How To Access The Internet In Cuba

hi guys okay so I want to talk to you about the internet here in Cuba at the current time because it’s changing rapidly so right now internet access is limited to hot spots and hot spots are set up in parks squares or hotel lobbies there is no internet in hotel rooms you’ll come to a park like this and you’ll see that there are people all over using the Internet no matter where you go online you do need to buy access from the government telecommunications company Etecsa so you buy these little cards li ke scratch offs it used to be five dollars or so for an hour price has gone down a little bit maybe 250 or three dollars now but when you talk about the internet here and you talk about five dollars an hour gotta remember that the average monthly income is between twenty and twenty five dollars here so if you buy a five dollar Internet card that’s a big chunk of your monthly income and so it’s not priority it’s not really possible for a lot of people when you have to buy food and other things as a Cuban there are a lot of things that you don’t have access to once you do get online that’s not because of the Cuban side is because of the embargo so for example they can’t get into the App Store the rumor here is that the government will be expanding internet access to people’s homes in the near future you’ll pay based on the speed you want and I think the highest speed is going to be around 150 or so dollars a month that is still incredibly expensive and I’ve heard that the access will be limited to about 30 maybe 50 hours a month it is a step in the right direction though and it is a step to opening up information for the Cuban people

Danny Hutson

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