How Accessible Technology Helps to Level the Playing Field for Everyone – Closed Captions

[Kristin Smedley]: When the boys were
diagnosed, we didn’t just want to be surviving blindness, we wanted them to be thriving just
like any other child. And it wasn’t until we started meeting successful
blind people that we were able to pick ourselves up, understand the tools they needed, and
then the sky was the limit for their potential and their dreams. So we have always sought out blind role models. We got to know folks like Tom at Comcast that
were changing what it means to be blind. [Tom Wlodkowski]: So I was the youngest
of four brothers, and we grew up in a suburb of Hartford, Connecticut – Southington, Connecticut. And my childhood, I think, was a pretty cool
childhood. And the blindness was just a secondary thing. It was more of an inconvenience than something
that everybody made a big deal about. If designed correctly,
technology can be a huge leveler of the playing field. And along the way, we figured out that if
you make a product more accessible, you actually make a better product for everyone else. So the role of the Accessibility team at Comcast is to open up our products to all individuals, including
people with disabilities. We want to have accessibility not even be
viewed as accessibility. It’s just part of our technology. It’s just how it works. [Kristin Smedley]: In our experience in our life raising the boys, it’s about inclusion. We’ve said inclusion since they were born. They’re included in, in schools, in sports
and everything, but then in our own home – before they weren’t able to be included in something
as simple as the TV life. And now they can explore every channel like
the rest of us. [Michael]: Jurassic World [Voice Guide]: Jurassic World. 126 minutes. Rated PG-13. Closed captions available. SAP available. [Tom Wlodkowski]: We want to empower
people through technology. We want to use accessibility to innovate. You know, if we can make a product better
for someone with a disability, imagine what that product now becomes for a customer without
a disability. We’ve accomplished a lot, but we’re just
now scratching the surface and there’s lots of innovation ahead.

Danny Hutson

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