How to apply USB OTG Cable – نقل البيانات

How to apply USB OTG Cable – نقل البيانات

We will talk today about usb cable we can connect flash memory to phone throw cable we can connect two phones togather and take data from phone and use it as memory card or flash memory Cable is very cheap you can found it in any mobile or computer shop We will try now to connect two phones togather old phone Smartphone we will try to connect phones and transfer data Now we connected phones togather our usb otg cable charger cable it will open as memory card on phone it will open alone just click on it click on usb storage you will see everything on other phone as memory card inside the phone for example press on blackberry files you will found your music and pictures and movies etc.. you can take all your data copy on your phone you can do same on other phone this our trial on two phones this very useful if you convert to new phone or to take data and you can’t found Pc or laptop We will try it now on Flash memory now we connected Flash memory to the phone we see it as we see from pc all files available you will found all your data Pdf or word you can connect mouse or keyboard to smartphone Thanks for watching

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