Horrifying Unsolved Internet Mysteries

Horrifying Unsolved Internet Mysteries

Mankind can at times be really weird. Recently youth have started doing some flat-out
stupid things. They have dared each other to put salt on
their bodies, apply ice, and scar themselves from the resulting burn. Others have covered themselves with rubbing
alcohol and added fire to set themselves ablaze. Despite their concentrated chemical ingredients,
they even chewed on Tide pods and spit out their contents while taking a video or pictures. Why anyone would do this beats us, but there
are far more mysterious things. We will cover these in this episode of The
Infographics Show, Weirdest Unsolved Internet Mysteries. We will begin our discussion with some strange
behavior that started and continued on Reddit in a thread known as A858DE45F56D9BC9, or
A858 for short. It consists of one person posting encoded
text again and again and again. Many originally thought it was just a bot
until someone called it the Stonehenge of Reddit and it posted an encoded picture of
the monument. Then at another point a picture of a troll
was also included. But other than that, and occasionally a few
more strange things, the person behind A858 has simply posted nonsensical code, nonstop
for years. Some believe that it means nothing and was
simply meant to lure in curious people. Then again, a NY Post piece claimed that Mossad
was looking through Reddit for codes of numbers that gave him details on terrorist activities. But, if this were its purpose, one wonders
what he would think of the added images of the troll or of Stonehenge to his message. Those trying to solve this mystery and crack
the code face the constant challenge of everything being deleted and moved. This happens whenever it starts to gather
too much attention in one place. 4chan is yet another Internet mystery. It is a platform filled with discussions and
threads similar to Reddit in many ways with several key differences. Users are all anonymous and cannot contact
each other like in most other social media sites through things such as messages. All of its content is also automatically deleted
a certain point after it is created. In other words, users have virtually total
and complete freedom from accountability. Two subforums on the site stand out as particularly
awful next to the rest: one for the politically incorrect and another for those who engage
in self-harm, pedophilia, or violent porn. 4chan was behind stealing and releasing celebrity
nude photographs and for promoting fans cutting themselves to show support for Justin Bieber
as a prank. Users have also attempted to manipulate search
engines and polls, and working together, made a swastika trend on Google. While we know the identity of its founder:
Christopher Poole, what is a mystery is who its users are or why, without the ability
to connect in meaningful ways with one another and since the site is often quite sketchy,
they choose to use it. And speaking of 4chan leads us to a haunting
mystery of who or what is behind creepypasta Jeff the Killer. It all started when a user known as Sesseur
posted a two-and-a-half minute video. It shows Jeff as a character with bulging
eyes but otherwise no face save a creepy larger than life grin. The video’s story claims he got extensive
facial acid burns while attempting to clean out his bathtub. A few days later, Jeff’s face was given
for the user by the name of killerjeff on the Newgrounds website who pretended to speak
on behalf of the character. Now countless others have taken Jeff the Killer’s
photo for use in memes, added to his story in videos, and made Jeff the Killer video
games. Well it turns out that before all of this
fame Jeff may have been a girl named Katy. Katy Robinson posted her picture on 4chan
and after being bullied for her weight allegedly ended up killing herself. Comparing pictures of Jeff and Katy show a
similar mole and hair. It is unknown if Katy really killed herself
or not, as the main source of this knowledge was a post supposedly made by her sister. It is also unknown if it is truly her face
that was photoshopped into the creepy internet sensation known as Jeff. If true, it is quite a disturbing thing to
do. Talking about disturbing, while in the first
part of the Weirdest Unsolved Internet Mysteries series we discussed the suspected presence
of snuff videos, here we will mention web-based red rooms. Red rooms, while similar in some ways, differ
from snuff videos for two reasons. The first is that as someone is killed or
tortured you can watch it in real-time via live streaming. The second is that the audience can at times
decide what is done to the person, by of course, submitting Bitcoin payment. Suddenly while uploading snuff videos of true
violent crimes seemed bad enough, some crazies on the web just went all out and took it several
steps further. Of course, whether a video is truly being
streamed live and the audience can actually pay to join in, remains a mystery. As well as where the exact place to access
these videos even is. For obvious reasons those who engage in red
room activities must remain unfindable to both the general public as well as law enforcement
employees. It’s definitely possible that people can
get away with these things as even spyware targeting officials around the world can remain
undetected. Let’s explore the mystery that is GhostNet,
created because someone somewhere wants to know what the Dalai Lama and thousands of
others in key locations are up to. It was first discovered when the Tibetan leader
asked for his computer to be analyzed for the presence of malware. An inspection discovered much more than he
had bargained for. A massive electronic spying system was found
that was stealing information not only from the Dalai Lama’s computer but from 1,294
others located in 103 different countries. These included computers in embassies, ministries,
and other types of government offices. While it is known that many countries use
computers to collect critical intel, this operation was traced to three provinces in
China and a company in California. It is unknown whether this was the work of
the Chinese government, a private party, or some professional hacker citizens. Whoever they are, with the ability to remotely
activate cameras and audio-record conversations they have surely come upon some juicy information. Other nosy individuals may have stumbled upon
shocking government secrets as well. Hacker Gary McKinnon infiltrated NASA’s
website defenses in 2002, an action that put him in danger of a 70-year prison sentence
and fines up to $2 million. He has made several bold claims about what
he found. These include documents on alien spacecraft,
anti-gravity technology, and zero-point energy. He also mentions The Disclosure Project which
supposedly contains 400 testimonials from individuals who discuss things taken from
the ships of aliens. Apparently, NASA even has an area called Building
8 at the Johnson Space Center that airbrushes out spaceships from captured satellite images. Though, some believe the only reason McKinnon
has made such claims is to divert the focus away from his actions. Others question whether or not what he says
could be true. Now, in Part I we mentioned the Deep Web,
the Dark Web, and Marianas Web, but some believe these levels go much further. In this case, after Marianas Web, labeled
as level 5, come the even more mysterious levels of 6 through 8. Though, level 6 is considered merely an intermediary
level that takes people one step closer to Level 7. In other words, little to nothing is actually
known about it except that it is there, at least in theory, and is the last step before
things get wicked scary. Also, it is supposedly the last layer of the
web you can access before you need quantum computing, though some claim it is needed
even to get to Marianas Web. In other words, without the right technology
you might as well accept that you will never reach very deep. Now, you may be wondering what on earth quantum
computing even is. As far as we know, the technology behind it
is quite new and, at least where the general public is concerned, not yet readily available. Companies including Microsoft, IBM, Intel,
and Google are currently working on perfecting it which they estimate may take some time,
or up to ten years. The effort will be worth it. A quantum computer has the ability to exponentially
outperform a regular computer by using qubits for its data and not the binary bits of your
normal PC. This means that it can process information
at a much faster pace as well as successfully take on the most complicated of problems. But again, this technology, as far as we are
aware, is not yet capable of this. For those who have what it takes, if such
technology is in operation at a high enough level somewhere in existence, they, and they
alone, can journey both up to and beyond level 6. Who these people would be and how they would
get this type of technology while it is still in development everywhere else is yet another
unsolved mystery. Whoever they are, with the use of advanced
computers they can supposedly reach Level 7, or the level of Fog and Virus Soup. Though, really it should be named something
more along the lines of Vomit and Diarrhea as everyone at this point is frantically spewing
out gobs and gobs of code. It is here that all men and women are trying
to find a way to the next level and simultaneously working to destroy each other to prevent anyone
else from getting there first. Finally comes the very last and deepest darkest
level of the Internet that everyone at the prior level is desperately attempting to enter,
or Level 8. This is the Primarch System and is considered
what completely controls the Internet. It is not run by any group or the government
and no one knows enough to even describe what exactly it is. Its existence was first discovered in the
2000’s and though it fails to respond to those attempting to contact it, some claim
that every now and then it has randomly sent out commands. These are then broadcast across the Internet. Those more in the know than others claim that
The Primarch System is flat out inaccessible due to an unbreakable level 17 quantum t.r.001
level function lock, whatever in the world that is. However, the missing link may be that while
a normal computer would fail to break it, the lock is something that could be solved
with quantum technology and a programmer with all the right skills. We at the Infographics Show, you may or may
not be surprised to find out, have absolutely no access to these or most of the previously
mentioned levels. We are quite happy staying at the first levels
of the web where we feel safe and there is little that is scary. But, while we don’t know if they truly exist
and we were unable to find any real evidence to confirm their existence, they are quite
weird to think about and we do enjoy a good mystery. What are the creepiest unsolved Internet mysteries
that you know of? Let us know in the comments! Also, be sure to check out our other video
called Weirdest Unsolved Internet Mysteries Part 1! Thanks for watching, and, as always, don’t
forget to like, share, and subscribe. See you next time!

Danny Hutson

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  2. The Primarch System soumds super fake especially the part about needing the Level 17 quantum T.R.001 level 1 function lock to access it.

  3. Going against 'Political correctness' or being 'politically incorrect' is in a large part the result of having it pushed on people, and is not necessarily bad thing, as you make the term seem when you reference the 4chan imageboard. Political correctness has gone way overboard around world and is causing extreme and unnecessary censorship, and is ultimately hurting the world more than helping.

  4. Gary McKinnon used existing malware exploits. He did nothing new. He is not a hacker but used tools other hackers created. Real, actual hackers like me take offense.

  5. There’s been an interview with the creator of Jeff the Killer. He explains how he made that famous creepy face, he put a clear wrap over his face and bulging fake eyes then over saturated the image.

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  9. Building 8 is a real place of interest. My father who is a government agent for the air force. He has been to area 51, i always asked what is there he always replied nothing of great importance but building 8 is where you should be looking instead.

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