Home Phone Troubleshoot: Test Line Filters | AT&T

Home Phone Troubleshoot: Test Line Filters | AT&T

So we have a dial tone
outside the house, but we don’t have
one inside the house. So this next step involves
shutting off the modem. Now this is going to temporarily
suspend your Internet connection and this video,
so I suggest sitting back, relaxing for a moment
and watching this section before you
start your troubleshooting. So the first step
is turning off your modem. And all you do is simply
turn it off, switch it off, or unplug the
power to your modem. If your phone works and you have
a dial tone with your modem off, that’s good news. It means you have a DSL filter somewhere in your house
that’s not working. A DSL filter simply
is a small box– looks like this– a couple of jacks and it fits
into your wall. You will have a DSL filter
plugged into each phone in your house. So for this first step, you’re going to take your phone
over to the first DSL filter, unplug it, and plug your phone
directly into the wall and listen for a dial tone. If you find a dial tone,
congratulations. You just unplugged
the bad DSL filter. If you didn’t have
a dial tone, no problem. Just go on to the next
DSL filter in your house, and repeat these steps. With any luck
you’ll find the bad filter. And when you do,
just simply remove it. Your phones will
work fine without it. You can pick up a new one
for a few bucks at your local AT&T store. So if you have tried
all your filters and they’re working fine, and you still don’t get
a dial tone inside the house, there’s one more
thing we can try. And I’ll show you that
in the next video.

Danny Hutson

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  1. Why do I have to turn off the modem for a landline phone? My cable/internet is via Comcast, but the landline ATT?

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