Hermitcraft 6: Episode 12 – The 4 BIOMES!

Hello everyone, this is Mumbo and welcome back to another episode on the Hermitcraft server, it is Episode 12 And today we’re starting things off in my new underwater bunker. Look at this place we built it in the previous episode of Hermitcraft and I have to say I Mean, I just I love update aquatic. Update aquatic, It’s just, it’s fantastic. It’s amazing. It’s absolutely amazing It’s just it’s completely changed the way that we can play MineCraft You can now do underwater builds without them looking horrendously ugly. It makes me happy seeing this sort of thing because These features, I mean, they’re about four years too late. And that’s not me being- that’s not me saying anything negative, I’m just saying they make so much sense, and they’re amazing. I absolutely love it So I’m really really happy with this build and I can’t wait to do more underwater builds in the future But for today’s episode we are not going to be working underwater We are going to be working up here in This rather enormous base that we have created or at least the storage system. This is just the storage system. Oh Oh Boy, so the first thing that we have to do is we have to split this thing up into walkways so I’m gonna grab myself actually some hardened concrete I think I think we’ll go hardened concrete for The edge of the walkway and then we might end up reflecting what we have going on here so plenty plenty of nether quartz going on and then each one of these walkways on the top side is going to make up one arm of My storage system. Actually before I do anything we’ve got to do all the sides of this thing. So in a recent Hermitcraft episode, I think it was Episode 10 Yeah, we did this side here and now I’m coming back Yeah I really like the way that it looks, we have to place in all the concrete on the top all the concrete at the bottom and Then all of the packed ice as well. That’s actually quite a big project. Okay, so I’ve got plenty of gravel I’ve just crafted up a bunch more Concrete but we might actually be running low on sand. Okay, I’ve got just enough to make another nine stacks of concrete, But I don’t know if that’s going to be enough to do all of the concrete that we need here. Thankfully we had enough to do the outer rings. So that’s all gone Well, and we have the concrete going around the outside there. Now, It is time to get the packed ice, now packed ice is something that I’m fairly certain Yeah, I have very little off that is nowhere near enough Do I not have more of that? I swear I’ve got loads of the stuff. Whoa hang on a minute! I’ve just realized! So I was just admiring Iskall’s build that he’s done here There’s Diorite in the fl- This is ISKALL’S build! And he’s put Diorite on the floor I’m- (Mumbo tries to find something to say about this atrocity) Are we on the- Am I on the Hermitcraft server? I can’t be on the Hermitcraft server. Surely I’m not on the Hermitecraft server. I am. I was on the Hermitcraft server. This is Hermitecraft Season 6 And Iskall is building in Diorite! He’s got something wrong with him. Something’s happened to Iskall I’m gonna have to have a talk to I’m gonna have to talk with him Anyway, we need more packed ice So I’m currently on the lookout for places that I can get it that isn’t going to make Iskall’s base ugly. And Apparently Grian knows of a good spot. So he’s coming over and he’s gonna let me know where to go This is promising. Oh He’s just given – he’s given me loads of Pa- that’s very- thank you You know, I feel really guilty that I just thought he was gonna come over and tag me With a massive thanks to Grian, The packed ice going around the outside of the frisbee is now all in place. So next up We’re going to build up the walkways and you may notice that these walkways are actually going to be slightly wider than the bottom ones and that’s because we want plenty of space for the storage system because the storage system I dont really know what to do in terms of the design I think I’m going to be using the old school hoppers design because the one that we built in the last Season of Hermitcraft Just ran into problems whenever we used to unload the chunks. So I think I’m going to have a bit of an old-school design But I don’t know whether to make an arc up and over or to have it on like one flat layer I almost like the idea of just having a flat layer of chests. I think that would look- I think that’ll look cool Things are coming together pretty nicely here The next thing that we have to do is we need to get all of the quartz in place For these central sections and unfortunately once again, I am totally out, of quartz So I think we’re gonna have to do a one-hour quartz mining session and hopefully we get enough to actually fill in these walkways here now in this super fast time-lapse chat I just want to talk to you about the campervan because for those you don’t know I own a 1974 T2 Vw Bay-window camper van if you haven’t seen it before there’s pictures of it on my Instagram this picture of it on the filming Channel There’s there’s pictures of it pretty much everywhere. I absolutely love that thing it was my dream car when I was a kid and I got one last year and We’ve been putting on around it I’ve done about I think probably about 12,000 miles in it which is pretty good for a classic car no real problems apart for- I mean Obviously the standard stuff like the carbs broke the alternator broke fuel leak yeah, There’s been quite a few problems, but it’s a classic car It’s now running absolutely perfectly and over the last couple months me and Vicky have been restoring it on the inside So not necessarily restoring it. We’ve been renovating it giving in an all-new interior because the interior was all completely blue So we stripped all of that out We’ve used all reclaimed materials and just odd bits and pallet slats and coffee sacks and everything And it’s come together Amazingly, I’m so so happy so I’ll be posting pictures of it on Twitter and Instagram over the next couple days so you can see because I’m just so proud and I’m really really proud of Vicky because Vicky has put her heart and soul into it and it looks amazing so I just can’t wait to get out in it and Go on trips in it and get camp out because it’s honestly one of my favorite things to do That was actually pretty successful. I mean as you can see we have got ourselves a whole ton of nether quartz blocks, hopefully That is going to be enough to do all of the walkways. I mean, it should be in theory. I think that’s probably about 18 stacks of slabs Maybe slightly more than- yeah slightly more than Maybe maybe it might be enough Let’s pop back over to the base and I hope that we don’t die in the process We made it and now it’s time for me to go to sleep because it is a silly o’clock at this point in time in the studio So I’m gonna head off and I will come back and finish up my projects tomorrow morning. Well my game crashed overnight I swear I haven’t had one successful AFK session for this entire season of hermitcraft Ridiculous, we’re never gonna get pumpkins. Anyway, despite that failure. All of the quartz is now on all of the floor So that’s all looking good I’ve also put quartz around that central circle now, so that should all be done at our base is looking very pearly whites I do need to put in the concrete in both of those though anyway Next up the it’s sea lanterns making their way across and I think the only way that I can really think of doing this Is by having the sea lanterns popping up now Let me know down in the comments section what you think to this because I mean I’m not it’s not that I’m not I’m not hundred percent certain on it. I quite like it I think it adds depth but it could be annoying when I walking around and it’s also made me thought they’ve made slabs and stairs for all of the different prismarine blocks Can you imagine how cool it would have been if they had made a sea lantern slab. That would have been ridiculous. This looks totally Ridiculously cool. I Absolutely LOVE the sea lanterns in the top section. It looks also Expensive. I don’t know how to describe it. Then it looks like an expensive- well thats because it is an expensive build There’s lots of quartz in this thing and all the materials are quite difficult to get but yeah know this looks fantastic Okay, right next we’re going to start work on the biomes. Finally. We’re gonna get that started and I’d say the first biome that I want to do is I actually want to do desert now that may seem like a ridiculous thing but I mean all of these biomes are going to be kind of they’re like bespoke biomes I guess We’re going to be taking a leaf out Of scars’ book and we might actually be taking scar out of his book and bring him over to my base to do some terraforming because yeah, well, I I’m gonna take a leaf out of his book by trying to add some Some nicer elements to each biome that I create and I think the biomes I’m gonna go for are desert, nice flowers I’m thinking like the palm tree biome that we did for the island in Hermitcraft season 5 and then maybe an icy biome, but I’m not a hundred percent certain on that I’m really hoping for silk touch here. Really hoping for silk touch. Really hoping for silk touch… That’s actually about as good as we can get because now we can pop over to impulse’s place and get silk touch and Boom, there we go touch shovel, right. Let’s gather up a whole ton of grass cuz we are going to need a whole ton of grass now I think I’m going to do this is I’m going to lay out the foundations so the foundations of every single one of these biomes is going to be laid in so I’m going to placing all the blocks so that we get all of the different shapes and sizes and Then we can take the leaf out of scars book soon. Once we actually get all of this laid out Obviously we can’t be doing decorative stuff if we don’t actually have the main basis in place So this one is going to be grass. I guess that one would be grass Then this one can be desert and this can be something else then we get the alternating It’s a little bit unfortunate that this, there is just there’s a few sections of the grass Where I think here we’d be considered. Yeah. We’re in the ocean So we’re way over the obviously why don’t I have to check on f3 To see if I was over the ocean. I’m obviously over the Ocean, but that does mean that our grass color Isn’t quite as vibrant as it is somewhere like over here. Am I going crazy? Yeah, here here This is what I was looking for. Either way. Okay, we’re gonna need to get some mounds in and just some nice Terraforming stuff. I’m terrible at this Oh, I’m curious. Actually. I’ve done it a little bit. What’s this gonna do to our water It’s gonna darken it, isn’t it especially once it actually gets dark up there. I mean we might need to work something out Oh dear. Yeah now that we’ve got more in. Oh that is gone pitch-black. Okay, we’re gonna need Sea lanterns above all the water I think and that’s gonna be a lot The other thing is this is going to use lots upon lots upon lots of resources We’ve already used one full inventory of grass and we’re probably about halfway done with one of the modules We still have another module to do and then the other two which are going to be made out of sand which I’ve just realized So for the desert one, we’re going to need to do a full flat area of something like dirt So that we can then place the sand on top. Ah, why did I choose to build a desert? I believe this should be the final few blocks, I think this Is going to do it. I’m not a hundred percent certain but That all looks pretty solid to me. Okay, let’s take off and let’s fly around and let’s see how this thing is looking Answer is obviously it looks like it’s been terraformed by me You know what? It’s not that unnatural It’s alright, it’s not it’s not terrible Obviously once you get more trees in there, and we actually get some things going on Then it will be absolutely fine. The thing I’m curious about now is Is, what on earth is it going to look like underneath? Yeah, that’s dark Wow Wow What on earth do we do about that Geez, I think what I’m going to do is is I’m going to fill in all of these blocks here So we’re going to do the other grass module, which is obviously this one. I’m going to terraform it in a fairly similar way and Then we can start working out how we’re going to do the other modules and I’ve been thinking I think the other one So we’re going through one desert and then I think the other one should be ocean I think having an ocean one, Especially with all of the new things that we have in this update would be really really cool You know what’s really funny is that at the end of hermitcraft season five? I said that I was actually gonna tone things down for this season and I was maybe going to work on slightly smaller builds and Now I’ve gone and just built something Probably bigger than anything I built in hermitcraft season five and it’s only going to expand from here, I dont know whats wrong with me… And I dread to think what hermitcraft season 7 is gonna look like I’m gonna need my own separate server so we have a slight problem doc (Docm) wants it to stay dark because he’s trying to farm phantoms, but There’s no torches anywhere in this entire build and stuff is spawning by the bucketload everywhere This could end badly for me I think. Somehow I’ve managed to survive this. I’ve managed to stay alive, and I’ve managed to get everything constructed on that side as well and Yeah, I mean it looks it’s so difficult to tell if this I mean obviously just a flat area of grass Isn’t exactly going to be awe inspiring at all in the slightest I Feel like it’s a good start though It does make you start to doubt your own like ideas for what you want to- No, No, I know this is gonna look cool. Once this is lit up and has builds on it I think it’s gonna be, I think it’s gonna be a good one It’s quite different from anything that I’ve done before. But yeah, this is ridiculous. Now that I’m looking this is totally ridiculous Yeah, that’s pretty sweet that’s pretty sweet, okay, so as I said So one of these sides is gonna be a desert which is going to be a pain in the backside to do because obviously we’re gonna have to fill in all the blocks at the Bottom and then we’re going to have do all the sand The other side I think is going to be an ocean Which is equally going to be a pain in the backside to do because filling things in with water is always quite tricky So I guess yet more resource gathering is required here So I’ve brought four shulker boxes with me, and I’ve just repaired up my shovel So two of these shulker boxes are going to be for sand and two of them are going to be for dirt once again Because the dirt is going to make up the bottom of the ocean. I apologize. Mr. Rabbit but kind of in the way mate I’m sort of regretting not having mending on my shovel This has already been repaired three times and it’s probably going to start getting too expensive at some point Also, I’m regretting taking out the dirt underneath this area Yeah, okay, let’s move over here get out of this water zone I’m in what on earth is DocM doing he has been killed by phantom probably about eight or nine times and It’s the middle of the day He must be doing something crazy. Well, as you can hear this, there’s some serious construction work going on right outside my window So I think for these two sections here, I’m going to do them in the form of a third person time-lapse It makes more sense. Anyway, it’s gonna look super satisfying should end up looking really cool. So yeah sand ocean Let’s do this. This is gonna be a long one So in this super fast time-lapse chat I want to talk to you about my plans for the next couple of months because out of nowhere It’s just gone completely crazy I’ve filled myself up with tons of traveling and tons of really cool projects and things I’m super excited about So the first thing is is that I’m going to be going back to the Philippines if everything works out I’m going to be going back to the Philippines in About two weeks. Now as you know, I went to the Philippines earlier on in the year I absolutely loved it. And this filming project came up that would allow us to go to the Philippines and obviously that is like a match made in heaven for me because I absolutely loved filming and I have seen the Philippines so obviously we’ve jumped at that opportunity And hopefully as I say, we’re going to be leaving yet in the next couple of weeks, which is pretty short notice So I’m gonna have to get everything prepared and time is gonna be a bit hectic and then later on in September I’m heading off to Boston. So I’m going back to the US that’s going to be cool. And then also I’m heading off to Italy for a Relatives or family members wedding which is extremely cool actually my first ever wedding and it’s in Italy which is going to be gorgeous So I can’t wait for that and in between that I also have a handful of filming projects not only for the filming channel But also got some mini documentary shoots that are going to be on other YouTube channels including one YouTube channel Which I absolutely love and it’s something I’ve always aspired to and it is to do with cars and an automotive stuff So we’ve got a mini documentary set up With an awesome car with an awesome owner and we’re going to be filming that over the next couple weeks And I just- I can’t wait. I seriously can’t wait So there’s all of this has just kicked off in the past couple weeks, which means I’m incredibly busy But also really really happy to be working on cool stuff Alright, we’ve reached a point where I thought it would be a good idea to stop and chill out and see how far we’ve managed to come and I mean obviously this is yeah, this is this is pretty impressive We’ve managed to get we’ve managed to get all of the areas in place as you can see I’ve actually I kind of changed my- so Originally when I was building the ocean one because that one over there is going to be ocean one It was just going to be purely water but then I thought it’d be quite cool if we got some some grass and some sand around it and then in the center we’d Have the water and then maybe we’d have like a small little island on in there and then a bridge going across and things So that’s kind of the plan for that one but It’s uh… Yeah, I mean I do, I like I like this idea I just It’s gonna need so much work To get it looking good. And I also feel now that I’m looking at this that we need a slightly thicker border going around- Around the edge Maybe some concrete bordering going around Because it looks like a very fine edge on the side there Hmm Yeah, this is this is gonna be tough See my only other idea that I had for this area is that we keep it pretty much flat see No, I don’t think that would look very good I think it will look best once we get all of everything in place like everything in place and We get all of the bone meal in and we get all of the the cobblestone spikes and we get we get some really nice Terraforming then in here. I see we have a desert temple have some cacti We have all of the sandstone slabs and things making it all look smooth and stuff And then on this one, this will be the flowery one So you get some cool trees in there and we get some crazy kind of mystical looking builds Like all of that will come together and then obviously in the center here We’ll have our storage system and that’s where well that’s where our storage system is gonna be so that’s kind of where I am at this point in time, but this Its kind of scared me a little bit. So I think I’m going to leave it for now And I think I’m going to take a think about it and I’m just gonna try and come up with some ideas Maybe smooth this out a little bit as well because this is a bit strange looking. So we’ll work on that But yeah, this is this looking good though. I’m happy It’s just this is a big old project and I want to get it right As I said earlier on in the episode as well. I believe we still have our free terraforming tasks that we have from scar So it might be worth actually bringing scar over and having him help out once for you So once we get the deed So we’ll get some of the details in place and we’ll do some work on it and then we’ll bring scar it because obviously this Is huge, we don’t wanna- we don’t want to burden scar with a massive enormous project So we’ll get like a lot of the details in place and we’ll get the start and then scar can come in and he can do some of the finishing touches and just make it look really pretty but Unfortunately, ladies and gentlemen, that is actually all I’ve got time for today. I really do Hope you’ve enjoyed this video If you did, please be sure to hit that like button and if you really loved it then make sure to subscribe But thanks for watching guys. This is Ben mumbo, and I’m out, seeya later. *Awesome Outro Music Plays* *Awesome Outro Music Keeps Playing*

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