Hermitcraft 5: Episode 94 – AUTO WHEAT FARM!

Hello everyone this is mumbo welcome back to another episode on the hermit craft surver it is episode 93 and today We are starting things off with a massive frame drop Did you just see that that was like slide show straight away in the episode? We’re starting things off inside my new door store. This is it and as you can see It has a very nice door on the front of it now some of you have made some suggestions for extra things I can add In and I might do those in near future, but for now I’m really happy with this place. I like it It’s very gray, but that looks pretty cool to me anyway to start things off. I just have three things I want to tell you about number one is about the discord server Yeah thirteen thousand people joined at once and it was just mayhem like pure mayhem No matter what sort of automation. I had no matter what moderators I had there were so many people there that we can actually keep up with it so currently. It’s in read-only mode But that will be switching over soon once We decide that it’s manageable, and we’re kind of going to do it quietly so you don’t get the sudden influx of people joining That’s kind of the plan their thing number two is the fact that I now have 50 terabytes of memory Sorry, I just feel like saying that very loudly because my computer has 50 terabytes Not inside it because it’s in an ass, but 50 terabytes What the heck? 2017 is crazy, it’s not really 50 terabytes. It’s actually 45 the ten terabyte harddrive Actually only have 9 terabytes of usable space and I’ve got a slight raid setup going so if one of the hard drives fails Then it’s not going to lose all of the files so I actually only have about 30 terabytes, but that’s still 30 terabytes That’s insane and then the third thing is something very exciting is arriving order day this video releases I am I am over the moon with it. I’m just I can’t wait Oh and before I get in tons of comments down in the comment section storage space 50 terabytes of storage Space not memory. I’m aware that their difference It’s just I’m retraining my brain a little bit anyway regardless of all that we’ve got some serious plans to start on in today’s hermitcraft episode as you the farming districts. They’ve been left alone a little bit lately that actually reminds me looking over There are your designs for this thing have been really really interesting So I’m going to be Just going through a lot of them and seeing what you’ve come up with because there’s been some crazy ones But anyway for this side we have got loads of different types of villager farms But there is one type of villager farm that we don’t have and that Is the wheat farm so we’re going to be constructing that today? It’s slightly different to this design It involves mine carts and things so we’re gonna have to do a little bit of redstone here now I was planning on building it at this height, but I actually Do if you don’t look good? He might be a little bit too tall. I’m also building it out of dark prismarine whereas, this is built out of light prismarine Hmm I Feel like I should drop it down a few blocks so the base of this thing has now been fully constructed I’ve dropped it down a few blocks so now it’s kind of level with this layer right here The next thing that we have to do is we have to add in all of the minecart rail So there’s a quick explanation I kind of briefly explained this earlier on and we’re going to have another farming villager like this guy And he’s going to be on a platform above us and his inventory is going to be filled with seeds I think it’s seeds Yeah, it’s not wheat its seeds because the idea is is that he will harvest the wheat And he’ll pick up the seeds he can replant the seeds and replant all the wheats But the actual wheat itself will stay on the floor and then the minecart that’s going to be on this layer is going to be traveling around like this Just picking up all of the wheats that is left on the dirt up above and then it will transport It across it will put it through into some form of drop a system And then will drop it out into this water stream, and it will make its way into the storage system That is kind of the plan so we are going to need a whole bunch of minecart rails for this one And I am still terrible with this at elytra and in typical mumbo-jumbo fashion. I have done. It completely wrong completely Wrong it needs to feed back into this one. I’ve left a gap here. It doesn’t make any sense in this area It’s not gonna work Nice now I should mention this design it is by Crewe productions I will put a link to it down in the description. It was released in 2014 I’ve used it once in the past I think on the previous hermit craft season And it works really really nicely if you want the tutorial then that’s where to find it I’ve got say the powering the powered rails is really difficult I have my second account logged in and it’s flowing above this thing so I can Roughly, match up where I need to be placing them, but still it’s a lot of trial and error Just as a tip for anyone who’s building this for themselves Make a pattern out of where you actually placing these powered rails because this is taking a really Long time to power all of these so now that that is finally done I managed to match up all of the levers with the powered rails, which once again. I want to reiterate Make a pattern. I’ve just had a thought When I was building this I could have just used redstone blocks That would have saved me a lot of time What are you several resources, but it would have saved me a whole ton of time anyway regardless of that We’re now starting work on the platform I’m going to do this And I’m doing going to do all of the glass around the edge so that our villager can’t escape it because that would be bad News oh, but of course I have forgotten one right. Let’s see if we can do it I Think it was there No that definitely felt wrong that felt wrong But it was right This is looking great so we’ve got all of the dirt in place and we have all of the glass in place as well the next thing that we Have to do is I’m actually going to shoot over to the villager, so we’re going to need to create yet another insanely long minecart track which runs all the way from over here to this platform over here and We have got to get ourselves a brown coat villager now. We’re not going to get that guy because he’s a beast This chap here is a farmer. I kind of don’t want to use a farmer. We just need him to be brown coat Shepherd okay, so we’re gonna get him drop him out the system right now, and he will make his way across We then need to redirect this we also need to fill his inventory with seats Part one of the process is pretty much completed We have got a very long track running it all the way across you guys recognize this shape here And I’ve to say I got very lucky there not to fall off the edge But this is eventually going to make its way down into the platform now if you’re wondering why I haven’t tilled the soil Before dropping the villager in is because in her me craft season four I had a bit of a nasty experience in the the villager traveled through the block and Somehow in his mind car ended up landing on top of the mine cart rattles of the hair and then shooting around the system Taking all sorts of damage. It was it was it was hilarious, but also horrible, so hopefully we can stop that from happening Ah this has not got off to a very good start. I did not notice that the water was gone from here So now he’s ended up there Thankfully unlike most things to do with villages that has gone smoothly, but actually when despite the bad start really well He’s in there, and he’s just seen pretty so now I have to AH There this should be This is definitely missing something It’s missing a slab and also this is stopped working what’s going on in this area? Ah Things have really slowed down on the seed game front and now they’ve sped up as soon as I start recording They’ve absolutely shot through the roof and now we’re getting fast speeds. Well. I suppose. That’s a good thing I’m just gonna have to keep recording as long as possible Yep, just get my seeds Since you slowing down again, but now it’s sped back up We can’t like one seed every five seconds so that should just about do that That’s all of the seeds for this so this error is now fully filled in now We just need to give the eight stacks of seeds to our villager And I need to make sure if I throw any wheat in this villager Then that will ruin this entire thing so here goes one two three four five six Seven and then I need my ender chest for the eighth one that’s just quickly dirt and that and that is eight Okay, so he should now have all of those if we throw anything else on the floor Let’s throw some more seeds down we can see them He’s not picking them up. I’m picking them up. He’s not picking them up Definitely not Definitely not so his inventory is now completely filled in right we can now I’m really scared because I don’t want this guy to get out so we need to break down Need to break down this guy’s minecart. We need to till the soil underneath him and Then he will be free now. I’m assuming he doesn’t know that he can get on top of this block. I’m assuming that I’m crossing my fingers for that because I’m gonna do it I’m gonna break him out There we go, so he is now out if we till this soil and nudge him off this block So that we can till this soil and then planting all these seeds, that’s all good Now we need to make sure that he doesn’t escape now There we go One villager in the wheat farm all done and dusted listing is now working It’s now fully functional Hopefully he’s not too close to that village over there, but I imagine he’s not this actually works I have to say the one thing that frustrates me about working with villages is that you have to build such massive Transportation systems just to move one of them Look how far this minecart track has had to go just to move that one guy into there He best not die if he dies. I’m gonna be extremely upset now This is just a reminder to everyone who’s going to be shouting me down in the comments section for wasting first marine I am Overflowing with the stuff I have got so much prismarine. I don’t actually know what to do with it It’s now fully filled in the storage system at the bottom my base So I don’t think I’m going to miss this stuff. If anything. It’s actually helping me out now that that’s all cleared I think there’s just a small amount of redstone left to do in terms of the timing of our minecart shooting round now I think if I remember correctly this is just a circuit that Decides when to send out the minecart based on how many items are left inside the minecart So I think we’re probably going to need will definitely entity comparators repeaters redstone torches that I imagine it it I Don’t think there’s anything else involved maybe a dropper We’re definitely going to need a dropper in fact to drop the items out into the item stream so that that’s pretty important Oh, you should really light up my redstone builds a little bit more I just want to wait to get some detector rails, and this guy’s here now I Don’t know what to do I’m just gonna fly wait. Oh my word that was almost more dangerous than confronting the creeper I think this should be it so we place in that minecart there and That is going to gradually make its way around and it is going to pick up all Of the wheat that we can see lying on the floor so then this villager Who I got scared was missing men has been harvesting the wheat very nicely and you can see it’s lying on the ground There’s a few bits and pieces a lot about this minecart is then going to pick it up And it is going to put it in that chest now Let’s just see if the Redstone unloading and loading System is going to work for the time being I’m not going to hook it in to the storage system Just because I want to get a rough gauge of how fast this thing is It should be making its way back now, and it works It’s not very often in life that I build a redstone contraption that just works first time But that did it Nice alright, okay well let’s see how well this works with an afk overnight session It wouldn’t be a mumbo-jumbo video without one of those would it? expects total unsuccess I Seem to have been kicked from the server I can’t tell if it’s relatively early or not or how long that is, but I definitely wasn’t on the server And I feel like for some reason I don’t know why this is I feel like I stopped hearing minecraft noises about an hour before I left the studio last night But I didn’t think to check that I was still on the server Which means that there is a chance that I’ve actually been off for pretty much the whole night Fail anyway next projects are on the to-do list is to do something I actually haven’t done for a very long time indeed and that is a little bit of ocean Lighting now the thing that spurred me on to do this is that in the next upcoming update the ocean update They are going to change water mechanics, and by the look of things it looks like there’s a chance that they’re going to remove underwater breathing techniques by placing him tortures and things like that so I want to get in here quick and try and do as much as possible before that update rolls out because that will make life Difficult all right, let’s do this. We have got one full inventory of sea lanterns I am going to do this for around about an hour and You know what I think it’s time to do this in the form of a bit of a time-lapse I think they’ll be more interesting than me just doing progress updates of me saying hey haven’t really made too much progress This is absolutely huge So in today’s time I’ve shout I want to talk to you about three things two of them to do with Minecraft one of them is to do with filming so I’ll start off with the filming one which is that you know earlier on in the episode? I was saying that something really exciting is going to be arriving tomorrow. Well now it is tomorrow At this point in time that I’m recording this it is the tomorrow that it was at the stuff. You know This is getting way too confusing something really cool. Has arrived and that is my new red digital cinema camera I have now got a red skull at W5k and I just want to send out a massive Thank you to the people at CVP and David Lee Philip as CVP without Philip a CVP none of this had would have been possible and He has just been the most incredible high when it comes to sourcing out camera gear and running through setups and answering all my questions So it’s been amazing and we now have just an awesome setup for the filming channel And I’ll be doing a video on that soon so keep your eyes peeled for that the next thing that I want to mention is that tomorrow a Really awesome video on the Minecraft channel is going to be coming out It’s something completely new that I’ve never really tried before so I would get excited for it It’s also something you guys have been asking for for a very long time indeed and number three is Talking about the bonus episodes idea Now I spoke about this Realistically probably about two or three months ago it gotta came into my head, and I toyed with the the plans I think it’s something that I’m going to go ahead with over the next couple weeks potentially maybe what I thought I’d do is essentially do it as a Long time lapse chat so just a bonus episode that comes out on Mondays that allows me to do these sorts of episodes where I can literally just talk on and Ramble about all the things that I want to talk about because I noticed that there’s a big mix between people Like the short fast-paced episodes, and the ones that like the slightly more slower paced chatty episodes So why not just have one episode a week. That’s a little bit slower paced a little bit more a little bit more chatty Yeah, I mean let me know what you think for that. I think is quite a cool idea obviously I’m going to be doing some tweaking with the plans and everything working out all of the logistics But I’m I’m personally quite excited for it so look out for that over the next couple of weeks I’ll update you if it ends up failing anyway. Let’s put back on to the hermit craft server that my friends Is that we have got all of the sea lanterns in place now? I actually feel like we did a pretty decent job there. We managed to get when we’re almost stretching out to this island which is That’s a good level to be reaching now. Let’s see. I’m really I have not seen what this looks like from above So going up my gosh go out one more Yeah, I mean it’s noticeable I do think there has been a noticeable improvement I Think maybe now I should actually start almost spreading them out Maybe gradually peeling them off and Dispersing them off into the ocean because Yeah, I can’t read I can’t really think of of how far how far my realistically gonna take this So oh yeah, I reckon that the next time we do the ocean lighting I’m going to just gradually add Sea lanterns just fading out into the distance and that’ll be it the ocean lighting projects all done But I have to say that does look pretty good doesn’t it this is a bit of an update on this project? I’m still sifting through all of your tweets and everything I’ve been taking a look there are some really cool ideas as I say so I’m going to try and condense them down and Decide on one of the best ones maybe combine one or two together Anyway, next project that I want to work on it’s something very quick in this little area here I kind of want to check no we don’t have any orders. Just yet, but one thing that you may notice Is that the door is open? I? Don’t know why I decided to pull lever out the front And it’s just it’s a bit rubbish because the door is permanently open and it’s not a particularly nice entrance to the store So we’re going to redo some of the redstone here right for starters That’s a whole bunch better, so we’ve got pressure plates now. I will open up our piston door We can walk on through, and it’s actually on a pulse extender as well So this door will stay open just a tiny bit longer, then it will eventually close back up. That’s great now What else can we do so I thought that tiny little sign out the front? Probably wasn’t going to cut the mustard particularly so I am working on getting myself some Nice looking banners now one thing that I have forgot about is I need bonemeal i’m currently following a very old redstone so in fact This is this is from the old days one of my favorite youtubers back when I first started out was hi folks I’m Adam, and he created a tutorial on how to make all the letters using banners, and it is still fantastic. It’s so clear It’s so well made so if you ever want to build letters then that’s a video that you should watch And they should be the final ones, so we’ve got that blank well there We have got the back bar going down like that that is definitely a tea And then we are doing the white border around the edge Good, okay that should be all of the letters that we need right time to chuck them up on the Outside of the shop now because door is not the same length as store. We’ve had to spin It slightly differently and that is not how I wanted to do that’s okay in a sea, so we have got D. Oh oh oh, ah So door that’s good, and then there is going to be the ones for the store So you go home, it’s if you want to any stores from this store Then just pop inside and make your request it is now quite clear what the store is for door store nicely written I should really use banners more often. I I never tend to use banners in fact. I would say that’s probably the first time I’ve actually used banners this season it has to be I Can’t think of any other time so I’ve used them Let me know down in the comments section if I’m wrong, but this is it This is what it looks like I’m pretty happy with it looks nice And of course as I say we have now gone to the working redstone circuit as well lovely stuff alright well Ladies and gentlemen that is all. I’ve got time for today I hope that you have enjoyed this episode of hermit craft if you did visual to that like bun And if you really loved it then make sure to subscribe, but thanks watching guys This is the Mambo and I’m out I’ll see you later

Danny Hutson

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