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100 thoughts on “How SSD Technology Keeps Getting WORSE! – Intel 660p Review

  1. I have an Samsung 860 Evo(512gb) in my work notebook.
    I copied a OneDrive folder (70gb) to this SSD.

    After a few minutes the write speed drops to 35 mbytes/s…

  2. Probably for a boot drive, that can be small, it has no important files, you have little updates and it usually is read only. (unless you use windows, that replaces half of the files on an update)

  3. I had a 500GB Samsung Evo 750 in my PC for games only. I filled this up recently and needed a replacement. Enter a 2TB 660P that I got on sale for R3,899 (approx $270). I copied my 400 and something GB of games over(at a very steady ~400MB/s) and have been running it since. It performs noticeably faster than my old SATA bound Evo drive, especially for in-game level loading. Since I don't plan on doing anything other than gaming with this drive I can't see that I will run into reliability issues before 5 years is done. I'll be upgrading to Ryzen 3000 soon(from Haswell i5) and replacing my 250GB Samsung Evo 850 operating system SSD, with a 500GB Adata SX8200 Pro.

  4. Sorry… but no, this is a horrible product that shouldn't be supported.. Don't pay for cheap band-aid tricks. Demand quality parts for your money.

  5. Well i didn't understand a word of what Linus said lmao. All i know is that my Intel 660p 500 GB works just fine 🙂

  6. "Intel isn't generally known for their aggressive pricing."

    I get that this video is about an Intel SSD, and not a CPU, but don't give 'em that much credit…

  7. Thanks for this. Newegg currently has on sale for $87. Was considering it until I wanted to know more. 🙂

  8. I was kind of surprised when I went and found the PNY 480GB SATA SSD I had bought was not MLC, but TLC! And so called "3DNAND" is just marketing bullshit meant to distract you from the fact of the matter which is stated pretty well in the video already…
    Save some time and go to a website like Newegg or some other place where you can select the NAND technology used to manufacture the flash chips as a filter. If you want to save money on your storage, don't forget to spend the money you save on a backup solution like CrashPlan or Jungle Disk or something

  9. So what’s the point of having any size of SSD when nobody recommends you fill it up past half? That’s half a drive not being used.

  10. On sale on Newegg right now. Trying to figure out if I should spend the $93 bucks for a 1TB 660p. Thanks for making this video!

  11. fuck…. i was about to order 1 of those 660intel for our office server that does lots of GB of copying every now and then…. damn… i was having it in my busket and YouTube algorithm showed me that video because i was googling for that part last week. 🙄

  12. god mlc tlc and qlc suck so hard… and slc ssd´s are nowhere to be seen under 1000€ good that i bought a 128gb m.2 slc ssd in 2015 for less than 100€.
    if i think about all the crying "flash prices are dumping" 1000€ seem´s way overpriced

  13. I'm confused…can I use my 2 Samsung EVO V-nand SSDs for gaming and/or operating system, or should I use my WD Black drives?

  14. Perfect example why recommendations do not work, Youtube recommends this video AFTER I buy one. Oh well, I mainly using as basic drive and the 800 Mbs rate is better then then -100 ish rate of the hard drive it replaced.

  15. TLC stands for triple level cell, not triple layer. It makes it sound like you're talking about the number of layers in a 3D NAND pillar which is 64, 96 or 128.

  16. We don't need to hear the "science" shit behind it, we know they manufacture them TO FAIL so we buy more

  17. Here's one real world potential problem: If you have a lot of RAM (8+GB) and you liek to hibernate your PC, you can eventually burn up the lifespan of these drives.

  18. Serious workstations cost more because consumer grade parts bring compromises with their accessible prices. Shock, surprise.

  19. Saw this 2TB drive costing the same as the samsung 1TB drives. Now I know why, its garbage. Intel lost a sale from me thanks to this video.

  20. I had a usb 3.0 pendrive that did the same thing,
    It would deliver close to 600 MBps brand new but very soon reduced itself to peak at about 60

  21. I use a 660p 2TB version for games, very little writing other then installing. Works great, would not recommend one for an OS drive or for doing long videos or any frequent writing to the drive.

  22. Got a 1 TB 660p for $90 and am running it in my MacBook pro retina from 2013. Much faster than the drive it replaced!

  23. I have a 512gb 660p intel drive and even though ive onky had it for 3 months i did fill it up over half way and didnt really noticed much a difference in loading in games or anything though im not constantly downloading large files and moving them on and off

  24. Just bought the Intel 660p Series 2TB M.2 SSD, the more I read the more negative the reviews. Still unopened so I can send it back.

  25. I recently bought the 660p 2tb, according to the video it starts slowing down filling half way of a 1tb.

    Does that mean it will be slower than an hdd when I fill it half way? Cuz Im gonna fill it entirely of steam games and some programs


    Will the 1tb 7200pm the ssd replaced be better or even use the Toshiba 14TB SATA MG07ACA14TE I recently bouth be ok

  26. 10:26 well, that's called "engineering". It's not about necessarily the best technology, not the shiniest materials but about proper planning to achieve the maximum of what you've got and be able to price it reasonably at the end of the day.

  27. hhd still king of storage 🙂
    just go on pcpartpicker and go to storage
    and filter by price per gb and you'll see what i mean

  28. Not "dual layer, triple layer" but dual LEVEL, triple LEVEL. It is about storing more discrete voltage levels inside a single cell.

  29. Update for all my boys out there looking at the 660p for prime day: Don't

    While you will get a 5 year warranty, data loss is of course not covered. As of 2 days ago, my 660p died. No longer recognizable by any OS. I have been putting these in all my customers builds and not I'm really biting myself. Lasted 3 years.

  30. I love intel's 660P 2TB nvme qlc wich more cheaper and faster than a normal 2.5" SSD.
    How if use a Threadripper with Samsung 970 evo 500GB*2 = 1TB Raid as OS to reach 6GB/s
    and use Asus Hyper M.2 X16 with Intel's 660P 2TB*4 = 8TB raid as storage to accumulate 6GB/s?

  31. Weird how obvious it is that señor Linus is reading off a prompter in this video. I haven't noticed that before that I can recall.

  32. The 1tb and 2tb versions of this SSD are the best value mass storage (if you take into account speed, storage and price) at the moment. I snatched a 2tb from Amazon for a cool 190€ and i'm super happy with it.
    I'm basically using it as an archive: the OS, CAD and the few other programs i use are all on the my 860 pro (amazing drive btw) and the 660p serves as temporary storage for finished projects i already backed up, movies, games and all sorts of random stuff i'm not going to upload to a cloud and won't mind losing (unlikely, this is still an SSD, failure rates are very low despite what Linus says).
    If you need bulk storage and don't want to spend much, but still want a fast and hassle free drive, definetely buy this.

  33. The problem is, some laptops model in 2019 comes with Intel 660p SSD as boot drive (and the only drive)🤔

  34. I just just bought this 1TB. It’s been on sale via Newegg ($84?) and on Amazon for a few months now. 🙈 haven’t installed it yet.

  35. Lol I saw this video pop up in my recommended just after getting a 760p (256GB) and I'm enjoying it a lot. Glad its TLC instead of QLC. It was amazing to find an NVMe for almost the same price of a cheap SATA SSD. Paired it with a relatively young Seagate Barracuda 500GB 7200rpm I had laying around. Coming from never having an SSD before, it seems to boost the HDDs performance since it isn't competing with OS' I/O when loading a game or something.

  36. Well, you want cheap high capacity ssds.
    That's how that works.

    Single cell terabyte ssds would otherwise be unaffordable and we'd prolly go back towards 3.5 inch drives eventually

  37. I have 660p 1TB and it rocks!!!!! I have only in the beginning when it was empty noticed speed drops (moving like 700GB from other the disk). Now it rocks as a gaming disk!

  38. This is nice but like I still would rather just get 2 of them 2tb Intel ssds and put them in raid cuz Samsung ssds are really expensive

  39. I like it how in the hard drive platter animation, there is the same amount of bits per angular degree. So basically at the same angular velocity, the amount of data read by the head at any given position is the same :))

  40. on desktop TLC for system , QLC for games, but on laptop/console i will put TLC all the time 30€ delta on the 1To

  41. I just bought an Intel 660p M.2 2280 2TB NVMe PCIe 3.0 x4 3D NAND Internal Solid State Drive to install on my computer. Should I return it for a Samsung 960 Pro?

  42. I usually like Linus but he missed the mark here: these drives are NOT meant to replace traditional NVME storage for editing and working on large files. Rather, they are designed to replace traditional SATA drives for things like boot drives and game storage. In other words, these drives are not designed for 90% of the use cases he brought up. Seriously at the time of this comment Intel's 660p drives are actually cheaper than most 2.5 inch SATA drives, which is kinda ridiculous.

  43. I would love to go SSD, but the write cycles thing (electron buildup) is what keeps me from it. How long do SSDs last for day to day use? Am i paranoid for no reason?

  44. Basically, I look at it like this: If you have a computer with 16GB's of memory or more AND turn off the page file in Windows (which I do on any computer with SSD's of any form in it)? You will be fine with QLC in most cases because it still has 100TB+ write to the drive before you see issues.

  45. I have worked for a Computer Manufacturer for over 23 years and I have to say Intel Quality on SSD Drive are not as good as you would think. Samsung has had a lot less failure rate. And the Intel SSD Drives are slower..

  46. It's not bad. Imagine a 4TB SSD with even more voltage levels per cell will be the ideal and also cheapest Steam drive in just a handful of years, leaving HDDs barely any room to exist in.

  47. If it wasn't for Linus I would've bought this, I went went the HP EX920 M.2 1TB PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe 3D TLC NAND Internal Solid State Drive

  48. Linus (et al), if Nvme pcie M.2 drives can read/write 5-6x as fast as SATA SSDs, why are real-world load times only slightly faster than Sata SSD times?

  49. That's too bad for the SSD's technology : controlers have made some huge evolution, NVMe is great for high performance SSD but the NAND chip is getting worse and worse over the time. It looks like the price has become somewhat the only thing that matters. I only hope that they still care about stability, reliability, endurance and performance. So nowadays ssd great performance is only due to its SLC caching mostly. Manufacturers should have the honesty to mark every model with the kind of flash memory that it has. So that the consumer is aware of what he's buying. I've seen some 240GB SSD with only 40TBW endurance. It might be enough for consumers but it's a little bit scaring on the long run.
    Fortunately my 7 years old SanDisk Extreme 240 is still working fine so far. I'll always keep it as long as it works. I love MLC cells 😂

  50. What exactly is the target for a product like this? I'm looking for a cheap NVME SSD to store my O.S. and some games

  51. I had heard they were going to be used mainly for SSD archive – like Netflix servers. Write once read forever.

  52. So is this drive better as the boot disk with your Windows and most used programs, or work drive for keeping your games and movies on?
    First one would probably have loads of free space for page files because apparently smallest 660p is 512Gb, for the second you'd spring for the 1 or 2 TB model. Either way it would be very cheap compared to other models, question is which drive would be having failures first?

  53. Samsung is the best. They always have been. Intel is a scammer. Sandisk does not hire Americans in their Silicon Valley office – only hb1 visa workers.

  54. So what's the point in having a 500gb or 1tb drive, if you Cant fill it up with games whilst maintaining decent speed. Also what would you reccomend instead of the 660p? Are there any decent performing drives both in storage capacity and speed retention?

  55. I'm using a 1tb 660p just for the sake of no cables. I'm on a Z97 which only has a pcie 2.0 x2 for nvme, which translates to about 800 mb/sec speeds. It's faster than a ssd, but not so much that i notice. It's just easier and cheaper than my old 2x256gb ssd 🙂

  56. Linus: 660p is crap.
    Tech deals: go for 660p, it's cheap and you will not observe any real life performed difference.

  57. in Argentina is sold like if it was a 2tb but is a 1tb … at 200usd .. mechanicals drives of 1tb cost 150usd in mah country.. so the 1tb is in good pricing for 95 usd

  58. get the fuck out here fanboy i can see u didnt talk about the Samsung QVO SSDs that sucks even more balls

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