How Has Technology Evolved Over Time? | Tech-x-planations | Singularity Hub

How Has Technology Evolved Over Time? | Tech-x-planations | Singularity Hub

(music) (music) – What do you think the
first invention was? The wheel? Fire? No, the first invention must
have been communication, because without this, no
other tools were possible. We always need to
communicate our thoughts, to ourselves, or to others. Since then, most of our inventions have been ways to interact with machines. This allows us to do mathematical
or physical procedures much faster than we
ever could by ourselves. But the recent trend, has been finding new and faster ways of
communicating with each other, and managing the extreme amount of data that such communication produces. The amount of data and the
algorithms needed to manage it, are evolving faster than
anything humans could process, and they have been converging
into an entirely new tool, Artificial Intelligence. The most important part of
AI, isn’t the AI itself, but what new technologies
it will make possible. AI will be to the 21st century, what electricity was in the 20th. You might wonder, when
will you get to use AI? But the truth is, you’re already using it. If you’ve ever flown on an
airplane, the auto-pilot was AI. If you’ve ever used Netflix, AI was making predictions for your movies. Self-driving cars, all AI. As AI gets more sophisticated,
we find ethical dilemmas. For example, should a
self-driving car swerve to save it’s passengers if
it means hitting by-standers? What if the AI is able
to overpower humans? Innovators Elon Musk and Sam Altman, have created the Open AI Collaboration to make sure that the power of
AI is accessible to everyone. It’s difficult to imagine
where AI will lead us. Will AI create new technology? Will we augment our own
intelligence using AI? Will we be completely
dependent upon this technology? Will we be able to extend our life span? These are the kind of questions that nobody knows the answer to. (whooshing)

Danny Hutson

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