How to ACTUALLY Stop Wasting Time on the Internet

How to ACTUALLY Stop Wasting Time on the Internet

Hands on sacred books of your choice right now because I need you to be completely honest with both me and yourself. Is the act of you watching this very video on how
to stop wasting time on the internet part of a distraction loop you’ve gotten yourself caught into? Are you procrastinating
by watching a video on how to stop procrastinating? It had to be said cause I know after this video a bunch of people are gonna go down to the comments and point out the delicious irony in it all and hey I just wanted to be the first one. But seriously though if you want to stop wasting so much time on the internet and get back to work and cut down your procrastination that is what we’re gonna get into today cause I have learned a lot over the years on how to be more productive and resist the temptations of all my distractions and I have a lot of different tools and apps that I can point you to which will help you in that crusade. So to start this out let’s just talk about the tools that are probably gonna be the most immediately helpful to you which are website blocking
apps and extensions. Basically tools that simply don’t let you go to those distracting websites that your brain likes to meander over to when it doesn’t want to write its paper. And the one that I use
is called Cold Turkey. You may be familiar with this because in the last video I made I talked about an app
called Cold Turkey Writer. Now Cold Turkey Writer is a really draconian app that basically
turns your computer into a typewriter. It lets you do absolutely nothing except write until you’ve
hit a word count goal and I think that’s really really useful for when you’re hammering
out a first draft for essay or a research paper but sometimes you need greater
access to your computer. Maybe you need the internet for research and in those cases the
original Cold Turkey is really really useful. The things that I really like about Cold Turkey are number one, it is cross platform. It’s got Mac and PC versions and as a Mac and PC guy it means that I can use it
across both of my systems. Number two, while there is a paid version that costs about $25 and
has some advanced features, there is also a free version that is more than adequate
for most people’s needs. The process of using Cold Turkey is really really simple. First you define a list of websites that you want to block and then you create a time window in which you want to block them. Once you hit go on that timer, between now and the end time you selected you absolutely cannot visit any of the websites you selected. This is the reason I
really like Cold Turkey because it is really really
difficult to circumvent. I mean, yeah if you know
pseudo nano etc hosts or something you could
probably figure it out but for the most part you’re not gonna be able to turn off the blocker and distract yourself during the work time and this is where it shines over extensions like
StayFocused or DistractOff. These things are kind of hard to disable but for the most part you could pretty much figure it out if you really really wanted to. Now Cold Turkey is definitely not the only option out there for website blocking software. There’s also things like Hey Focus, FocalFilter, Freedom, SelfControl and many others and you
can compare their features to figure out which one works best for you but I will say if you’re having problems with getting distracted and wasting a lot of time online I think this is the first
thing you should do. It’s just like somebody who is trying to go on a diet and stop eating junk food. The first thing that person should do is get the junk food out of their house. Remove access to the temptation so that way you just
literally can’t go for it. And speaking of temptations
I know that some of you and you know exactly who you are, don’t stop at just websites when it comes to finding ways to distract yourself. Maybe you have a Steam account with hundreds and hundreds of games you could jump into. Maybe you’re addicted to the Pokemon Online trading card game. Whatever it is sometimes you need a way to lock down more parts of your computer than just the browser. If you count yourself among that group then you have several different options for fixing that problem. The first one is to upgrade to the premium version of Cold Turkey because it can actually
block full applications in addition to websites and that’s a really useful feature. But you don’t have to get Cold Turkey’s premium version to do this because there are other options and I’m gonna list three here in varying degrees of extremity. First is simply create a work account on your computer which you
use when you’re working. And this will be an account where you don’t have access to your games, you don’t have access to any fun programs, you only have access
to your work software. If that’s not enough of a barrier and you find yourself logging back in to your personal account
to distract yourself well number one, you
could let a trusted friend to set a random password to your personal account and only type it in when you’re allowed to take a break or you could simply use a different computer for your work. If you’re on a college
campus or you have access to a computer lab or
a library computer lab you could do your work there on a different computer that literally doesn’t have any of your favorite software on it. If even that isn’t enough then it’s time to come to my finally solution which is to simply ask yourself do you even need to use a computer? If you’re writing a paper
or doing some research maybe go hit the books in the library or go back to pen and paper and just sketch some stuff out, do some hand writing and then come to the computer only when you need it. So now you know about some tools that could prevent you from getting distracted
in the first place. But what do you do when
you’re currently distracted and you realize that
you’re procrastinating. Well here’s exactly what I do and it really boils down to a simple step by step mental process that goes on in my brain. First I basically acknowledge that yes I’m distracted,
I’m procrastinating, I’m doing something that
I shouldn’t be doing. Then I ask myself okay what is the exact next step I need to take on whatever it is I’m
supposed to be working on. Once I have that in my brain, I commit to getting rid of everything in my environment, browser tabs, computer programs, stuff on my desk, everything that isn’t related to that one task and once I’ve done that it’s time for a Pomodoro session. I set a timer for 25 minutes, I tell myself I’m going to work on only that next step for 25 minutes and if I finish it I’ll move on to the next one after
that and then I hit go and get back to work. I’ve found that the Pomodoro technique is really really useful for disengaging from distracted web browsing sessions because sometimes I’m just unmotivated and that’s the reason that
I’m wasting time online. So if I can motivate myself by defining a very concrete specific task and then defining an exact amount of time I’m gonna work on then
that’s really helpful for me. Now there is one more
really important thing that I want to say before
I close this video out. Yes the internet is an incredibly powerful distracting force and there are thousands of companies that are pouring zillions of dollars and man hours into designing platforms and systems designed to exploit your
short term sensibilities and distract you. I mean you’re watching this video on one of them and by consequence it could be pretty helpful to basically arm your brain with weapons
against these systems. The roadblocks, the website blocking apps, these are all tools that could be really helpful for increasing
your brain’s ability to push out these distractions and temptations and to focus. But remember this isn’t just about blocking distractions out. This is about building a stronger brain because your ability to focus and pay attention to block
out these distractions that ability is like a muscle and it has to be trained and when you throw it into just this complete distracting environment where all the websites that distract you are just a click away it doesn’t have the ability to get trained. So these tools should be
thought of as training wheels. They’re tailoring an environment in which your brain
actually has the ability to grow stronger. But someday your brain can actually cast off these tools and operate within the greater environment while still pushing out distractions and getting great work done. And that should be your overall goal. So now that you have your mission in mind and the tools with which to achieve it, the next step is simple. Get to work. Don’t click any of the related videos to the side or down below or wherever they are just simply get into your next task. Now if you do happen to
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  1. Oh my aunt and brother used those restrictive apps it's mostly done because they re kids didn't get there homework done in school but i dont need but ty . I do read book when my device is charging it's a spy book I also read when internet is going on and off like a lighthouse or retro games or exercise my nieces likes old Michael Jackson records too my mom into weight watcher s and my dad into rc trucks and helicopters my fb friend she's very into the holidays . My fortune cookie said dont get burned out to succeed so i have to get bedrest too . I'm trying to get my playlist done for the holidays but my mom watches nephews and nieces and my sis gets the presents so I'm busy too YouTube ray w Penn jr what I find

  2. Hahahahaha I do watch videos like this while procrastinating, but I figure it was worth it if it will stop me from going on Facebook in the long term. So I took a hit. ??

  3. No, I'm not procrastinating by watching this. It was actually hard to click on this video. Hard to watch without clicking away. But I need to work on my problem. You see, I have no willpower. But I lost weight and got really fit. I did it by tricking myself. That wasn't so hard. So I KNOW I can change my habits. But somehow, not procrastinating is much, much harder. In fact, I think my getting fit was partly an elaborate form of procrastination.

  4. haha… i wasted just a few hours… not gonna watch this till end, im just deleting the yt app… so if i really have to know something ill have to visit the website…. as simple as that

  5. In short (this is my version, not the brief of the video) … Install a Pomodoro timer on your phone, wake up early and do not turn on wifi; start work/study/etc.. untill you finish it .. if you need internet, try to set a timer for yourself and turn off notifications so that you don't get distracted when you go online. while on Pomodoro breaks, go outside; pee or drink water; exercise or talk to other people; but DO NOT PUT ANYTHING INTO YOUR MIND like watching a youtube video or the news or memorizing etc… live the age before technology as much as you can and study

  6. But what if you have a playlist on YouTube and when you decide to play it, they recommend stuff to you that you have a hard time resisting

  7. I always get annoyed when I use a website blocker then I either go to the app and unblock it or I just sit there staring at it.

  8. Hi Thomas,
    I don't have a computer, I study on tab .Please give me some guidance. I am struggling to concentrate and keep going back to youtube to watch videos that I don't really need to. Please help.And are there any apps available on playstore which can come to use?

  9. i came here because i can't control myself from watching a video on YouTube which affect my grades completely my goal is not to stop watching video but rather control it because every time i see a video i say that i would start in 15 minutes and then another 15 minutes and it continues and in the end i find myself haven't done anything so why i choosed to find solution is because i have some important exams and starting from next year i have some serious exams that are gonna decide my entire life so i want to start controlling it so i don't have to do this in the middle of the year.

  10. All I do all day is play roblox and fortnite on my computer. I legit don't leave my house or my room I have a serious problem..

  11. Amazing software, "FocusMe". Full of features and intuitive design. Finally I have FocusMe as my personal coaching tool that overseas what I do with my time. I have been so much productive with it, it’s unbelievable. I think this tool should be installed in both Windows and Mac systems. A must have tool. Don’t know why I didn’t know about it earlier. Big thanks to FocusMe development company.

  12. Well The Good News is That I am no Longer a Wiki/Fandom Contributor And to be hones, I am actually relieved and glad too

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