Hermitcraft 5: Episode 63 – The ‘DO IT ALL’ Episode!

Hermitcraft 5: Episode 63 – The ‘DO IT ALL’ Episode!

Hello everyone this is Mumbo and welcome back to another episode on the Urmit craft server it is episode 63 and today I am starting things off next to this little guy here he is This is the thing that we built in the previous episode of Hermitcraft of course for the build battle with Iskall and For those of you who haven’t seen it. This is Iskall build. Now this thing is it’s it’s horrendously Horrendously scary I think these days name is bumbo weirdoni. It’s like the brother of Bumbo Cactoni and he’s kind of taken the teeth and the moustache from the cactus and put them on a mumbo jumbo I Have to say it is quite horrifying. I think it’s a genuinely terrifying build now There is a chance We’ll be coming back to this area later on in the video But for the time being I want to head off into the distance and go back to my base But before I do. I just want to say massive Thank you the amount of support that I got on that video And I know that is scale got a huge quantity of support as well you guys seem to really love it So I’m looking forward to doing more of that sort of thing in the future because it’s always hilarious as per usual I’ve got myself lost Absolutely no clue where I’m off to so as you guys know in a recent episode of Hermitcraft We built this rather wonderful contraption village breeder and also enormous Trading hall this thing is absolutely massive, but this point in time it isn’t particularly usable Like…we have it all here but we don’t have anywhere to stand and We can’t really use it without actually standing inside that redstone contraption so today We’re going to work on fixing that and making this place a whole bunch more pretty so my plan for this area Is to have a big water pool down on the bottom right there So we’re going to have to fill in this entire area with Prismarine or dark prismarine or something like that and then we’re going to fill it in with water And then we’re going to have like a glass area up at the top here so all of this inside This square is going to be glass and all of this down on the bottom here is going to be water I think that sounds like a good plan. I think that could look quite cool It will fit in with the ocean themes just look nice and obviously be spawn proof as well because this Really needs to be spawn proof. Well one of the build is now all completed We have got the bottom all in place all of the dark prismarine as in we’ve also laid in some sea lanterns as well Because as I was building this obviously as I was making my way back when it began to get dark I became very aware that this did essentially become a big spawning platform, and we really can’t have things spawning here I can’t say that enough because obviously if a zombie spawns and it’s going to wipe out all of these villages So that’s all done now what we have to do is actually get the water And place it in and I swear, there’s a technique to fill in large areas of land with water Yep, this seems to be working so I think I just have to Basically go along this line create an L shape of water. I did that back wall and this area here I just have to go along here. This is easy and that looks really really cool Glass time. the only slight issue is I think I might be all out of glass Okay, we have a couple stacks left But I don’t know how handy that’s going to be. And after a little bit of resource gathering and a little bit of glass making, we now have a full Plaza so this is it this is where we’re going to be standing and This is where we’re going to be doing all of our villager trading. It looks pretty good Really really cool. I love this going over the top these things will end up going away But yeah this has turned out really nicely. Okay, so the next thing that we have to do is Oh, we have to do the the actual minecart villager killing systems. We need to kill the villagers and also return the minecarts How on earth do I want to do that I also just realized these things don’t have any buttons Which means that they’re not actually working units yet bit of a progress update for you so I have created the minecart track which runs around the back of the village breeder and These villages will travel along here that then hit this cactus hopefully pop off here, which means that they will fall straight through that hole and They will drop down onto a magma block which I’m going to have way way down there. So there’s out the range of the village Next the minecart will be picked up by that hopper will travel along this hopper line now the back go into this dropper which is Going to create an item elevator, which will send it up to the top and drop it into those hoppers over there Which means it’ll be put back into the system, but back into the dispenser so that we can then replace the villager That was removed with a new villager. I hope that makes sense. so here comes the first test of the system I’ve just dropped this cleric out of the village of trading hall He’s making his way across and he should drop down onto the minecart rails, and he is powering away. I’m actually going struggle to catch up with over here, but we should see That when he reaches the end What?! Well that was surprising in pretty much every single way This guy is now stuck He’s trying to make his way back to the village…(villager noise)…I don’t want to hit him (villager noise)…What can we do oh OH MY WORD! After that totally failed first attempt. I have made some changes to the system so once again We are sacrificing a cleric through the system right here, and this time we should see All right, I’m I don’t know if I’m doing something totally stupid here. get down in the hole Well at least that works, I just can’t work out why this Doesn’t happen when the village is in there. is it gonna work Okay, so it broke It broke it this guy is being bizarre though That is not what i intended to do… So I suppose Slabs All around here, I’m gonna be honest this was meant to be the easy bit I don’t understand why this is being so complicated it still doesn’t work it still doesn’t work, but this guy is going to eventually come back around and Well then it worked I just don’t understand. I’m going to do what all great people do and completely ignore the problem And hope that it solves itself we have got a bunch of glass to smelt here and we only have this tiny little… tiny little super smelter. It’s been a bit of a struggle it has been a bit of a struggle but we’ve got there in the end so this is the item elevator which is going to take the Minecarts back up to the top and drop them down into the dispensers Now we just need to try and work out how on earth this system down at the bottom here works I can’t ignore the problem anymore We’re gonna have to do some extensive testing and I’m also going to start clearing out the villagers from this thing because there’s a whole Bunch of rubbish ones in there now I would massively appreciate if this just works first time so this guy comes through He hits that he breaks That’s good minecart gets sent upwards and It looks like it’s in the water stream, I mean I can’t really tell and I’m not going to be able to tell It doesn’t seem to be stuck anywhere That worked Good okay, we now have ourselves a fully functional system clearly just leaving the problem alone has fixed it so I’m going to clear out the world of rubbish villagers from this area here and Then we’re going to start cycling some new ones in I don’t seem to have any of my resources So I’m sincerely hoping that I’ve just left a huge quantity of them over here right that’s good silk touch. That’s good There are my repeaters. There are my stone slabs Okay, I was getting worried that I was just running out of all my stuff the system doesn’t appear to be entirely efficient But I think every single one of the villages kind of goes twice So goes once bounces back and then kind of makes his way back and ends up going Through the system that works fine for me now that all the rubbish ones have been cleared out. I’m currently in the process of Repopulating our village a trading hall because as you can see it’s looking a little bit empty at this point in time so we have A little queue of villagers who are gradually making their way through the system, and eventually they’ll drop down And we should have some good ones in there it seems to be fairly never-ending cycle Not only do I have tons of villages up here, but I also have tons of rubbish villages up here Which means I’m dropping them into the system, and then very swiftly dropping them out of the system. Oh I start recycling them through I’ve gone through so many rubbish villages that I’m actually going to add in a circuit up at the top right here Which will allow me to manually divert this minecart rail off Into the killing area so that I can just instantly kill any villages that I don’t think are going to be any good Because I mean all of these guys are just pants and that should just about do it for this little circuit right here now there Has been a little bit of logistics involved getting the redstone line across And we’ve had to rearrange some things had to work out some minecart stuff But that should now be all functional so if this redstone lamp is on then that means the villager will be kept so let’s just hit this button and That to me looks like a black coat. I don’t want them, so we will send him off to b killed there’s perfect and then when we hit this button again That looks like brown coat to me So we keep him Excellent and then we hit the button again Cleric definitely don’t want him so we flick the lever and he gets diverted to be killed ahahaha This is awesome alright. Well. I’m very glad. We’ve got this system Is that a black coat? It’s so difficult to tell? It was a brown coat that was a good save when in doubt save them Black coat Definitely, but we’re gonna keep him anyway cuz I’m in a little bit of doubt honest He’s difficult to tell that’s the only flaw with this system Yeah the previous guy he was a black coat as well might have to login with the second account and kind of hover it from above after many hours of getting this system all up and running This is the selection that we’ve been left with Not exactly ridiculous, but if you take a look in here well. We’ve got ourselves a farmers straight off the bat This guy’s actually a shepherd, so I don’t really need him But if we take a look at these guys who Deb strela-3 we had him last time That’s not the best that guy’s a cartographer this one’s another librarian efficiency 3, but for 39 emeralds blimey that’s got some good carat trades last protection to Look at the c3 I think that was from the previous episode cartographer and I mean silk touch that was from the last episode and this guy will also be from the last episode No way Not successful now with this tiny little bridge. I would say that just about does it this thing is now completed Fully finished all of the decorations done all of the redstone is done. Not all of the villager transportation is done Everything is completed We can clear up the mess and move on to the next project of today’s hammer craft episode But before we do check out how cool this thing looks now that we’ve cleared out all the rubbish Epic I love being able to get these things set up And you know what speaking of things like an epic I feel like maybe we should work on the afk platform a little bit Because that is well it’s horrible. It’s absolutely horrible. Let’s see if we can do this That went surprisingly far better than I was expecting Right in terms of designs. I think I’m going to be going for a kind of diamond We’ve got to find the central point and then we’re going to build another Diamond up at the top here which kind of mirrors this one obviously not as pick That would look a little bit daft now this should look a whole bunch better. We’ve got all of the quartz We’ve got all the prism room. We’ve got the sea lanterns. Everything’s lit up. I should be safe from mobs up here I am going to put some chests up at the top though just so we can put items in mummy afk But let’s see what this thing looks like from down beneath Now I am considering putting some quartz slabs along the bottom, but so far so good oh That looks so much better doesn’t it? definitely quartz across the bottom I think that will really improve things But I can’t believe I just sat there with this horrible pillar just going up to the top for so long that Means to go oh my word this place is deadly I’m just gonna come out and say it placing things on the underside of things is just a massive pain in the backside I wish there was some way to just place stuff in midair in Minecraft Just go *Boop*, and then there’s a slab hovering in the sky Just speed things up so much you know I always say that my base kind of looks like some we have like an alien film I definitely think the flying UFO above it is helping her situation find the he’ll definitely Extraterrestrial, there’s no doubt about it seeing how cool this thing looks with the course on the top has reminded me that actually I kind Of want to have courts on top of all of this area, so you see these top sections right here I was originally planning on having the courts borders going around the outside, but I completely forgot about it to be honest with you But I think it’ll look seriously cool like once we get that in With all the courts that we have in the base that will look epic, but we are going to need a shedload Like sheds and sheds of course, so I think we should start things off with a one hour course mining session And we’ll see how much progress we can make so in today’s time-lapse trail I want to talk to you about time-lapse chats and music because I’ll be your I wasn’t actually planning on doing a time-lapse chat for this time-lapse right here instead I was planning on doing a musical time-lapse, but I spent a bunch of time trying to find music and Unfortunately, I just I couldn’t find any I couldn’t find any thought I felt felt good for the video So instead I decided to do this time-lapse chat where I talk about that Blimey that was a bit of a tongue twister, but why thought I’d ask in this time-lapse chat And I know I’ve done this a couple times in the past But this was before polls were available on YouTube so now polls are available on YouTube now I can officially ask the question and also hopefully Get myself a bit of an answer. Now, I know some of you really like time-lapse chats I know some of you like musical time lapses, and I want to know which ones Do you guys prefer? Because it’s difficult to tell from the YouTube comments You know you see you see a bunch of comments in a row saying “Oh, we want musical time lapses” and then you think to yourself “Well everyone wants musical time lapses” But there’s a chance there’s only 5 people that want musical time lapses the rest of you want the time lapse chat But it just so happens that all of those are in a really concentrated space so I thought I would ask you Officially which ones do you prefer the poll options will be turn apps chats? musical time lapses or a mixture of them both whatever kind of fits the style of the video I hope that makes sense I hope I haven’t muddled your brain with all of my words with that one there That was a little bit confusing for me to say anyway. Let’s pop back onto the Hermitcraft server and We’re back, and we’ve got enough quartz to make 24 stacks of quartz laps I believe if my math is correct and the coolest thing about this is as you can see my pickaxe is completely undamaged and So is all of my armor because of course we use the fortune pickaxe as opposed to a silk touch one which means you get All of the XP as you do it, which means – all of this stuff mends itself So I’ll just flying around picking up quartz left right and center That’s your really efficient way of doing things, but hearing fingers crossed we have enough quartz when she cover these things I’m placed in a few of the slabs from some of the ones that we’ve got in my storage system but I don’t know I mean this is a big old base, so I thought I would take on the outer edges first and This is what it looks like Pretty cool. It’s such a tiny little change But it does look really really good and having those quartz just kind of topping off my coffee tables here at least That’s what you guys are calling them Wow if it makes them it makes the basic more grand and kind of richer almost I Don’t know maybe I’m going insane here, but I love the way that looks Wicked That’s great. The only thing is is that I don’t know if I quite have enough quartz to do the inside edges So let’s just there’s give it a well and see what happens and that my friends is that? We have got complete coverage over the entire thing. I actually wasn’t expecting to be able to finish all of that But there we go done Base looks really really cool very very glad that we took on that project and we have done We’ve done some like we’ve been a bit all over the place in today’s homograft episode obviously we did a whole ton of work on The villager area, which actually there should be a handful of villages inside this thing so I might chuck them through the system But then we did summation work over by the mob farm We’ve done some mining sessions resource gathering who’s done storage system work and also we’ve fully finished up the base now I can’t think of anything else we really want to do. We’ve pretty much nailed it so to round things up today I think you all know what I have planned it has been ages Since I’ve been able to do any form of afk session and all of the recent ones have been unsuccessful So I think it’ll probably be a good idea To see if we can actually sustain one now that we have our awesome afk platform I’m gonna remove all my items just in case They are all now set in there, and I’m going to chill out up at the top and hopefully Gather a whole ton of mob drops and also shoot cake and we’re back on the server and as for usual things who have not Gone particularly well Server has been closed. Thankfully. I’m not dead That’s always a positive thing, but the only issue with the server closing is That it always breaks this mob farm Now I’m going to try my best to make Extra-specially short that this thing isn’t broken And it does look okay, so it looks like we’ve kind of got off lucky there But still always something to look out for anyway Let’s pop down to the storage system and see if we have any decent drops and the answer is Kind of like we managed to get a decent number clearly we weren’t AFK for too long But that’s not bad wow that really isn’t much Anyway ladies and gentlemen. I hope that you enjoyed this episode on the
Hermitcraft server if you did Please be sure to hit that like button and if you really loved it then make sure to subscribe, but thanks for watching guys This has been Mumbo, and I’m out I’ll see you later And as per usual you should check out the latest film on the filming channel link will be on the end screen

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