How the Internet Normalized Donald Trump and Impacted American Politics

How the Internet Normalized Donald Trump and Impacted American Politics

So in Europe we’re fascinated with your
election – Hillary and Trump. Goodness. And everybody that you talk to says well how
is Trump being so successful? Why on earth are people tolerating sexist,
racist, hate speech? And there’s a good answer for it. I wrote a piece recently for Time and I discussed
why Trump is having the sort of success that he’s having at the moment. And it comes down to one thing. Trump is a troll that has jumped off the internet
and into the real world. And the reason that so many people are tolerant
of his extreme statements, this name calling, this horrible, nasty, even sadistic behavior
is because the online environment has normalized this type of behavior. In cyberpsychology we point out that what
happens in the cyber world impacts on the real world. What happens in the real world impacts on
the cyber world. And this is certainly true in terms of Trump’s
behavior. There’s a great study titled Trolls Just
Want to Have Fun and you should read it because it talks about the dark tetrad of personality. The study found that people who say that they
like to troll actually score high on an index that measures Machiavellianism, an index that
measures psychopathic traits, an index that measures narcissistic traits and sadism. And the study found that trolling was a manifestation
of everyday sadism. And election aside I know it’s important
but I’m more concerned about a bigger issue. The issue is that people like me spend our
time trying to teach kids to be nice to each other online. But it’s very hard for us to win that battle
when politicians use cruelty and sadism as a strategy and appear to gain ground because
of it. So cyberspace is an environment. It’s somewhere where you go. It’s an immersive environment – chat room,
forum, it’s a place. And what happens there is that behavior can
become normalized. So as human beings we’re social creatures
and we learn from others. So if it appears that everybody is doing something
it can seem that it’s okay. And it’s become very difficult with the
pervasive penetration and accessibility of the internet to draw the line between something
that’s an evolving behavior and that’s become almost a social norm. And sadly online trolling has become almost
a social norm. The problem is when that behavior cyber migrates
into the real world. And Trump and the way he behaves is a classic
example of cyber migration.

Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “How the Internet Normalized Donald Trump and Impacted American Politics

  1. Big Think should have instead done a video on why the left is so ignorant with issues people face in real world. This lady what be a great example.

  2. Oh wow! Maybe a problem if you cite only one study and fail to take a multidisciplinary approach and compensate for bias. Still pretty interesting.

  3. Everyone on the "cyber" internet knows how to get rid of a troll… DON'T FEED THE TROLL! (non "cyber" speek: don't give a troll attention.)

    So why is Trump so successful? because he gets a shit ton of attention because the "non cyber" people haven't learned this yet.

  4. You have it all wrong, Dear. Trump is NO TROLL, but expresses how many of us feel, without trying to be "politically correct" (which in the final analysis means corrupt). What makes ignorant voters hateful towards him is not understanding what is good for the country and it's people. I want a leader who is capable, not necessarily "politically correct", and does not have to steal from me (like the Clintons have done for too many years). Honest, strong feelings should not have to be hidden, and Trump tells me how he feels. Even if I did not like him as a person, it would be smart to have him as a leader, since he would successfully compete on my behalf. That is what leaders are for!
    I do not need friends who keep smiling at me while I already can feel their dagger in my back.
    Anything to prevent those Clinton crooks from stealing more from us and selling favors to real criminals for millions to enrich themselves.
    No more Clintons – GO TRUMP, GO!

  5. Its so sad to see americas evolution. woo, you give em the right to be lazy, unintilligent, bullying, chaosdriven and unserious creatures, and soon they are the ones controlling the votes.

    Trolling is a RIGHT but fucking hell man, just because one has the right, you dont NEED to be stupid. but how can one blame em? its easier to be stupid than to be something else ..

    have a great anarchy or fascist time over there..

  6. Does art imitate life or does life imitate art. That debate has been around since before the word cyber was around. Way to repackage an already intelligent question as being original thought.

  7. How about no.

    The premise is dumb and flawed. How about some of our species is rotten regardless internet. Does she seriously want me to buy in to fact people weren't spiteful, hateful, manipulative assholes before the internet, cause stats don't agree with that notion. You can easily argue the internet does bolster the real problem more, but we were shitty long before the internet came about.

    Trump was like this in the 80s/90s as various videos show. So how does she go about explaining that? I think most would agree how about you talk about our media who isn't useless but dangerous cause they act as nothing more instigators of chaos in this election instead of fact checking 2 horrible candidates.

  8. the real problem is, children are without wisdom or consequence and therefore can not act on or learn from them.

    if a concequence is bad most children are sheltered from it.
    like when a child has directly caused a "bad" consequence, is then sheltered from it, they learn nothing.

    i.e. if a kids being a twat to his peers they used to get a sound beating, social exclusion etc untill they learned.
    nowadays physical violence and social exclusion are frowned upon. so the "twat" kids learns nothing and continues to act inappropriately.

    its a matter of fact some learn by reading, some by doing.
    proof, words will work on some but not on others
    actions works on some but not others.

    like the poor children that are not told to "stop clapping" at everything due to fear of being called a "spaz abuser" (or somethng to that effect). when in actual fact the clapping act is the main limiting factor to the rest of the child possible interactions and social learning opportunities.

    there were three kids in my school one "clapper" and two "seal noise makers" and untill i directly told them their one "special activity" was the reason they were ostrasized by their peers.
    funilly enough as soon as the took on baord what i said they began to intergrate and have a happier experience.

    all people need to learn certain lessons in life. limiting consequence, limits learning.

  9. take a look at benign violation as an explanation of comedy.
    works/fits wonderfully. but highlights something terrible.

    we laugh to say something is benign rather than a violation to be feared.
    all good and well, but say if its a joke about someone being hit by a car, or someone getting shot, or somone being raped, or a house falling on a person etc

    are those things something we should really see as benign?
    becuase they are not and a hope never will be.

    i think were loosing the capacity as a society to percieve what is and isnt benign

  10. I literally could barely get past :52 into the video due to the overwhelming smug entitled and preachy vibe she has…….triggered me…also, speaking from a cyber position, my study of your video shows that the index of narcissism is alarmingly high on this video.

  11. Must be those damn deplorables, Illary says that they're using this dank new nazi frog meme to peddle their white supremacy to the masses.

  12. This is stupid. Trump supporters mainly consist of older people who aren't familiar with the Internet. The Internet hasn't brought out anything in humanity, it simply highlights what has always been there.

  13. Lady what the hell is with your creepy obsession with slandering the internet? Mainstream newspapers and TV have been giving him orders of magnitude more coverage than other candidates. See a therapist. Maybe they can figure out why you think the internet is responsible for literally everything, facts be damned.

  14. Ok lady you need to shut the fuck up. Donald Trump isn't arising from cyber migration, he's not a troll, his speech isn't normative. He arose from a fearful conservative white middle class. He's far from a troll, in fact, because that psychopathic imbecile is dead serious when he says he wants to build a wall, that women are dogs, and that all Muslims should be feared. A troll is such that they feed on other people's reactionary tendencies, but they don't actually care or have tangible views on the matter. A troll jokes, Trump is no joke. Let's not pretend interment memeism brought the republican voters to elect him as the nominee. His statements and bigotry hasn't been normalized, it's been incentivized as a response to fear mongering of minority populations. Trolls are trivial, this cake faced idiot isn't. I hate him and what he's reducing the political process to. Don't make him a joke like an Internet troll, I'm sorry but he stopped being a joke long ago.

  15. It gets me when the obvious is ignored. This is a simple case of honesty. Trump is favored simply because he says what he sees and feels and comes off as the friend or partner everyone hopes to have. The kind of friend who will never keep secrets from you. This is old fashioned human decency at play and this is the appeal. In my opinion people are tired of the secrecy society controlling their destiny and are willing to overlook Trumps unorthodox methods to restore control. Its the peoples attempt to restore transparency and simplicity to a highly secretive and complex system.

  16. What a lot of people don't want to accept is this: Trump was voted for. He is going to continue to be voted for, and they can't understand because they see and hear the racism, misogyny, and overall lack of class & substance. What they fail to realize is that his constituency see no problem in any of this. He is a reflection of of what is valued by a portion of the American population. We can only hope that this portion of the American population continues to decline.

  17. Yes, yes Trolling = Sadism. This "cyber-psychology" field seems like another new-age joke akin to gender studies. Not to mention these people label everyone that disagrees with them a "Troll", it's a term that like many others (abuse, rape, …) , lost its meaning because certain people abused it for their politics.

  18. And here I thought Trump was just getting somewhere with his campaign because he represents the single, solitary, slim sliver of hope of a change for a massive population that's sick of a government that can't control its spending, preaches unity between races and sexes while setting policies that drive a wedge between them, spies on its citizens, lies, takes bribes, breaks promises and hates its own people. What a fool I've been!

  19. What a clueless, regressive bimbo. Trump has never said anything racist and he does not speak hate speech. Just because he is down to earth with the common man and doesn't like how this country is turning does not make him a monster. Not everything is puppies and rainbows, immigration and job loss needs to be addressed.

  20. This is jackshit.

    The real world and the cyber one are not the same.

    What you are saying is basically the age old debate that GTA makes you want to murder pedestrians while talking selfies of yourself crapping on the local police stations welcome mat.

    You don't fucking do that.
    Unless you have an unstable psyche, or in this case your IQ is equal to that of the great mighty twat Donald Trump.

    The only reason he is getting votes is because people are fed up with previous bullshit and they are only given the choice between the 70 year old baby and…. whatever the other one is, now that is the truly scary part.

    Now shut up about all your "It's the Internet's fault!" bullshit.

    It's USA's fault and you can't fix it unless you see that.

  21. No. Trump is what happens when frustration reaches a level in which people go for a desprate option w/o looking at the facts. Because nothing works well so far ppl will try Trump.

  22. So Donald Trump is an internet troll that decided to run for president? I doubt the man has ever had enough free time to troll anyone. He is the manifestation of a society sick of putting up with bullshit. Plain and simple.

  23. Corporate Colonist Party. The crimes against the Libyan people by the Corporate Colonist Party should not be overlooked. On November 8 you are requested to pull a lever to power the political economy.

  24. I'm no fan of Trump and agree that he makes racist and sexist remarks, but the argument made in this video of normalisation in cyberspace is flawed

  25. Machiavellian, narcissistic, and psychopathic traits are often found on people in politics. Do we need to be worried about them too, or is is just something we should be worried online? Better just not pay attention to them, they have real power, instead we should be worried about a bunch of frog posters, and by that, I mean we should be hysterical about them. Lest the people who command the people with the guns come knocking.

  26. The reason Trump is popular is not because people are tolerant or supportive of Trump's behavior, but because the entire thing is a giant media scam to get people talking about and clicking on articles about the elections, generating ad revenue for media outlets that cover the elections.
    The US elections are, right now, a business controlled by various media corporations looking to make money off the drama of it. Capitalism at it's finest.

  27. Absolute nonsense.
    The reason Trump got nominated is because the average person is a gullible, uninformed mouth breather and the stupidest of them all are the ones that show up to vote.

    This video is like parents blaming video games and rock music all over again.
    And it's coming from a middleaged woman. No surprise here.

  28. The reason we "tolerate hate-speech" is because here, in the states, we have an amendment right granting everybody the right to speech, no matter how much we disagree. So no, we wont tolerate your Machiavellian, Narcissistic, psychopathic, illiberal hate-speech laws here.

  29. Absolute rubbish, people are just sick of the political correctness. The internet has just allowed more people to see past the lies and hypocracy. What were seeing world wide in politics is a disentian movement against the established rulership. The reason this is occuring is that said rulership has not been able to propagandise sufficiently because they dont understand how to do so online. I do honestly wonder if its possible due to adblockers and sheer option of media choice.

    Newspapers are dead, TV is dying, Propaganda and media control mechanisms are fucked, which means so are the clasic leadership class.

  30. lol trump trolling the establishment and political correctness along with bringing a better business sense then our entire gov't put together is the whole point of his candidacy

  31. While I find the topic to be valid and one of great interest, I do think there are better ways then this for big think to flaunt bias. As a side note I find it funny that those traits of sadism and Machiavellianism are precursors to success in business and politics and people only seem to notice when they see the opposition doing it.

  32. Both Hilga and trumper are fucking idiots… "If Trump and Hilary are stranded on a boat in the middle of the ocean who survives? America. America survives"

  33. Wait wait – what the fuck is this separation of 'cyberworld' and 'real world'? There is no separation – the shit that goes on online is happening in the real world. It's not like the internet is some place outside reality, dude.

  34. "Political vacuum" is something I would have liked to hear discussed on this topic. Otherwise, good–very interesting.

  35. wow its really rare that i cant watch a video to the end – especially such short ones
    i made it to 1:36
    i feel terrible now
    probably developed all sorts of cancers

  36. This is the problem with "free" speech. When people talk shit and talk about just anything they want without consequences you get a bunch of uncivilized fools making insults and name calling. That is what that has normalized. The problem lies not with Trump but the baseless ideologies that fooled everyone into thinking there is such a thing as "free" in the world, and that democracy is the absolute righteousness as if it would still work in a country full of uneducated bunch of fools.

  37. Boring video, I now think less of Big Think for publishing such rubbish, the internet does not control the elections, so don't blame the world for what is happening in America you pathetic children.

  38. Big Think and all the other yt publishers can choose to turn off the comment section and save everyone the headache of trolls. They don't because the short term gain of getting more traffic from divisive on-line speech is more valuable to them then the long term goal of a civil society.

  39. It's disgusting how many viewers of this channel support Trump.
    Goes to show that knowledge and wisdom can be right in front of your damn face, if you aren't open to absorbing it, you're just wasting time.

  40. Person who believes in possibility of strong AI will talk about Donald Trump? LOL. God damn, rename the channel to "Small Think".
    1. Person do not have enough intelligence to assess the data in accurate manner.
    2. Person is "cyberpsychologist", that term by itself is oxymoron. There is no such thing as X-psychology, there is just "psychology" and it covers human behavior in all areas, and that's it, cyber is not separate from non-cyber, it is connected and iseparable.
    3. Person is talking about trolling, and where they score high, well, here is the thing, trolls score high on index that measures intelligence (no matter how flawed tests are).
    4. She don't even know what trolls are, she confuses trolls to rude people, and that only complete idiot can do.

    In short, thos hoe is dumb xD/

  41. cyberworld is not just one entity. there are different groups online. the social media groups with variations between them, the twitter users vs the instagram users, facebook vs linked-in etc. the bloggers with their videos on youtube and the musicians on soundcloud to the extremities of the dark web and not to mention kinky hardcore pornography. All very different sub-cultures with very different attitudes and mannerisms. the online behavior is different and cannot be lumped into one simple type.

  42. The answer to your initial question is that people who support Trump aren't sexist and racist. The more you people try to shove that false narrative down everyone's throats, the more we'll win. So keep it up! ?????

  43. Great analysis! I'm not an American nor I live or ever lived in the US – but I think that everything what is happening there influences the whole world.

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