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100 thoughts on “How I Make Some Of My Most Viral Tasty Recipes • Tasty

  1. My mom made the onion mazzerela cheese stick ring back in 2013 when Ramadan I'm Muslim so of you don't know what Ramadan is go search it

  2. BTW – I'm borrowing a few tricks I learned here! It's gotta be tough to keep coming up with new ideas, but somehow you do it. –Your Dad

  3. We need more people like Alvin in this world. Giving to others and not feeling like you are forced to. Then the last statement he said “I don’t like to make these videos for myself but for other people”. You are a legend Alvin!

  4. I tried the mirror glaze cake yesterday
    Trust me it was beautiful to look but tasted horrible due to glaze,idk what is in it which made it worse

  5. i honestly really hope that tasty lasts and the channel doesn't die out ;< like when im older than I am rn id looveee to work there like omg

  6. I will try and make the chocolate chip cookies but instead of making a lot of small ones I will make a giant cookie and give it to my best friend.

  7. I just ate a full meal and drank a huge glass of coca cola. I have no space in my stomatch and yet this vid makes me wanna eat

  8. My man is smart , makes giant food for all , desserts better than pantry chefs absolutely with charm and humbleness, could anyone find a better guy to marry?

  9. My sister wanted the 5-layer cookie cheesecake thing but the brownie didn’t make walls like this one.
    What did my mom do wrong?

  10. I fucking hate it in this show when they just use pre-made things like browny mixture or pancake mixture. I like to make my own things and it just seems lazy to just use store bought things like that when you can just make them. They’re easy. You are a cooking YouTube channel. If we take your approach and just by store bought ones then we wouldn’t need you

  11. Can u maybe make a lovely dessert which doesn’t contain milk or butter etc… I’m allergic and I haven’t have a good dessert in a while

  12. Holy shit the way he makes pours the colors on top of that mirror cake looks like the exact same process they use for making epoxy-coated furniture.

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