History Of Internet | Internet की दुनिया – Episode 1 | NEWJ

History Of Internet | Internet की दुनिया – Episode 1 | NEWJ

Internet Your day begins and ends with this the mere thought of living without this
will give you goosebumps Either you wish to transfer money
or book a movie ticket We need the internet for almost everything without the internet, today’s world is such like a well without water but while using the internet,
did this thought ever cross your mind that where did internet come from? Before 1957, computers
could only work on 1 task at a time To resolve this issue a concept of ‘time sharing’ was introduced where the data from 1 computer could be
shared with multiple other peoples In 1969, the United States Advanced Research Agency started working on ARPANET the reason this network was invented
was to simplify communication in the coming time, this network became
a base for the Internet Before ARPANET, Scientists used to
share their research data in a common package which was a difficult process to transfer the data but ARPANET resolved this issue for scientists ARPANET divided the data shared
by scientists into small data packets which used to reconstruct
upon reaching their destination scientists could easily share
their data with the use of ARPANET they never faced any difficulty while sharing the data by 1970, many such networks
were introduced but because the networks were made in different places it was difficult to communicate within these networks to patch this communication gap… Internet’s language, i.e
TCP-IP was introduced TCP-IP became one such official language which patched the communication gap
between these networks once and for all Years after the APRANET and TCP-IP was introduced in 1972, a network named Cyclades started in France this network was a new
and improved version of ARPANET the objective of this network was to simplify the communication between other networks and this is how the word ‘Internet’ was founded In which ‘INTER’ which means among others
and ‘NET’ which meant network by 1975, the communication had already started between these networks this is how the Internet was born in 1976, after the birth of the Internet..
emails started to develop on ARPANET because of emails, the communication between scientists became much easier than before because of the internet’s non-commercial nature,
the communication was mainly text-based the credit to commercialize the internet goes to A scientist from Britain named Tim Berners Lee he was a scientist who used to extensively
research about universe and aliens to simplify the communication
between him and other scientists Tim Berners Lee joined HTTP, HTML and URL and introduced a browsing platform for the internet this platform was called ‘WWW’
which meant World Wide Web no one knows who invnted the Internet but major credit of getting the internet
to the people goes to Tim Berners Lee after the World Wide Web was invented,
the internet started spreading among commoners during the first days of the internet,
many companies saw growth in it and because of this, they began to invest in the internet today, people cannot imagine
their lives without the internet internet is solely responsible for
this video that you are watching today

Danny Hutson

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