How Digital Technology is Transforming Health Care – Bernard J. Tyson and Satya Nadella

>>I’m here with
Bernard Tyson, Chairman, CEO of Kaiser Permanente, a leading integrated health care
provider in the United States. Welcome Bernard, it’s
great to have you here. Maybe we can start first by
talking about health care and the digital transformation or the overall transformation
that’s taking place. You want to talk about
your vision for how this industry in the
landscape’s going to change?>>I think we are on
the edge of seeing just a complete transformation of health and health
care as we go forward. I think the opportunities
in front of us are just nothing short
of going to be amazing. Because we are clearly evolving
the health care system from a fix me system to the question of what should we
expect now going forward. I think as we now start to
look at how do we integrate technology at this next level
into the health care system, new possibility starts
to come forward. The big one for us
is really how do we start to think about the holistic
approach to a person’s life? It’s not just health care, it’s lifestyle, it’s behavior, it’s the whole ecosystem that
makes up a person’s day, that we’ll be able with
digital technology to bring all that together to really
understand the whole person.>>That’s fantastic. Not
only are you thinking about the broad changes in the industry, but one of the other things that
you’re driving, again with some of the help with digital technologies,
is the internal culture. You want to share
a little bit about that?>>Well, you stop and think about it, if every single day
our physicians, our nurses, our receptionist, our
environmental services workers, they’re with the members
every single day.>>Right.>>They know more about
the nuances of what can we continue to do to
better the experience, better the relationship, better
the trust, better the outcome. So now, with the kinds of
digital platforms that we’re looking at internally
and working with internally, it opens up new channels
of communication.>>Yeah, I know it’s fantastic for us to be partnered with you around Office 365 as it’s being used inside and things
like Microsoft Teams, it’s fascinating to
see when you empower the people inside
mission-driven organization with the right tools, how that can be a massive
accelerant to the mission.>>When you get everyone using it, it speaks to it’s the right thing that people are looking
for and asking for. Everybody wants to use
their time efficiently. Having these kind of tools and connective tissues as
we call it inside the organization where
people are communicating and relating to each other
and the outside world, it improves how people feel
and how they are contributing and it definitely improves
how we’re providing care and coverage to millions
of people around the country.>>I know you are one
of the leading voices talking about mental health, maybe you can share
a bit on your vision for how we can destigmatize
the conversation around this, and then find the right set of solutions to what is something that is so important
to all of our lives.>>We are working hard on
destigmatizing mental health, creating new paradigms for people to think about it and reach out for
help when that is needed. Ultimately, our vision is
that people would think of mental health the same
way we think about diabetes or cancer or you
name it, heart disease. It’s just recognized
as a part of our body, and inside and outside of
Kaiser Permanente, we talk a lot about reconnecting
the head to the body. That simply means to look at the whole person which we
also define as total health.>>Thank you so much Bernard
for sharing your thoughts and your leadership both at Kaiser Permanente but
broadly in the industry, and also tackling some of the most pressing for our challenges for our
society. Thank you so much.>>Thank you.>>Thank you.

Danny Hutson

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