Hoa Lan TV: Độc Chiêu Dùng Men Nở Tưới Hoa Lan Phát Triển Thần Kỳ

Hoa Lan TV: Độc Chiêu Dùng Men Nở Tưới Hoa Lan Phát Triển Thần Kỳ

Hi everyone My name is Thanh Hang I’ve been living in Hungary for 35 years I really love plants Especially those living indoor The advantage of living in Europe is that I could learn some tricks that people use here For instance the utilisation of fresh yeast which we dissolve in water to water the plants Its most beneficial effect is the multiplication of the roots After using this method for 2 years I admit that this has outstanding results The plants grew faster
and more flowers appeared Fresh yeast is often used to bake bread
and all kinds of cakes It is a type of probiotics which contains many cells Saccharomyces Under 4 celsius these cells are in sleeping mode
and do not work Consequently the fresh yeast must be stored in cold shelves (as seen in supermarkets) and transported in refrigirated vans When the tempreture increases these cells become active and during its activity it produces CO2 Because of the CO2
the pernicious bacteria cannot evolve Thus it allows the roots and flowers to develop faster You can also look this up online This video will only concern fresh yeast Dry yeast do not accomplish the same result Furthermore, it contains a harmful preservative for plants Those of you who cannot acquire fresh yeast should use dry yeast powder to make fresh yeast (videos of this can be found online) This fresh yeast can be found in almost every country in Europe in some form You can find it in dairy shops in refrigirated places In Vietnam it is easiest to find it in bakeries or pastry shops When watering the plants, it is not a problem if you have too much water
(in which you dissolved the yeast) But do NOT keep it for later use (next day or later) You can water almost all plants and vegetables with this water Now I will show you how I dissolve it usually in water to water orchids This cube of fresh yeast was produced in Europe In Europe in almost every country they pack it into 40 or 50g cubes This is cube is 50g However in Vietnam You can usually buy it only in half or one kilo packs So if you cannot buy small cubes just try to cut it into this size So here I opened it Put it into a bowl or a pot And crush it into little pieces This 50g should be dissolved in 10 litres of water This 10 litres of water can be tap water or mineral water
it doesn’t matter However, I recommend you to prepare this 10l of water into a container the day before so that it will contain less chlorine
and the water will be at room temperature Now, to this crushed up yeast add a bit of of warm water Mix it well,
and leave it for 10 minutes This is the dissolved yeast 50g in warm water Take the water
(I prepared this the day before) This is approximately 10 litres If you made the fresh yeast from dry yeast it is difficult to measure the 50g due to its wet texture So just try to achieve this colour You don’t have to be too precise Try not to make it too dense It can be more watery but not too dense Now, I will show you there are 3 ways I water my orchids The first one is to soak it into water
(this is what I will show in this video) The second, if it’s too big,
we pour the water directly onto the soil Thirdly, we spray it onto the roots The third method concern those plants which are not planted into soil and the roots are attached to a wooden plank This is the first method, the soaking The water should go up until almost the pot’s edge I let the pots soak in the water for approximately 15 minutes Do not let this water to remain in the bottom of the pot Transfer it into a smaller pot,
so that the remaining water can flow out If this water remain in the bottom of the pots Then after a while you can notice a certain smell, which can be quite unpleasant The best plants to soak into yeast are newly planted ones or young plants These plants will accustome to the soil very effectively due to the new roots After taking out the pot from the water Do NOT reuse the water among orchids If certain orchids are contaminated, reusing this water can pass the malady very easily as orchids are sensitive However, you can reuse it with other plants Now, I will use it for this cactus Cactuses really like fresh yeast If you look at it,
many flowers appeared thanks to it And it grew very fast And now, I put the orchids back into their original pots,
after all the remaining water flowed out Do this around once every 2 weeks Newly planted and yound plants Can be watered with this once every week Between these times of watering with yeast you should still water the plants with normal water if they require it Just water them normally as you would between these times Don’t think that if you water them with yeast water then you do not need normal water I would like to introduce you one of my orchids, A Dendrobium Farmeri Orchid Last summer lots of flowers appeared When these flowers withered I soaked the plant in yeast water once a week And many new roots developed

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