How to access your My Health Record online

My Health Record
is an online summary of your key health information. Your health information can be
viewed securely online from anywhere at anytime, by you
or your healthcare providers. If you wish to access and manage
your My Health Records securely online, you can do so
through myGov. From the My Health Record website
click ‘Sign in to myGov’. myGov is a secure way to access
government services online. If you don’t have a myGov account
click ‘Create an account’ and follow the steps to register. If you already have one you can
link it to your My Health Record. Start by signing in to
your myGov account. Click ‘Services’, then click the
link button for My Health Record. You will now be asked
to verify your identity. You can use details about your
Medicare record or an access code. If you have already verified your
identity to access Medicare online you may not need to provide
all the information to access your My Health Record. Enter your personal details,
including your… ..Medicare number…… of birth… ..and address. Click ‘Next’. On the next page add more details
to confirm your identity, this could include your BSB number
and your GP details. If you need help to
verify your identity you can contact the Helpline,
they can give you an access code. Enter it here. Enter your name, date of birth
and relevant details. And click ‘Next’. You will now see your Welcome to
My Health Record home screen. You are now ready to start managing
your health information online. The first time
you access your record there might be little
or no information in it. Watch our videos
to learn more about how to use your
My Health Record. My Health Record. Your health record, in your hands.

Danny Hutson

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