through on their
own before classes so they can have more activity and discussion time in class. Self enrichment teachers, personal development
coaches, and business coaches are offering online training and webinars, whether they
are short online courses on or extended online programs. In fact working adults prefer this more flexible
mode of learning and Gen Y finds learning online very natural. Although still mystical to some more reputable
more and more Uni colleges, schools and independent enrichment teachers, tutors and coaches are
offering some sort of online courses. What can we teach online? Anything from business
and marketing to how to cook or computer languages, graphic design or even yoga. Teaching English
language online is very popular there are many online tutors. And business coaches have
been using online tools for years to deliver information products and real time coaching.
Why do you be an online teacher? There is raising demand for teachers, trainers
and tutors to offer online classes and it is wise to prepare yourself for this new trend
in education and training. Working adults need re training to keep up
with technology. These busy executives and workers can’t all take time to attend a 2
day workshop. How Do You Become An Online Teacher?
In some ways it is very similar to being an in home or private tutors, you still need
to be very well versed in the knowledge you want to impart, because we are talking about
serious quality online training here. If you are teaching English online having a ESOL
or CELTA certification helps You’ll still need to be passionate about the work you do
so you can inspire learners and help them in the learning process And in other ways it is quite different from
teaching in person bec you will be using a different mode of delivery, you will be using
the internet tapping into technology It is not about buying lots of gadgets, ipads
and tablets, not about using complicated lms or moodle or getting entangled in technology.
It is about using technology to enhance or complement learners who are increasing attracted
to and prefer this way of learning. There are 3 areas you need to pay attention
to. How do you become a teacher Design of Online Curriculum – Keep Learners
Interested Because your students are learners not physically
next to you as they learn, you need to make conscious effort to keep their attention span
and keep the training interesting. You need to interact with them by asking questions
or having quizzes, question, include games in your lesson plan. Production – Produce and Deliver Online Courses
You will also need to learn new Skills In Producing or Authoring The Online Lessons
or using online technology to communicate with your students. You will need to get comfortable
in front of the video or do screen casts like this. Delivery and Facilitation Online Courses And
Keep Learners Accountable Trainers, coaches and tutors will need to
learn how to encourage, interact, keep accountable and ensure students or trainees or coachee
understand concepts taught and have action plans to execute what they learn in a virtual
environment. This will be continuous professional development.
I talk about this in a recent TV appearance. You can go
to my site to check that out
there is also a blog post where I discuss these 3 elements in more details I also have a free report on how you can start
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28 thoughts on “How To Be An Online Teacher – Teach Online and Offer Online Courses With eLearning

  1. Great perspective and I agree with you 100% that this is the new wave. It's cost effective and most youth today are more comfortable with technology and the online world!

  2. Yea, the new generation finds it so natural to learn online. Ironically, it is the teachers and trainers who need to play catch up in this space …

  3. I have been learning in the online space for a number of years now, and it is the most efficient way to learn. Learning at your own pace and at your own time of convenience allows more people to participate.
    But getting the training/courses set up right requires some great tutoring by others who have done it.
    Keep up the good work Louisa!

  4. Online learning is definitely the wave of the future … its a great way to learn, even the universities promoting this as an alternative method. A friend of mine did her Masters at a university clear across the other side of the continent.

  5. Thanks Schalkz! Great to have a fellow teacher finding it interesting. Do you use this in your school?

  6. Thanks Mark for the encouragement. Taking the traditional curriculum and reading it through the microphone or recording it on video just won't work but unfortunately too many have fallen into the trap of thinking that elearning is about technology. The entire pedagogy is really quite different

  7. Indeed Valentina, Technology is enabling education and it is making distance learning more interactive and collaborative than when I did it!

  8. Glad you found it helpful and thanks for your comment, More great tips coming, have you subscribed to my channel?

  9. Don't know where I'd be without online learning. So many options of online teachers… It's awesome! Thanks for posting!

  10. Thanks for sharing Medilla10. Indeed, online education has enriched many people's life and I am excited to help more online teachers and tutors get online!

  11. Glad you like it, Rodelyn.
    Feel free to share this video with your Teachers, Tutors, Trainers friends …

  12. Thank you Louisa! How does tour course compare to the TESOL English courses offered here in Australia? Also, do you offer Certification at the completion of each course ? Thank You Again.

  13. Hi Mickey, thanks for asking. I can help you set up an online business teaching English from home without needing to invest in expensive systems and gadgets. At the end of my course you get the strategies and knowledge to teach online.

    I am however, not offering any TESOL certifications. Hope that helps!

  14. Thanks for sharing this information. I am a teacher and want to start teaching Spanish online. There are a lot to get informed and I hope to get more help on this  endeavour.

  15. Valentina Bellicova,I definetely agree that online learning it's a great way to learn and a good opportunity for students and teachers to develop themselves.As technology progresses and the world becomes more reliant upon Internet functions, I hope online learning will gain  more popularity and functionality.(KatyaSmile)

  16. David Perkins,I absolutely agree with you. I think people can learn the benefits of online courses from the video clearly and practice it personally(KatyaSmile).

  17. Hi, thanks for sharing helpful information. Would like to share with you that we provide online classes which are live and interactive.

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