How to activate your Norton Online Backup

Hi, welcome to Norton support. In this video you will learn how to activate the online backup feature in your Norton product. You can easily protect your important files by regularly back them up. Norton Online Backup is considered the most secure backup choice available as Norton uses state of the art encryption to transfer your data to its data centres. By backing up your files to
Norton’s data centers they are available to you even if your PC crashes Your Norton product subscription generally comes with an allotment that secure online storage space of 25 GB for each Norton product key However the storage space differs based on the product and regions. You can share this online storage space among your computers with a backup program installed. If the space is insufficient you can purchase additional online backup storage space at any time. Now let’s see how to activate the online backup feature. Open your Norton product Double-click Backup and then click Backup sets. Click the Where tab. Now choose Secure
Online Storage and click this link. Sign in using Norton account credentials Make sure you use the same Norton account that you used to activate your Norton product. The online backup feature in your Norton product is now successfully activated you can follow the same steps on your other computers to share the secure online storage space. Thanks for watching. For more information visit

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