How to Access your Router from Outside Network

How to Access your Router from Outside Network

Hi there, this is mrinal once again
And in today’s video I will show you
How to access your home router from another network So let’s get started — Ok, so let’s assume
That I’m out of town Sitting in nice coffee shop And for some reason
I want to access my home router. So here is how it’s going to look like
I’ll take my phone, turn on mobile data; Then open any web browser of my choice
And type in a special URL And there we go —
As you can see I can access my router
Even though I’m in a different city. Now, Mrinal this is cool,
If you are geek But why would any average person would do
that? What is the use of it? Well surprisingly this is useful
Even for an average users. For instance — Say you are parent who wants to check
if your children are playing games on their PC,
instead of doing their homework. Then you can go to the DHCP client list and
See the list of connected devices. Similarly,
if you live with roommates, Then you can remotely find out,
Which one of your friends are at home Since the smartphone will auto connect to
saved network. Or if you see your neighbour stealing your
WiFi Then you can disconnect them remotely
Even when you are not at home And finally,
If your router supports a USB drive (like this one)
Then you can connect your external hard drive to it
And access its content from all around the world I do this all the time,
When I away from my workstation Now at this point many of you may be thinking
Well, this can easily be achieved by running remote desktop software like teamviewer,
Right? So, why play with router? And well the biggest advantages of using this
method is If you are using software like teamviewer,
Then you’ll have to keep your computer ON the entire time But the router is always ON.
Plus you don’t have to install any software on either devices.
All you have to do is, change simple settings. Now, It take less than a minute to set this
up. But before we look into that,
First, you need to understand what actually going on here. So let’s consider a typical home network.
There are some devices which is connected to the internet
with a router. Now as we know,
whenever you connect a device to internet It’s assign an IP address. Now, in this case the public IP address
will be assign to your router. And your router will assign local IP address
to every device. Now, here comes the interesting part.
Anytime you want to access your router from inside your network
you will type, the router ip address from the connected devices. However, if you want to access your router
from outside You can type the your
public IP address followed by remote control port no which is 8080. But there are two problem
Which are stopping us to do that. One,
as a part of security measures. every router,, by default
turn OFF Remote access And Two,
most home users are assigned dynamic IP address which means, every time you restart your router,
your public ip will change. Now, if you want to overcome this problem,
you’ll have to solve these two problem. I.e. Turn on remote sharing on your routers.
Figure out a way to bypass dynamic ip address problem,
we will use dynamic dns for that. So let’s see how to do that.
One by one Part 1: Turn ON remote sharing This is one pretty easy, Login to your router by typing the default
gateway IP address. (if you don’t know what it’s, open cmd
or terminal and type in command on the screen) The ip address next to your gateway, is your
router’s ip address You need to type this in a browser Next enter your username and password.
(again if you don’t know what the username and password are, then ask the person Once you are in, you may find your router
interface different from mine. But the basic remain the same. Here, you have to look for
the option which says remote sharing. Mine was under system tools. But if you don’t
know where your settings are, you can always look for it in the router documentation. I
did the same. Once there, simply enable remote management
and save changes. By default the port no. is 8080, but as a security measure you should
change it. And also your login credentials, or anyone can login to your network with a
simple brute force attack. Now, let’s check it.
I’ll use my mobile data, to make sure i am on different network
Then type in my public ip address:8080 (which is the port no for remote access)
and I am in my router page. But there is one small problem,
how will I know my public ip address when I am not in the home
Since it’s dynamic, it’ll change everyday. So let’s solve that. PART 2: Setup up dynamic DNS Now,
there are several companies that provide this services
and usually, your router company has tie up with some them and the best way to select which service to
choose, is by checking which serves is supported by
your router by default So, login in to your router and look for an
option which says Dynamic dns. If it’s not there
Which is highly unlikely But say, if it’s not there
Then you can download Ip updater software
And then put in on computer which is turn ON most of the time. In my case, my router supports
dyndns and noip. Now since, dyndns is paid only now.
So I will go with no ip. And, by looking at the interface,
I can tell, all I need is domain name, and username and password. So let’s do this, by registering with services. Go to and create a free account.
Then add a new host name select a domain name of your choice,
if you want to use a custom domain name then you will have to pay for it.
so let’s go with the free subdomain for now. You can also download ip updater software
from here Now, copy your domain and paste it your router
settings also enter your username and password that
you use to login to that service And that’s it.
Now if you save changes you can use the domain name to login to your
router. No need to remember those complicated ip address
and no need to worry about its dynamic nature either. Now, if I want to see my router from a different
network all I have to do is,
type in my domain name that i have used in noip follow by the port no
for remote access Well, this all for now
Like always, Give this video a thumbs, leave a comment
and subscribe If you find this video helpful. And also check out these other videos on networking So, it’s all for now
And like always thanks for watching.

Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “How to Access your Router from Outside Network

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  4. HELP ?
    TP LİNK Archer C5v AC1200 root password ?
     TR-069 protocol I have to close PlEASE CAN YOU HEKO ME
     Picture attached :
    Model number: Archer C5v
    Software Version:v1.7_180918
    Hardware Version:Archer C5v v1 00000000

  5. I got a new router, and it is for some reason unable to connect to the ISP via PPPoE. I therefore instead use DHCP, and log in on the ISP's page from my system instead. I am able to do most browsing with this arrangement, but unable to clone git repositories, or installing Python from my Ubuntu system. This worked when I connect the computer directly to the Internet without the router, and used to work with my old router. Could you help me either fix the PPPoE issue or the issue preventing git or pip connecting via the new router?

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    I have TPLINK AC1200 Router.

    This is my setup
    Its for my church
    In ground floor there is an organization with ACT internet connected to there cisco router directly from ACT ISP Switch (fiber to copper)
    Now the problem is in that switch (ACT) only 1 port is configured for the internet other are disabled and ISP told can't enable 2 ports for one connection.
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    What setting I have to do for Cisco router (GF)
    And Tplink router (FF) .

    More than that how to create absolutely free DNS Services cause I created one with NOIP
    It says expire in 28 days.

    If I open any ports in primary router does any of the server connected to it will be show in public unless we enable will it be hidden. (Cause Organisation people are little scared about enabling ports for secondary router to go through. We're the data also will move with that

    I know it's long explanation please help me with the solution .


    My ID [email protected]
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  17. It is not a good idea to expose your routers admin page to the internet. You should look into hosting a small vpn server, for example on a raspberry pi. That would be much less stupid.

  18. You said that this method is better than using teamviewer because teamviewer would require you to always have software running on the machine which may not always be on, but then in Part 2, you state that this "better" method requires you to download a software on your computer that is usually on, that's contradictory and I don't see how that is really different than just using teamviewer

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