How America’s celebrity obsession weakens the fight against inequality | Amy Chua

How America’s celebrity obsession weakens the fight against inequality | Amy Chua

Well, I happen to be a fan of democracy. I think it has flaws, but there was just no
other better system for one simple reason and that is: you can often get a beneficent
dictator. A lot of people think that Lee Kuan Yew in
Singapore was such a person. He was not corrupt. He actually alleviated a lot of the ethnic
conflict. But here’s the problem: You can never ensure
that the dictator will stay beneficent. The better thing about democracy is that,
eventually, you can vote them out. If you don’t like the policies, if you don’t
like the leaders, you can vote them out. So, on balance, I think that democracy is
the best system. What I think is wrong is that America treats
democracy like a panacea. We romanticize it. We think somehow that oh, there’s all this
civil war and tribalism and sectarian warfare there—let’s just have some elections! What they don’t realize is that in very
divided countries—ethnically divided, tribally divided—democracy can sometimes catalyze
group conflict rather than softening it. A lot of people have puzzled over how so many
blue-collar and working-class Americans could possibly have voted for a billionaire born
to wealth, born in Manhattan. But it’s actually not a puzzle at all. What a lot of working-class Americans resent
is the idea that there’s a rigged system. That there are these people—arrogant people—controlling
the levers of power from afar, somewhere in D.C. and on Wall Street and Silicon Valley. If you look at the surveys, Pew Foundation
studies, you find that most Americans, including working-class Americans, actually love capitalism. They don’t want socialism. They still want a system where if you can
work hard you can strike it rich, and they want it to be fine to be rich. Studies show that many working-class Americans
actually resent the professional elites more: the very polished, well-educated, snobby professors
and journalists and pundits speaking on TV, and that they don’t actually dislike the
Kardashians so much—or the billionaires that are jet-setting around. That’s why shows like ‘The Apprentice’ are
so popular. The Occupy movement did many important things,
highlighting the urgency of inequality in this country. But one problem with the Occupy movement is
that it was a movement that purported to want to help the poor that didn’t actually include
any members of the poor. It was, overwhelmingly, an extremely privileged
movement. Not necessarily wealthy, but highly educated
and largely from cosmopolitan, urban areas. And if you look at the interviews of people
from other parts of the country, working-class people, blue collar people, it’s not just
that they didn’t participate in these activist, anti-inequality movements. They actually were very suspicious of them,
and even a little scornful. The interviews have people saying, “Don’t
these people have jobs? Don’t they have to work? I’m working three jobs just to put food
on the table! How can they be marching and protesting all
the time?” Now that’s a little unfair because a lot
of these activist movements have done tremendous good, but it is also true that it is a privilege
to have the time to take off work and to do these things. So there’s a real schism in group identities. A lot of America’s elites, while they were
campaigning for Bernie or Hillary, didn’t really connect with so many of the lower income
Americans because, in part, they had a snobby view towards them. But the point is that a lot of America’s political
elites, the establishment elites, just really didn’t bother to get to understand the people
that supposedly they were trying to help. It’s amazing to contrast the Occupy movement
with the prosperity gospel. The irony is just glaring. So Occupy was a movement championing, supposedly,
the underclasses, but largely driven by elites. The prosperity gospel is a hugely popular
movement in America, one of the most powerful religious movements in the United States,
that is very largely populated by disadvantaged Americans—including our most disadvantaged
minorities. African Americans and Hispanic Americans are
flocking to the prosperity gospel. What is their creed? That God blesses the wealthy. That being rich is divine and that if you
pray for wealth hard enough, God will give it to you. And this contrast just shows the tribal chasm
between America’s haves and have-nots. You have people purporting to want to help
the other side and yet actually scorning the very movements that those people actually
belong to. We have a strange relationship with celebrity
culture in America. And in some ways, you could see the victory
of Donald Trump as Donald Trump tapping into this obsession with celebrities. It’s almost like he’s created a kind of
billionaire populism where he’s tapping into this desire for a lot of working-class
people to rise in a system where they can no longer rise—where there’s so much inequality
that they can’t just make it with hard work, and they romanticize that. They think, “You know what? If I go on American Idol or The Voice or Shark
Tank maybe I can hit it big.” And they actually glorify all the Desperate
Housewives or the Kardashians or the celebrity musicians and actresses. These are beloved figures. They’re not hated at all. It’s like the royal family in England. The desire for the American Dream is so powerful
that people will cling to it even when they have no chance. Even when the American Dream turns their backs
on people, mocks them. A lot of Americans would sooner turn on immigrants,
outsiders, even reason itself than turn on the American Dream. A lot of people think why is this happening
now, you know. What’s going on with our society? Well, it’s always been there. A lot of these issues have always been there. There have always been these male bosses that
have done these terrible things. So it’s not like it’s all happening now. It’s just that finally certain groups voices
are allowed to be heard. It’s the same with a lot of diversity issues,
you know. People will say, why now are there so many
minorities complaining on campuses or on this organization? It used to be so smooth. Things used to work so well. Well, that’s because so many voices used
to be suppressed. So, in a way, I think it’s healthy what’s
often experienced as turbulence and chaos—“oh my gosh, everything’s going haywire”—is
actually a healthy rising of certain voices that historically have not been allowed to
speak. And there are lots of different groups. It’s along all different kinds of lines—gender,
race, ethnicity—it’s everything.

Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “How America’s celebrity obsession weakens the fight against inequality | Amy Chua

  1. Inequality is the result of living in a democracy where we're allowed to work harder than others and benefit from our effort. The only thing wrong with this system is allowing children to inherit the wealth accrued by their parents or relatives. The best should be allowed to rise to the top, regardless of birth.

  2. As George Carlin once put it it's called The American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it. And I think most people are starting to realize that now that it's long gone if it ever even existed

  3. Ok she says that Bernie didn’t understand that working middle/poor class? Are you fucking kidding me!!?? His whole campaign was about stopping the rich/elites from taking advantage of the poor and middle class! Seriously, did she not actually listen to his message and policies?

    Side note: yes Hilary did not give two shits about the working class and fuck her for that.

  4. Occupy educated people about income inequality and if that was the main purpose of the Movement, then it did what it was meant to do. The fact that some of the ppl participating were young and unwilling to get their hands dirty is just so boring. Who cares? The fact that anyone is talking about Occupy at all after all these years proves how potent the message was. I learned a lot in 2011. Thank you to anyone who participated in Occupy.

  5. So disingenuous. She talks of the disconnect of the Democratic Party and then mentions Bernie Sanders as if he's complicit in the DNC messaging.
    When she talks of why working-class voters went with Trump she completely ignores all of the free press he was given in the virtual invisibility of Sanders's campaign on the mainstream media.
    The best lies are sprinkled truth. Who better to deliver specious rhetoric than an attorney.

    EDIT: also forgot the protest votes that went to either a third party or to Trump himself and the voters who refused to even participate in a rigged election. You'd be surprised how many votes fit in either of those categories,

  6. The American Dream has been dead for a couple decades now. It was exactly that: a dream. We have woken up now and the dream is over. The 1% has sedated us for too long and we now want our fair share!!! ✊?✊?✊?✊?✊?

  7. Age-old mass management tool. From Egyptian pharaohs as gods, to the European adoration of monarchs—-celebrity worship.

  8. voting is over rated, or, its meaningfulness is overly represented. something like that. im pretty sure people know this. it smells a bit of wishful thinking. desperation even.

  9. We do not live in a democracy. More like a POOP-ocracy! The illusion of political choice is the reality.

    If we had True democracy cannabis would be decriminalized honoring the will of the people.

    This woman is delusional! THEY do what THEY want regardless of the consequences usualy in complete opposition of public will.

  10. A lot of words, unfortunately you miss the main issue. The "leaders" are impotent due to corporate lobbying/bribery which has turned Washington into a bubbling pool of self interest.

  11. So you either have a lukewarm at best government, or a government that will be either great or horrible. Being lukewarm does not equal superiour.

  12. "We're tamer animals," as Other Lives would say. "We're dead, we know just who we are" — Marilyn Manson. There's a lot of programming going on in our society with celebrities. I'm not trying to unhinge the order. I think they're trying to though. "The True Believer" by Eric Hoffer is a must have. Time to go spam a new video.

  13. I as a person who comes from West African slaves. I know America is full of ?. I'm a Gulf War Veteran and I know to most white people they could give a damn.

  14. "Why is all this happening now… so many people complaining?" "It was always happening, but the voices of all those complaining were suppressed."
    I love this.

  15. This is completely backwards. Celebrity obsession is as a direct result of inequality. Poor children develop a cultural identity based around celebrity worship and more importantly the worship of currency and wealth consolidation. That is what drives free people to long for debt slavery, and to work their entire lives away for greedy corporations.

    The idea being that "if they work hard enough their dreams can come true". And since inequality causes the vast majority of the population to dream about not being poor, celebrity worship becomes a core cultural principle in their lives. Because celebrities have wealth. And wealth is what the poor worships.

    Unfortunately our culture has been transformed by inequality into one that seeks wealth as if somehow accomplishment can be purchased with it. Rather than seeking accomplishment. This can be clearly extrapolated from the types of celebrity currently being worshiped.

    So you have it completely backwards. Celebrity obsession exists in large part due to inequality and the cultural cancer it creates.

  16. representative democracy is as outdated now as monarchies were in the 20th century, direct democracy is the way of the future

  17. You're analysis is really good. But there's a problem; it's wrong.

    Hillary won more lower income households than Trump did, Trump won the wealthier income households (but by a smaller majority). The idea that poor Americans love the wealthy is not true at all. Poor whites might do, but the poor do not. Most of the poor voters went to the establishment candidate, the wealthy went to the insurgent.

  18. The organism she is describing is clearly a bunch of uneducated, emotional and gullible imbeciles.

    She is pretty much stating the existence of the republicucks, they are cucks because they are voting against their self-interest for retarded reasons. They are so dumb that they would fall for the prosperity gospel bullshit and ignore a movement that stands up for them. They actually believe a rich businessman born with a silver spoon up their ass cares more about them than the educated professionals who don't actually earn all that much money compare to businessmen.

  19. Why is it that we hate old money (wealth earned throughout generations) and love New money (wealth that is gained quickly, like the lottery, or fame)

  20. The rich and powerful usually only achieve happiness through material games, so they assume that people without them will be unhappy. The obsession of inequality is just another word for being envious, which is a quality that a lot of the elite have

  21. Common folk see these celebrities playing drama filled roles on TV, who overcome their hardships just by wishing for it or having a big heart. Turn to real life, success is brought about with blood, tears, and to the money you get from improving your own situation whilst hardening yourself and gaining true self confidence.
    A dream cannot come about without sacrifice and a hardened attitude, and these people just can't grasp that.

  22. Nope. You're incorrect.

    First, the US is a Republic, not a democracy. (I'm not even American, and I know that.)

    Secondly, Trump won based on discussion of 5 key important issues.

    1. The economy
    2. The effects of Illegal immigration
    3. Less hawkish foreign policy, pointing out historical failures of both Rep and Dem foreign policy.
    4. Non PC attitude
    5. and ofcourse the fact that the Dems are have shown themselves to be complete bigoted, hypocrits who create problems only to pretend to be a solution to them.

  23. Why a fight against inequality? Inequality is what drives the economy and what creates all the jobs in the first place, no one starts a company to make the same amount of money, no company expands and hire more people to earn the same amount of money, they do it to make more which is exactly what inequality is.

    However capitalism has one major flaw it has problems to drive the money down the ladder of success which is a big problem, because if some of the money dont end up there the economy would die as well because companies would sell less products and fire people.

    What is needed is a good balance, inequality is not inherently bad it even drives wages up because as soon as unemployment is very low companies need to raise the wages to compete with other companies for the personell.

  24. 1- Democracy needs votes for a very postponed justice.
    2- Dictatorship or democracy or something else.. a state disciplin and civilization is the core of all stability.
    3- Democracy is unscientific and out of the science of law and much more vulnarable to misuse and abuse. In a dictatorship well provided by a good continuational state discipline the dictator can easily be taken down without conflict where the science of law is superior not the law acts are superior. The term "Rule Of Law" unfortunately refers verily actualy and truly to a hidden society dictatorship in the west where the election term's period of 4-5 years time is a very serious on and simply enough for abandonment of society's will and awareness along with its entitlement as an entity.
    This is a prolonged dispersonalization of a society or disintegration of a society's personality. As long as the state, people and the state officers and its leaders act according to boundlessly legitimized need instead of sufficiency and the acts of statements of law instead of principles and scientific discipline of law.. ever type of conspiracies, unjust evil wars based on wrong informations whether domestic or abroad (these be overt or covert at any rate or sense) continue to take place wherever democracy evolves: no administration can be justified to be eligible or uneligible by way of voting whether it be the voting of a minor scale deciders or a macro scale deciders.. if this is said to be done so.. this is no real rule of law and this is a war against law and its realism by way of coincidencialism.. where in and due to this context in most of the cases secret services very easily manuplate these votings only for the sake of losing their in the background on-going hegemony despite the public will and law and rules of fairness within the very costs of lives.. sufferings.. lies like ISIL continue deslipite 40.000+ deaths every year ~120 each day.. under states of democracy heroism.. stately initialized medical prescriptions compose and more impose these deaths ghostly murderings! Democracy is more than madness a hysteria.. history of each and every day is in the utmost postmodern perception and configuration veils the reflexes about officially prescribed 120 deaths each day and in tose days Islam in media and at school taught as an enemy by inhuman and unhuman merciless human engineers experimenting on the weak and the defenseless and the lonesome.. 40.000 years pass away each moment in a hysterical paranoid stance during the prolonged global war on the very weak and defenseless Muslims only for domestic disposable heroes to begot volunteer for this bloody unfair war.. without war on the science of law and basing it on voting.. no-one could establish such a state public abuse and misinformation where education is that much praised and regarded that important and gained material and human infrastructure.
    Democracy is war against science of law and is a technical misuse of its principles like "unequity of weapons" and the more.. and is a hocuspocus of disorientation on-about the healthy sexual stance of humans' and their social roles and initial officialities (be it rank, be it natural initialities) on sexual and intellectual basis. Democracy be it racist or anarchist or at any allocation point of this line relies on dialectualism not intellectualism. Democracy puts people in a race of education and a contest of cunningness well praising any technical unknown to be practised untill realized and revolted against; even the boundless need concept rationalizes the abuse and misconduct as if it is a very good socioeconomical need or deed calling it smartness or is an outcome of a work of genium.
    That is why that celebrity matter is needed just to make every individual become matterial enough with no sense of privacy.. self awareness and intactness would mean nothing till willingly obeying any engineering and tecnical shackling on themselves. That is why obesity both as a social individualistic contrast and as an "obeyer" production is that high in democracies like USA and that is why those celebrities are that well skinny or in such almost athletical shape looking soft or tough enough! DEMOCRACIES ONLY BRAINWASH! DEMOCRACY IS A WAR OF DEVILS', SATAN AND ITS AFFILIATES'(aware or unawate of this stance of affiliation of theirs) WAR ON LAW AND JUSTICE! THUS A WAR ON TRUTH AND HUMANITY AND THE GODNESS OF GOD AT ANY SENSE!
    Going geneticist, anarchism and racism collide in it.. this is the social dialectual… This is no intellect! Both sides reside in the mater of survival of the fittest with all types of conspiracies, plottaries and mercilessnesses. Patience though being hurt is no value for these parts/sides. The race and competition course in democracy teaches them the need of chemical socioeconomical warfare. This is their concept of secure and profitable warfare.
    Multitudes can be brainwashed in a macro scale only within this texture that only democracy and terrorism depictingly provides. Democracy fighting science of law promotes and produces and invokes terrorism and lives a life only via paranoia and narcistic sadist apathic megalomany: megalomany of the (very abstract entity which is the lovely monstrous ghost grater than God insidiously and sarcastically cinical) state as a super ego that has high benefits above law and life and nature!
    Democracy needs ignorance. Needs nerds. Rely on these two. Voting and banknotes.. its hocuspocus hat, its vulva, its penis, its brain.. its convention and prevention.. both its ass and face smiling grin with daggers, feathers, fur, bloody make-up of rouge (lipstick) and mustache.. bisexually chaotic.. calling itself Gay.. though Gayness is an atribute of the omnious Yehowa/God.. and this much chaotic proactivity is an abuse and desease for the created.. democracy only lies on and provide and rely on these only via banknotes and voting.. the both-two are so indirect and transitory and thus only instable.. that is only accepted taughtly-mispercepted social and individualistic madness.
    Democracy celebrates the divine and the sacred with profane celebrities! That's democracy!
    Big think!

  25. The Ruling Elite of Singapore, Michael Barr: Singapore is a system of nepotism run by Lee's family and their crony allies. Wikipedia.

  26. The most interesting thing she said was that Democracy polarizes divisions in society. But she didn't answer the question of why this is. In other words, why do we choose to divide ourselves into social groups rather than seek a solution to problems we have in common like economic inequality?

  27. I thinK she summed up what all of us have come to understand after witnessing drump win. If you havent come to any new conclusions you maybe you think drump deserved to win. That he means well. I was hoping right up to the end of the campaign that he would come out and say, just kidding! I m really going to clean the swamp! But thats not what has happened.

  28. It's not that most Americans don't want socialism. Most Americans love capitalism because they don't understand socialism and are socially engineered to lean towards capitalism, equating it with rightness.

  29. the dying mythical narrative of capitalism …works really well for some.

    …everyone left out (the majority and by design) should not be distracted form a concise 4 freedom 2nd bill of rights (vote only form those who pledge to enact it) …any other promise is just noise.

  30. Please explain why working class Americans would vote for a candidate who has spent his entire life screwing the working class (and everyone else). How many construction workers who built Trump's casinos weren't paid what they were owed? How many suppliers and subcontractors got screwed by Trump into accepting half or less of what their services were worth?

    The truth is that all of these working class Americans who admire and voted for Trump are saying, in so many words, is that THEY want to be the one screwing over people now like themselves, in order to have "The American Dream."

    You're a bunch of greedy fools. And to add insult to injury, your favorite Bible quote is "How doth it profit a man, to gain the world, but lose himself?"

    You're all worshipping the golden calf, people. What do you think will come of that?

  31. Well in reality those who preach democracy day in n day out don't believe it. To be fair democracy nowadays is hypocrisy.

  32. I work with the poor and working class everyday and am so myself. A lot of us did connect with the content of Bernie’s message, and also trump because we were pissed at the upper middle class folks and the faux democrats that were on the left. A lot went to trump to say fuck you to the slightly wealthier, “progressives” that supported Hillary—the worst candidate when we want drastic changes. So when there was no chance of radical positive change, many threw a bomb into the system by voting trump. Dems keep going with establishment, corrupt, socially progressive and straight fake ass career politicians; they will continue to lose elections.

  33. So college educated professionals with left-of-center political views are elites, but rich right-wingers have the common touch. I don't know if you believe that trope or if you are merely explaining it. I believe you actually believe it.
    Also, while celebrity culture definitely plays a role in our national political dysfunction, white identity politics plays a much bigger part.

  34. The western liberal neo-bourgoi$ie are larping as marxist revolutionnaries is the most laughable thing in our working class and poor people eyes in the third world countries !!! Hollywood celebrities larping as oppressed people, Politicians with 3 houses or more larping as $ociali$ts…. give me a break !

  35. Yet another progtard blaming the success of white people for the poverty of average citizens while giving illegal immigrants a pass.

  36. Socialism doesn't work (you talked Marx saying have and have-not) it's been tested many times. If you don't have idols to dream their status of you're living in an Ant-state where the Queen aka Mainstream media tries to control your thoughts via propaganda like they do in North Korea and control your language like they do with political correctness, just like in Nineteen-Eightyfour.

  37. This is why I'm apolitical, because most people are sadists who cream their pants at the sight of suffering and marginalize (and sometimes kill) anyone who points this out. Prosperous societies passively kill the poor, and boy do they enjoy it. They even give out pointless charity just to prolong their suffering, like a killer whale playing with a baby seal. Their orgasm lasts longer that way. Societies that are deeply conscious of their economic inefficiency actively kill the rich with a deep sense of satisfaction. Every society enjoys killing someone or other. So far in history, man has been the murderous animal. The only way to rectify this I can think of involves revising primary school curriculum to teach logic, mathematics, physics, economics, domestic law and geopolitics. Geopolitics as in: Hint: This will never happen.

  38. i hate that so many think socialism cancels out capitalism or some how limits or eliminats upward mobility. like it HAS to be a zero sum game or it does make sense. drives me bonkers

  39. As opposed to the snobby blue-collar worker who disdains education? Those who don't value education, I cannot value.

  40. The reason prosperity preachers are so successful is the people have been brain-washed from their youth of materialism. Ads are everywhere. You can't even drive down the highway without the ugly ads all over the place. Even this woman seem to think the American dream is about getting more stuffs to leave behind when you die.

  41. cartoon heavy she seems
    must be theurgy then i suspect
    not real magic but a start for the novice
    fuck barney the purple t-rex with a feeling
    i have more shits per day than his one feeling

  42. As a rural Occupy Activist who was unemployed for three years in that period, I would like to thank Amy Chua for pointing out how privileged I was to be unemployed to participate in the movement at that time. I am also Mexican American which makes me privileged enough to be incarcerated and shot to death by the police at higher rates than white people in this country.

  43. A friend that lived in a Hollywood celeb neighborhood once said:
    'They're your current neighbors with better paying jobs. That is all.'

  44. Democracy is deeply flawed as it is easily corruptible – and one of the factors that corrupt democracies is clebrity culture

  45. Because Clinton and Trump are both rich. And Trump has populist ideas.
    Striking rich through hard work is the American Dream.
    Americans hate the elite because it is an egalitarian society where everyone is equal vs Europe that is based on monarchy.
    Occupy Movement is against the excesses of Wall Street. Not against Wall Street per se.

  46. Lol you know the country is brainwashed when 'having to work' is acceptable and you look down on those trying to change their situations. Slavery 2.0.
    The fools remain divided over the most petty reasons giving them every opportunity to farm the peoples energies.

  47. Is it possible that we're hearing more of it now, because it's the popular thing or the politically beneficial thing to do ?

    this seems more likely.

  48. The working class didn't go to Trump, the rural working class did. There is a significant difference.

  49. Why are liberals obsessed with Hollywood celebrities? How can someone say they love Kim Kardashian then vote for Bernie?

  50. So it's dog eat dog. A self-destructive mentality that seems to be on the rise. I want mine,even if i have take it from some else and to hell with the results. And your working 3 jobs , ask yourself why. Sounds like a really stupid
    idea. Add to that a growing distrust of knowledge, because it conflicts with a narrow vision of the world and our place in it. This is a sign of social devolution.

  51. 1:50 uhh… sure… they want the system that has brought them to their knees and is pushing their face into the mud.
    I think this speaks to a deep flaw in both American "democracy" and the realities of capitalism.
    This chanel is declining. There's no point in big thoughts if they aren't also thorough and universally analyitical.
    Suffering less under capitalism does not a salibury steak make.

  52. Most Americans can't even spell socialism let alone define it. There is no true social democratic movement let alone power left in the USA, certainly not the Democrats. Most Americans don't even know where North Korea, Syria, Libya or Yemen are on a map but they want to bomb them ! There will be a civil war in the USA, the country is controlled by a global power wealthy elite who have no allegiance to America even if they do live there. Those that are effected the most have no idea, too distracted by superficial and contrived problems, fighting among one another or watching football. Good luck so many good people going down the toilet.

  53. – like sheeps to the slaughter hoping they will be the one that master like and will be let into the house

  54. Until 99% come down to a same page, we cannot overthrow capitalism. We are all surrounded with a lot of confusion and misunderstanding among ourselves that is hindering us from a successful revoultion.

  55. Take away God (and gods), and they are immediately replaced with celebrities. Carl Jung predicted this a century ago.

  56. She nails it! Democracy can be hijacked by oligarchs or the mob so sensible societies work on maintaining democracy and the most important factors is a society will common, core values that sustain democracy.

  57. She could've saved seven minutes and just told us "Americans are stupid and can get played out by their fears. That's never going to change. Get over it.".

  58. The American society in its final stage. Towards the end of great societies there are obsessions with single figures. The age of hyper indulgence or the obsession of hyper indulgence before the age of panic.

  59. Yet another explanation of why Donald Trump may not be the president we need, but he is assuredly the president we deserve.

  60. Isnt Amy Chua the woman who had a knock down fight w/her 14yr old daughter over practicing the violin

  61. What Americans don't understand is that Socialism is democracy and not everybody is paid the same. If you possess a skillset that is objectively valuable, you will get a better position and remuneration. However, the chance of striking it big through LUCK and CONNECTIONS is severely reduced. This is why many Americans fear Socialism because they know damn well that much of success is based on the class you are born into, luck, cronyism, nepotism and many other variables out of your control. I can pinpoint the exact luck based event in my life that took me from being a failure to being OK in life. I had nothing to do with this variable. Sure I can help to shape other aspects, but without this lucky event it would have never happened. For this very reason I can say my success was not based on hard work, but on timing and happenstance. I can admit it though.

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