How Much $$$ Money Do I Make on YouTube/Online?

How Much $$$ Money Do I Make on YouTube/Online?

Danny Hutson

72 thoughts on “How Much $$$ Money Do I Make on YouTube/Online?

  1. Thank you so much for your transparency!! This is so educational and inspiring. I would be so curious to see an updated version of this after that huge growth in subscribers you had

  2. Nathaniel, hi! Mi name is Lui, I'm from Colombia, and I'm kind of like a new subscriber, but I've watched a lot of your videos, and I just love them all. Btw, I really want a vegan ice cream t-shirt!, I really love them too.

  3. This helps to put things into perspective. For me, it helps to not get my hopes up too high too soon for my own channel.👌🏽

  4. Found this via YouTube recommends, after watching I intended to leave a comment that you should get LR Presets and possibly PP Lut packages, but it looks like you plan to add those to your site soon.

    As someone who previously worked as a professional photographer, in another career, many moons ago, I found selling prints to be incredibly difficult, especially considering global shipping. Selling the presets should work out very well as I've bought from random creators and larger people like Peter McKinnon.

    Wishing you the best of luck, signing up for your newsletter now via the site.

  5. Was expecting this to be click bait but wow pretty sure you’re the most honest and genuine you tuber I’ve seen. Gonna binge all ya videos now

  6. Thanks to be open and transparent, Nath!
    I also loved the white t-shirt you're using. I would buy if you sell in your store 🙂

  7. This guy has an ideal face and personality for YouTube. Alot of people aspire to be YouTubers, but probably 97% will fail.

  8. I had watched a few of your videos in the past, I generally liked them but never really went over that "mhm, ok, nice video"..
    But I must say that I really appreciated this one. Too often public people, whether on youtube or whatever it might be, tend to be way too secretive when it comes to money… To the extent that some almost DENY making any money at all. As if just by knowing it you'd take money away from them.
    While here I saw a nice display of honesty and therefore I decided to sub you for now. I really appreciate honesty even though, as a great singer once said, it is such a lonely word.

  9. I had to check out your Spanish channel and was surprised to hear you speak Spanish, but your English is just perfect no accent whatsoever.

  10. Thank you for sharing! My wife is attempting to grow her channel and eventually get it monetized. Keep up the awesome work!

  11. I can relate to this situation so much! Thanks for being so honest letting us know the struggles behind these beautiful videos. I really appreciate what you're doing. Keep it up, Nathaniel!

  12. My respect, you're the same age as I am and what you're on is amazing. I couldn't even live this way.. Keep up your great work..

  13. Can someone tell why the topic of “How much I make on YouTube,” is a prevalent topic this week on every channel I subscribe to? It’s almost as though YouTube is making recommended topics to content makers on YouTube and they are all cranking out the same content.

  14. I often forget to like your videos and when I realize this I get pissed off haha' Very Good Good Content. Such an Inspiration!!

  15. @2.45 I remember watching that video, a bit, didn't finish it but Nathan (No 1st name basis I don't know this guy personally) but he made a great point which my dad's always told me and it is fully worth making a habit of.
    I do not make it regular to comment on YT videos but this dude is doing his thing so let's support if your on the brainwave yo!

  16. I like your videos a lot. Your one about Matt D'Avella is the one that introduced me to you, and made me curious to watch more of you. I appreciate your honesty, authenticity, and transparency.
    Regarding the shirt, my honest feedback is that I don't understand the significance of the ice cream cone, so it is not compelling to me to want to buy the shirt. Perhaps I'm not just familiar with your past videos enough to know the "hidden" meaning of the ice cream cone?
    Examples of shirts I might buy, are the advice lists that you give in some of your videos, like the points you give in your Existentialist Part I – Decision Making video. Throw those on a shirt. "How to make good decisions: 1. 2. 3. 4. …"

  17. I seriously love everything you're about. That is all. (Oh, and love the t-shirt, but I think having some kind of tagline next to the cone across the chest might make it pop a bit more — just my 2 cents ^^).

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    hey, you can save a lot of money if you stay in countries like India 🇮🇳.

  19. Nathaniel Drew what did you do before making money on youtube? I need a job or hustle where I don’t have to work a normal job that would allow me to spend lots of time to be around and support 2 people while having time to make content and figure out life goals. Any advice?

  20. You should make a video on how you got started on Youtube and your journey through it! Love that you're so honest and authentic. Discovered this channel through the cold shower video and INSTANTLY you're my favourite youtuber! Loved how you promote mental clarity to the millennials, I do believe it should be one of the most important topics in our generation. Keep up with the great content!

  21. Super impressed with your transparency regarding income! Will be looking into more of your videos and following you on Instagram now. Keep growing but don’t change. Stay grounded.

  22. I'm really suprised how less it is.. I was thinking about to start a YouTube Channel, but that drops a bit of my motivation. I mean you have a lot of subscribers.. but still.. thanks for this transparency

  23. this is the most amazing thing i have ever seen interdigitalhackers,wordpress,com added $10,000 payment on my paypal account

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