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100 thoughts on “Hermitcraft 5: Episode 63 – The ‘DO IT ALL’ Episode!

  1. In your next hermitcraft series, you should make memorials (mini versions) of all your bases from your other seasons

  2. some of the villagers you killed could have had realy good trades, yet he didnt check half of them! or at the least had a higher level trade that would be good

  3. I know this comment is late but he should have put another trip wire to set off a sticky piston with a bolck on it to suffocate the villager and after that a path opens up for the minecraft to go down

  4. I really hope bumbo clears throat mumbo, willl label the chests in the storage system cause it will be way faster

  5. I'm getting sick of hearing your plug for the filming channel at the end of every one of your Minecraft videos. Please, I'm here for Minecraft. I don't care about your filming, frankly.

  6. “We will send him off, to be killed! Perfect!” – Mumbo 2017
    “He gets diverted, to be killed! Hahahahhaha, this is awesome! Alright well I am very glad” – Mumbo 2017

  7. Is anyone else just blown away by how RICH the Hermits become… to the point where they stare at two double chests full of supplies, and say “That’s not TOO bad…”, while I can barely even get an iron chestplate? 😂😂

  8. I just have this throrough urge to screamm… The is sooooo mucn more he could do to pretty it up in multiple places. Like I loved what he did with the storage room but if he put that creativity into prettying everything else up while still keeping it practical the base would look gorgeous

  9. Really sadistic and racist.
    Only the librarians stay alive the rest is getting killed
    Not the librarians are happy that they get captured in capsules, and the villagers are put in a farm were the baby villagers are immediately seperated from their parents where more than half of them get killed (no offense)

  10. I feel bad for all those villagers that u killed u didn't need to do that man it makes me emotional 😭😭😭😭😭😭 lol not hating 😂😂😂😂

  11. the AFK platform looks like a micro processor, the Sugarcane farms look like memory, and the mob farm looks like a graphic "card"

  12. Completely innocent villagers are arriving in trains and someone decides their faith by looking at them for a few seconds. Half of them end up in tiny stalls to work forever, the other half enters a industrialized killing apparatus.

    Exactly what happened in Auschwitz.

  13. I think the villagers are attracted to the village and when he gets off the minecart he gets off to the other side so if you put a hole on the other side l think it'll work

  14. Clerics buy rotten flesh. Where can you get it? Well, of course in the mob grinder. Next blackcoats / blacksmiths can trade diamond swords,combined with the amazingness of the cleric, you can SELL DIAMOND SWORDS or repair your stuff. Oh and clerics give xp bottles. And blacksmiths can also give tools. The blacksmith that you dont want it the leatherworker. Trust me. I play with villagers alot.

  15. with timelapse music or chat it depends on the video. if you keep to just one it might not work with everything.
    The decider should probably be dependant on needed information or chat over music if cant decide.

  16. really late but try AFK-ing with bad armor on so you don't have curse of binding items when you come back
    EX leather armor

  17. Why not put the decision button at the top so you can easily see what villager you are deciding to keep or kill… odd you put it way below then complain that you cant see it, no shit you couldnt see it you are below it

  18. 12:29, Why did I not notice it for like 60 episodes? The walkway around the central diamond is looking like Mumbo’s mustache!!! LOL

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