How To Ban Comments On YouTube And Block Spammers 2017

How To Ban Comments On YouTube And Block Spammers 2017

How to ban comments on YouTube and block spammers
2017. In this video, I am going to show you how
to ban comments on YouTube and how to stop those negative spammers and trolls on your
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Let’s talk how to actually ban comments on YouTube. The joy of being able to ban these
comments is something that I discovered recently, is that you can create a channel that’s super
clean and your comments box becomes free from all the people asking for, “Sub for sub? Sub
me? Sub me!” people asking you to check out their content
and it can be a full time job for someone. Sometimes you might feel like you have to
hire someone to remove all of these comments for you.
I’ve seen this a lot on my own channel, I’ve also seen a lot of trolls on my channel, so
today I am going to show you a simple way to actually prevent that on your own channel.
To block spam comments and actually ban trolls from your channel; the first thing you are
going to need to do is log into your YouTube channel.
Once you are logged in you are going to go up to the top right hand side here, click
on your little picture and then go ahead and click on creator studio.
It is then going to open up this page here, with a number of columns down the left hand
side. Simply go and click on community. Then it’s going to show you any comments on
your channel. You can see here, here are all my published comments.
Here are any comments held for review and here is all the likely spam.
So, you can see another way of advertising your channel, people trying to promote themselves,
trying to do sub for sub. Obviously a few have slipped through the net.
Now to block people commenting on your channel any ‘spam for spam’, ‘sub for sub’ words or
other kinds or links we are going to into community settings.
In community settings, we have a number of filters. If you scroll down to the bottom
you will see the default settings. Here you can see comments on your new videos allow
all comments which is the default, hold all comments for review or disable comments.
You can choose, allow all comments or hold all comments for review but I wouldn’t recommend
disabling all comments. The reason for that is it’s a key indicator to YouTube as to how
valuable your particular video is. It also helps you to actually get your content ranked
in the YouTube search and you google search engine.
I wouldn’t disable comments altogether just chose one of the two options.
Just above that you can see blocked words. I’ve just cleared this out because I want
to show you how to add some blocked words in here. These are how you block a number
of different words that people use on your channel, these are words that people have
used on me, on myself on Facebook, on YouTube, any trolls or just spammers.
I am going to give you this in the description to copy into your blocked words box. Let’s
go and pull up these words. I’m just going copy these and paste them into this box here
just like that. As you can see;
Check out my channel, Sub for sub,
Shout out, Comment,
Like for and a number of words that people have used when spamming my channel. And some
more abusive ones just below that. Now, one word of caution here if you actually
put words in that people might use in a genuine comment they might actually slip through a
net and get held for review. So, it’s really important that you go and review any comments
that have actually been held and I’ll show you how to do that in just a minute.
Once you’re happy go ahead and click save and those changes have now been saved.
You will notice that I have a hidden user that I have just added in as well. Now this
hidden user is a serious spammer on my channel, you can also see anyone who is trolling your
channel appearing in here as well once you actually stop them from commenting on your
channel. You’ll see here comments from these users
won�t show up to hide users. Use the flag menu on the comments page. Let’s go and take
a look at that. If we go into comments you will see here,
under likely spam we have a number of spammy comments. Now I have a few options here, I
can approve them if they have slipped through the net by clicking the tick here. I can delete
them by clicking delete or I can click the little flag here. Under the flag we have two
options, report for spam or abuse. Whereas, the individual gets enough spam or abusive
reports reported to YouTube, it’s highly likely YouTube is going to take action on them.
Below that we have, hide this user�s comments on this channel. This is the feature you would
apply if they were being a troll on your channel of they were a serial spammer on your channel.
What I am going to do it click, hide this user�s comments on this channel.
‘Users comments will be hidden.’ We get a little notification. If I go back into community
settings you will see that this individual has now been added to the hidden user�s
box. Now, remember I said that some comments might
slip through the net of genuine comments that people are posting. They will actually be
held under this tab here, held for review. It’s not a problem, once you see any comments
that are held for review and they look genuine. You can simply go ahead and approve the.
That is how to ban comments on YouTube and your YouTube channel.
Now, If you are a business owner and you want to know to pick profitable topics to talk
about on your business, then what I have out together is a free PDF download for you to
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Have an amazing, amazing day and I look forward to seeing you soon for another video. Bye
for now.

Danny Hutson

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