How Strict Are China’s Censorship Laws?

How Strict Are China’s Censorship Laws?

In 2000, President Bill Clinton said China’s
attempts at internet censorship were “like trying to nail Jell-O to the wall”. But
actually, China’s authoritarian government has proven very adept at censoring the internet
and other media. So what do they restrict? Well, anything that questions or threatens
the ruling Communist Party of China, including any political, religious, and cultural information.
This applies to free speech, state and foreign media, in print and online. Internet search
results for terms like “democracy”, “revolt”, or “student strike” are allegedly blocked.
Even information about politically-charged events like “Tiananmen Square” is restricted
because it shows a side of history that the government wants to suppress. Chinese internet doesn’t look like the rest
of the world’s internet. It’s more like a closed-off bubble where only state-run websites
and a few heavily-censored foreign sites are allowed to operate. Facebook and Twitter aren’t
allowed in China, because of their alleged ability to “spread rumors”. Western news
websites like the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal have also been blocked for
their reports mentioning Chinese officials. Even Google search is currently blocked in
China, after struggling with their censorship rules for years. Additionally, all pornography
has been illegal since 1949, including online. China has nine government censorship agencies,
employing a reported 2 Million people as of 2013. Programs which block IP addresses, reset
connections, and filter web addresses are part of an overarching blockade referred to
as the “Golden Shield”, or, “the great firewall of China”. The system works so
well because, unlike American websites with Internet providers all over the country, Chinese
websites have a few major “bottleneck” points, which the government can switch on
and off at will. News agencies are required to report only
state-approved news. And any reporter who covers a breaking story WITHOUT getting that
approval, can lose their journalist license, and even go to prison. International books
and movies are also edited before being released to the public. In a recent James Bond movie,
violence towards Chinese people and suggestions of government corruption were removed. Although censorship in China has largely prevailed,
there are some signs that this will change as opposition grows. A prominent Chinese dissident
and recent Nobel Peace Prize winner denounced China’s censorship policies on a global
stage. Recent student protests in Hong Kong also illustrate some of the youth’s disillusionment
with their government. Microblogs, which are a cross between twitter and blogs, have become
popular places for them to voice covert discontent. And with the number of China’s online users
ballooning from around 20 million in the 2000, to more than 600 million in 2013, China’s
“net of censorship” is reportedly feeling the strain. Freedom of the press in the United States
isn’t really as free as you might think either. You can learn all about it in our
video here… or if you want to learn about what free speech really means in the country,
take a look at the video from AJ+ below. Thank you for watching TestTube! You should be sure
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Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “How Strict Are China’s Censorship Laws?

  1. Not strict at all. I live in mainland China. I don't even use a VPN. You see, that 300 million Great Fire Wall is simply a joke for intellectuals. Can a wall block Mexicans from entering United States? : )

    There are not many 'state-run websites' in China. Sina, 163, Tencent, Baidu, are censored, but not state-run. So it is more like an 'industrial protection'. The government blocks Twitter, YouTube and Facebook in order to protect 'Twitter', 'YouTube' and 'Facebook' in China. How clever it is.

    BTW, there is no censorship in Hongkong and Macau.

  2. Personally reckon GFW is to some extent violating human rights. But it must be there or there would be more serious problems… I just found out a significant percentage of information outside the wall is actually fabricated by parties against CCP(I found it fabricated because some one I know experienced those subtle events in the 80s and the government was not like what these news agencies described). I do not like it, I do not support it, but I reckon it should be there.

  3. How Strict Are China’s Censorship Laws? Not very if all it takes is a basic VPN to get around them. Chinese people don't know/care about it anyway why would they wanna use English Western websites when they already got their Chinese equivalents?

  4. as a chinese , even i hate chinese goverment , but i think something is not ture in this video .actually we use vpn to breakthrough great wall just like my most of high school classmates ,because they want to use facebook or instgram or sth else . but they are still love chinese goverment . this is what i can not understand . Many websites have not been blocked like bbc tumblr yahoo ebay amazo .

  5. the censorship is nothing, chinese ppl just use vpn or download movies/av from sites similar to torrent. the great wall is kinda of useless.

  6. The censorship wont last very long because the more people use the internet and the more the world connects with the harder it becomes to censor. The world will only keep on becoming more connected and at some point countries like china, north korea, iran etc. wont be able to isolate themselves nearly as much as they do now.

  7. "The student protests in Hong Kong illustrate some of the youth's disillusionment with their government."

    If you don't know what Hong Kong's last two-hundred years of history has included, you really shouldn't be referencing it. Anyone who actually knows this history will tell you that Hong Kong has had a special relationship with mainland China since the British gave it back to them. The UK relinquished control of the city to the Chinese Communist Party, on the condition that Hong Kong's pro-Western democracy was protected. The recent student protests are the result of the Party pushing those limits and trying to make the local government more like the rest of China where only Party-approved leaders can run for office. Since this isn't actually democracy, Hong Kongers called foul.

    Next time, learn some history before you make out like Hong Kong is an example of the Chinese people "waking up" to the CCP's censorship. Amateurs.

  8. using VPN you can unblock any website on internet anywhere in the world
    all you need to do is change ya IP using a VPN and you can bypass without been track
    i strongly rely on using this VPN working perfectly for me

  9. For those of us travel in and out of China a lot, we know how useless the firewalls are.
    They exist as they don't, 3 million jobs are paid for nothing.

  10. Censorship is annoying. People can't have much freedom to choose things on their own. But it is a good way to protect the majority of the Chinese from the western propaganda media in case of some western governments inciting people to violence against the Chinese authorities, which can maintain the public stability and make people focus on the economy but not political issues . And it can also develop its internet economy, leading China to be the 2nd Internet-advanced country objectively. Anyhow, political system is just a tool to protect people's human rights based on the reality. What Iraq's human rights is to stay alive. It requires a powerful government to protect them but not a democracy for continuing bombs. And what Chinese human rights is to strive out of the poverty. Then censorship is disappointing but necessary to fit in with the current situation of China. However, A person can leap out of the GFW with a VPN. Why not adopt it?

  11. When I was in China, I LOVED it. There was no jew monopoly of the media, no facebook, no google, and no PORN. FANTASTIC. I hope to move there with my children someday.

  12. This is jew media. They criticize censorship of depravity in China but support the genocide o the Native Palestinians by APARTHEID israel.

  13. It's not as black and white as presented. There are special Chinese social media and the Government is mostly transparant on the content they censor. I'm only trying to say that most Chinese don't see it as hindering as we think.

  14. In many ways Chinese censorship is actully less restrictive than the censorship, or-self-censorship you find in Western media. Pornography, as understood by Chinese definitions, may be censored, but things are much more easily tagged as "pornography" in western media.

  15. this is all well and good, but tbh, your video is only as informative as the invisible biases entrenched in your presentation of the issue. you're looking at this from a western humanist standpoint, and you don't consider that perhaps such authoritarian policies are a necessary component of China's style of government, since China is so fundamentally different from rich "1st world" countries. a large portion of China's populace is uneducated, ill-informed of present world issues, and work in agrarian communities or industrial complexes, and people are more impressionable and influenceable; western ideals of "freedom", "liberty" and "democracy" is often placed on a ideological pedestal in our modern world, but not everything is as morally clear-cut and absolute as we suppose them to be. such ideals might actually have a detrimental effect on the general makeup of Chinese society, since people might mistake their right to liberty as the right to anarchy or denunciation of the central government. American democracy only works because of the underlying foundations of Hamiltonian federalism, which ensures simultaneous freedom and governmental centralization, but it's easy to misconstrue of democracy as complete laissez-faire freedom to do and act as you please.

  16. A colleague from China came to the US for 5 week on business. In his spare time, he searched Tiananmen square and other Chinese hot topics.

  17. The foreigners that don't know how to use VPN in China are who is dumb. Most Chinese either don't give a shit about what's on those websites (Then don't know English and can't read them even if they get on these websites.) or know how to use a VPN. In addition there are Chinese websites and apps that is similar to Facebook, Youtube, Twitter etc in China, most of them are actually even better than these American websites. And they can watch all the news outside in Chinese websites, so there is really no need for them to use these websites.

  18. I am from the People's Republic of China, where the Internet censorship is the most rigorous in the world. In the People's Republic of China, here it's not available on Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and any other Western sites. Here is the Communist Party of China management of the Internet, where not allow any freedom of speech. Nor can search for political sensitive words such as the June 4 incident.

  19. I am a Chinese which currently live in France but still returns to China every year and I think that this video has a lot of misleading information, for example, China isn't really restricting the media, a lot of people think that China does because… China is Communist, but the truth is, the government knows already that it would be impossible to restrict and censor every information bad about China, so they just let it be. The reason why Google, Facebook and YouTube has all been restricted is more simple than you think, it is actually because of the unpopularity that the Chinese websites had before the censorship, for example : Youku instead of YouTube, Google instead of Baidu and Facebbok and instead of WeChat.

  20. Ive actually worked on a Chinese "live" television broadcast, and know firsthand exactly how far it can go. No one is given a live microphone besides the hosts, and there were about 20 armed guards present. The one i worked on was pre-recorded the day before, and re-broadcast with a "Live" note added in the corner. On the broadcasts that are actually live (yes, occasionally they do happen) a version is always pre-recorded the day before, and held on standby to be switched to at a moments notice, or any variation from the script.

  21. Censorship is necessary sometimes, look at how many Americans believe in conspiracy theory. When people are educated enough to judge , the censorship will be gradually reduced.

  22. sigh…
    censorship exist because
    1. Discourse right
    2. National Market
    3. Political unfairness
    4. lies, lots of lies, just like this video
    5. keep out retarded audiences
    6. prevent misguiding info and blind hatred (yea utube is a propaganda media)
    7. language barrier

  23. the truth is
    most English-based internet side have use a opposite way to build cencorship wall,

    Lies, countless lies, lies like a rolling snow ball, unstoppable

    yea, whatever, lets hate each other guts blindly, and prepare for the WW3

    you survive you win, who will remember those utube channels…

  24. False information is not terrible, by the operation of the media is the most terrible. like this channel. @Seeker Daily —————google translation

  25. i think the censorship against porn has a good moral effect which unfortunately might be overwhelmed by lack of other important freedoms

  26. What do the Chinese want? They want to have the peace, Happiness, and some of the freedom.(The freedom what I mean is not attacked to Government).You can say what you want to say in China but not in media of China. People want to attacked to the government by the freedom that is not acceptable in China. We do have freedom, but it should not be the source of social unrest.Many American friends, they do not know what the war is, they do not know what kind of chaotic society. We, the Chinese people just out of the shadow of war for decades.Some of the Americans friends may know what the war is, but they do not know what kind of experience the war takes place in they own town.There is food to eat, a house to live, a family to accompany the side, social insurance(by the government), this is the greatest happiness for most of Chinese. It is not easy to have it. We take more than 60 years to fight for it.Please do not come to insult the hard-earned gift.If you are skeptical about Western media to vulnerable groups China, this is right. Go to China, to live for some time, the western China is beautiful, the eastern part of China is very prosperous.I'm sorry my English is not good, I just want to let everyone understand China as much as possible.

  27. What a blunder, Hong Kong has totally nothing to do with China's censorship laws as it has its own sets of regulations where people can have the freedom of information. The censorship only applies to mainland China

  28. don't forget about the population in China. The reason why they China can't achieve a full democracy is because of the population. thinking about you have 4 kids or you have 20 kids in your family, isn't it much more easier to have democracy among 4 kids rather than 20 kids. China literally has 5 times the population of US. If there is a full democracy in China. Probably US are gonna dealing with several Chinese Militarism rather than the fear of Red. There is gonna be a whole chaos happening in China, which will restrict more human right. talking about human right, Communism really did a good job on gender equality. By the way, with a concentrated government, a country is much more easier to operate.

  29. To be honest any random guy can download a vpn from app store and use facebook,ins,google,etc. Surely that is strict af

  30. China freedom is better than United States most of the Americans don't even know about Vietnam War and the wars their government created around the world by America regime censorship in America are more strict than china

  31. China sux! They're desperately trying to save their communisist/capitalist system but it wont help much cause their system got a lot of flows and their government will collapse after ww3 and there will be no new world order.

  32. China, in my humble opinion, does well in censoring information. In fact, even the United-States of America censors information, but does so clandestinely – without attracting too much attention to its practice. China seeks to control dissidents, as also to protect its citizens. Pornographic sites in China have also been banned. Sure wish the USA would follow suit. One of the clever reasons given for Chinese censorship is that it precludes the necessity of dealing with foreseen difficulties arising from "unlimited speech."

  33. China is right to do this , if you look from the government's perspective . In order to maintain its communist order , there can be no gaps .

  34. We are human rights film supporters and we want to highlight the Religious and Cultural information that China censors. Our channel has film trailers on what China is trying to hide. We invite you to take a look for yourself

  35. Like Kishore Mahbubani said: "Western countries now are all opened societies (with their pride freedom and liberty), but closed-minded; China is a closed society (with "dictatorship"), but open-minded." Ironic, isn't it?

  36. Lmao I’m watching this from China with a vpn. Probably shouldn’t say this they might get me. What’s the worst they could do? Just kidding it’s pretty bad. Use express vpn!

  37. Wow, this is way more strict than I thought it was. Restricting Google? Didn’t even think that was possible to donfor an entire country.

  38. The communist government of China is vile and evil to all humanity. And that is why I try my best, not to buy anything made in China.

  39. China is soon the worlds super power, if not already. So democracy, free speech, free press and so on is most likely not going to exist in 50 years 🙁

  40. Talking about freedom of speech, now there is an American president who tweets twice a day ranting on the so-called “fake news” and denouncing the freedom of speech of any non-right wing press and that they should be “shut down”. The only difference now is that one country is putting these policies in practice, while the other’s head of state is constantly and repetitively threatening to do so, and the general public of the U.S. is adopting it quite well and taking these as the new ‘norm’. I’m personally very curious on how the next U.S. election would play out, and to what direction would the U.S. society and government change from there? Being a multi-cultural Canadian, I think it would really be a great spectacle for us to watch.

  41. It’s not even a internet it’s a local based system that can be accessed locally and the police can see every ones device.

  42. China censorship keeps them safe from jew propaganda and lies. Sometimes not seeing violence is a good thing

  43. This violation of citizens' rights & freedom of speech and forceful suppression of every minor dissent is never long-lasting and that's why Chinese communist party has been "violently" crushing every single event that potentially challenges their ideology and rule.

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  45. Asia has some major issues with schitzo leaders claiming to be gods or claiming they can enforce the will of god

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